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Julian Savage was golden. Powerful. But tormented. For the brooding hunter walked alone. Always alone, far from his Carpathian kind, alien to even his twin. This is the first of the trilogy I wrote within the Dark Series. I wanted to include stories for each of the band members. Dark Challenge starts the trilogy, it is. Christine Feehan - Dark 05 - Dark Challenge - dokument [*.pdf] Dark Challenge Christine Feehan Dark Series - book 5 Chapter One Julian Savage hesitated.

Christine Feehan Dark Challenge Pdf

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Read Dark Challenge PDF - A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan Avon | A New York Times Bestselling AuthorJulian Savage was golden. Dark Challenge: Number 5 in series (The 'Dark' Carpathian) free online in series (The 'Dark' Carpathian) trilogy pdf free Dark Challenge:download Dark .. "Dark Challenge" is the 5th book in Christine Feehan's wonderfully. Editorial Reviews. Review. ''The exciting and multifaceted world that impressive author Christine Feehan has created continues to improve with age.

Julian didn't want to have to kill such a beautiful, rare creature, so he quickly slipped out of the room, closing the door firmly behind him, and headed toward the sound of thunderous applause. The band began to play the opening to the first song. Then he heard the woman's voice. Haunting, mystical notes that hung in the air like silver and gold shimmering with fire.

He actually saw the notes, saw the silver and gold dancing in front of his eyes. Julian stopped dead in his tracks, shock ripping through him. He stared at the hallway. The tattered, faded wallpaper was edged with red. It had been well over eight hundred years since Julian had seen anything in color.

It was the fate of Carpathian males beyond their youth to lose all sense of color, to lose their emotions, to struggle in gray bleakness against their predatory natures, unless a lifemate appeared to balance their darkness with her goodness and light. Only then would color and emotion—powerful emotion—be restored to them. But females were rare, and surely one such as Julian would never be blessed with a mate.

Yet his heart jumped in his chest. He felt excitement. Real emotion. Colors were so vivid that they nearly blinded him. The sound of her voice played through his body, touched him in places he had long forgotten.

His body tightened; need slammed into him. Julian stood frozen to the spot. The colors, the emotions, the physical lust rising so sharply could only mean one thing. The singer possessing that voice had to be his lifemate.

It was impossible. Totally impossible to believe. The men of his race could spend an eternity hunting for the one woman that was their other half.

Male Carpathians were predatory, with the instincts of dark, hungry killers, cunning, quick, and lethal. After their short time of growing, of laughter and adventure, it was all over as they lost the ability to feel, to see in colors. There was nothing left but a solitary, barren existence. Julian's existence had been especially unbearable, alienated as he was from Aidan, his twin, whose inevitable closeness might have made the long, gray centuries a bit easier to endure.

But he had known he was locked to Aidan through their blood tie, and every moment they spent together increased the vampire's threat to Aidan. Their very closeness endangered his brother. So Julian had fled his people, never telling any of them, not even his beloved brother, the terrible truth.

He had done the honorable thing, as he had only his honor left to him. Now Julian stood numbly in the narrow hall, unable to believe that his lifemate was close. Unable, in that dazzling moment of emotion and color, to believe that he could possibly deserve such a thing. Many Carpathian males turned vampire after centuries of a life filled with no hope. Without emotions, power—the power to hunt and kill—seemed the only thing left to them.

Others, rather than becoming a danger to mortals and immortals alike, chose to end their barren existence by greeting the dawn; waiting for the sunlight to destroy bodies meant to live in darkness.

Only a handful actually found their other half, the light to their darkness, the one who could make them complete. After nearly a thousand years of bleak existence, after making the decision to meet the dawn before the predatory demon within him, now struggling for control of him, conquered him, Julian could scarcely believe he had found his true lifemate. But the colors and emotions and hope said that it was true.

The woman's voice—throaty, husky, erotic—held the promise of satin sheets and candlelight.

It played over his skin like fingers, tantalizing, enticing, sinfully sexy. The notes danced, pure and beautiful, weaving a spell of enchantment around Julian, around every listener. Julian knew nothing of this woman.

Only that Gregori had sent him to warn her that she was in danger from the human society of vampire hunters. Evidently the Prince wished her and those traveling with her to be protected if necessary.

The society of mortals who believed in the vampires of old legends and sought to destroy them had for some reason targeted this singer, Desari, with her haunting voice and eccentric ways.

Most of the society's victims were killed, a stake driven through the heart. Worse, some victims were kept alive to be tortured and dissected. Julian listened to the beautiful voice. Desari sounded like an angel singing, her voice not of the earth. Then a scream, high and piercing, interrupted the beauty of the song. It was followed by a second scream, then a third.

Julian heard a shot ring out, then a volley of bullets thudding into flesh and musical instruments. The building shook with the force of feet pounding across the floor as the patrons raced to get out of the line of fire. Julian moved so quickly that he blurred as he shimmered into a solid mass.

The bar was in complete disarray.

Mortals were fleeing the place as fast as they could, running over each other in the process. People were yelling in terror. Tables and chairs were smashed and broken. The three members of the band lay, blood-splattered, on the stage, instruments shattered. The security guards were exchanging gunfire with six men who were also shooting into the crowd as they tried to escape.

Julian went straight for the stage. He pushed aside one male body and found the still form of the woman, Desari, sprawled on the platform, her masses of blue-black hair spreading out like a veil. Blood pooled under her, staining her royal blue dress. He had no time to examine her features further; the worst wound was mortal and would kill her unless he did something.

Instinctively he fashioned a quick visual barrier, blurring the stage from watching eyes. In the pandemonium, he doubted if any would notice.

He lifted Desari easily into his arms, found a weak pulse, and placed a hand over the wound. Blocking out the chaos around him, he sent himself seeking outside his body and into hers. The entrance wound was small, the exit wound quite large.

With these unfavourable odds, Julian makes good on his escape, deciding to hunt down the assassins. To his puzzlement, he finds all six of the humans slaughtered in a Carpathian fashion.

Julian gathers the bodies, reduces them to ashes and scatters them into the ocean in an effort to throw off the vampire hunting society.

As Julian courts Desari, he and Desari's older brother, Darius, test each other's strengths. Meanwhile, Julian's lifelong enemy hunts his lifemate. In light of a common goal, the two Carpathian men strike an uneasy truce to destroy the vampire. Made the following Bestseller Lists: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: I would not go quietly to my death without avenging you. The world could not conceive of such a monster as I would become. You must drink, piccolo, for yourself, your life, for me, for our life together. Drink now. There were these long paragraphs that just kept bringing up the same things over and over again.

A lot of it was that flowery, mushy speech that was just over the top and a little much. It was alright the first time it was mentioned, but then it just became annoying after a while. I liked the immediate connection she felt. She could feel his presence inside her after he gave her his blood and was anxious and upset to be leaving him behind. It was nice to have a strong female character for once. She felt his touch, his palm brushing her cheek.

You fear me. I fear no one. What is the Dark One to you? There was no amusement in the question. It was an imperious command to answer him. He even pushed at her with a compulsion. Who are you? She pushed him, gave a good, hard compulsion.

Julian bent closer as if to soothe her. This is extremely interesting. I searched centuries for lost Carpathians but had given up hope. How all of you accomplished what you did is extraordinary. She glanced up at him, determined to reprimand him, but he was looking intellectual and earnestly interested in whatever she had been telling him. Except for his eyes. His eyes were molten gold and burning with a liquid fire that seemed to consume her, to mesmerize her. She succumbed a little easily to him though.

She was supposed to go there to talk to him and they ended up having sex, three times in a row. Everything just happened so fast. But I must admit you are dynamite dressed up. She sounded like a hippie. I liked how once he shut off his mind from her she was extremely anxious and unsettled without his presence. Darius ordered her to call him to her since she was so upset, and Julian materialized beside her.

I have no wish to get so close to another male. Julian made another effort to breathe. He took her hand in his and carried it to the warmth of his mouth. When she sang there were silver and gold notes dancing in the air, and that whole thing just a little unexplained and vague. You look tall and elegant and princely, yet you have not matured beyond the cave.

He arched an eyebrow at her. They are logical and methodical. I must tell you, although I am taking a huge chance that you might become impossible to live with, that you are an extraordinary lover.

Extraordinary lover is the perfect description. I see that now. That line was used a million times throughout this book, and it just aggravated the crap out of me. He smiled, a show of gleaming teeth. Ok, the guys got gleaming white teeth. We get it already.

I just think some synonyms and other expressions would have helped this book out greatly. There were just so many feelings that took away from the story. Constant feelings and little touches between them that got on my nerves. You will become very familiar with these: Not a good percentage when you're reading a book. I would have loved more of a story, and for there to be more exciting things happening, because a lot of it was simply repeating the same sentiments, ideas, and Julian's past and the life male Carpathians lead.

It seemed every time I turned around a vampire was attacking them, and I just wanted them to have some peace and quiet alone together without worrying about her family "unit" or her concerts. I was hoping he'd meet up with his twin Aiden or that they'd go to their homeland, but sadly, none of that happened. Also, the bits about Syndil and Barack were more interesting than what was going on with Desari and Julian at the time.

I found myself wanting to read their story. What I hated was his reputation of being a "hound dog" and the fact that Syndil had been raped, but there was definitely something there. I wanted them to be lifemates and thought that they might be hiding it from everyone else, but then I realized if they were lifemates they would have known it long before now. Things didn't add up to them being lifemates, because Syndil had been raped, and Barrack had quite the reputation of sleeping around, so that would've have worked.

A pattern that I'm noticing is that Christine Feehan has this "strong male syndrome" that has her at war with herself on which characters are actually the strongest. Mikhail, the prince, is supposed to be the strongest.

I was to understand that Gregori was the next, a skilled hunter and gifted at healing. Julian I thought fell somewhere after Gregori, yet Darius is introduced and Julian quickly realizes he's Gregori's younger brother, as strong as Gregori if not more so.

As the book progresses we realize Darius is actually stronger than Gregori. I can't help but sigh. It kind of takes away from Gregori's book, because we thought he was the second strongest Carpathian male. In this book we find out his younger brother is stronger than him, and also that the legendary Lucian and Gabriel are the very strongest I can't remember the exact line-up of Carpathian males in order of their rank Christine Feehan, you can't have your male characters all being stronger than each other.

Someone has to be the strongest, and someone has to be the weakest, or they're all equally strong and talented. You can't keep saying someone's the strongest Carpathian only to make someone else come along and be stronger. View 2 comments. Grant to understand. Jun 25, Bambi Unbridled rated it really liked it Shelves: I have been trying to get caught up on Christine Feehan's backlist for a while now And that's a good thing seeing as I like her writing.

I happened to be notified about the re-release of Dark Challenge , and it coincided with where I was in the Carpathians series, so I jumped at the chance for a review copy.

I have been curious about Julian for a while, and I was glad to dive into his story.

Dark Challenge

Julian is a loner, he has been on his I have been trying to get caught up on Christine Feehan's backlist for a while now Julian is a loner, he has been on his own for a very long time.

He seems to have self-isolated due to an occurrence in his past which he viewed as a failure. My heart went out to him. He is ready to greet the dawn, but couldn't turn down one last favor for Gregor I always love Feehan's heroes, they are unapologetically alpha male and protective of their females to an obsessive degree.

Julian was no exception. But although he bossed our heroine a bit, I didn't feel like it was in an overbearing or cruel way. I thought Julian's magic and relationship with animals was intriguing, and I could totally picture him as a big sleek cat.

Desari was a unique heroine from my limited experience with the Carpathian series. My recollection of prior books was that the heroines were somewhat damsels in distress. But Desari is an ancient herself, with her own power and abilities, and a sassy independent streak. She kept Julian on his toes, but she wasn't overly assertive in her feminism to the extent that she put herself in dangerous situations.

I liked that she remained close with her family, and I liked that they were all "found" Carpathians that were not previously on our radar. Desari is a singer, and I really liked the power she was able to wield with her voice and song. The secondary relationship in this story that interested me was not a romance, but the mutual respect and friendship that started to emerge between Julian and Desari's brother, Darius.

I was glad that they didn't remain at odds for the entire story. Darius is a dark and tragic character himself, having taking responsibility for his mismatched family from a very young age.

I can't wait to get to his story, as he is very close to the edge, much like Julian. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this re-release version of the book, which was provided to me by the publisher, Avon.

I'm so excited about the changes going on in the series, it's as if all my demands and complains had been heard and everything I was hoping for became reality.

It's funny because with series this long I usually get bored easily, but with this one I can't seem to stop reading. I'm getting addicted to this Carpathian's world. I loved reading Julian's story. After Aiden, I just had so many questions about this intriguing and mysterious character. Why was he so secluded?

Feehan, Christine - Dark 01 - Dark Prince

Why would he go away from ev I'm so excited about the changes going on in the series, it's as if all my demands and complains had been heard and everything I was hoping for became reality. Why would he go away from everyone? Well, I can tell you all that those questions have been answered in such a way that only made me a bigger fan. While I adored Julian and his transition into a mated man, It was even better to see him struggling against a mean and strong opponent.

Although Desari is the true reason I loved this installment way more than all the others. Finally we see a strong heroine, one who is capable of taking care of herself, one who made the hero fight her all the way until she was truly respected.

I absolutely loved Desari. She made the series one far more interesting. Such a huge change from the previous installments. Desari was already Carphatian, hundreds of years old, with her own will and powers, and that is the reason this mating was the most interesting and intriguing one. Every step of it was a challenge and I had an amazing time reading every page. Another aspect I adored was getting to know this new family of exiled Carphatians.

It gave the series a more candid side, it definitely made the reading go easier on our human hearts. Each and every new character was so interesting and complex in its own way It gave meaning to the series, more solid ground. I think this was a master move from the author. I still found the connection between this new characters and the old ones very lacking.

I can't seem to comprehend how such huge changes take place and the other characters don't make a move or take action. It just pains me to see how the books don't get better connected.

Everything else was marvelous. Can't wait to read the next one. Dec 03, Amyiw rated it it was amazing Shelves: First read June So I decided to try re-reading some of my favorites of these.

I have to say that I probably would not give it a 5 stars today, I have better paranormal to compare it to and I would change it but I would want to read the whole series to readjust all the ratings so that they match. I don't think I have that energy.

So r First read June So I decided to try re-reading some of my favorites of these. So really on the re-read I would give it 4. So the good is the new twist of characters and how instead of a single male here a single male there, that get together only for politics, this has a group together. Three Carpathians males that travel and create music together with 2 more females.

They are a family unit that have only relied on one another for years. Enter the solitary Julian, who figures out that he is going to have to She is one of the first strong females that you see in this series. What a great change. I bet that is why I gave it 5 stars on the first reading, we finally get a woman who is not a complete doormat. She still gives in a little too easily for my taste but, yea! She continues the strong females not remembering Fire but all the ones after that until Dark Melody, which actually comes back to one of the males in this family group.

So this one has an ancient Carpathian female, who has been relatively unhampered by Carpathian males in learning and developing skills that are more than stay at home wives. I love that even the guys in the group are horrified by insisting on mating for young women to keep them safe.

I always wondered, are they forcing a non-soul sharing union. It sounds like it and only for babies sake. I'm really liking the new group. Re-read December 31, Dark Challenge is another well deserved 5 star book by Christine Feehan.

The story of Julian Savage who has been sent out by the Prince of the Carpathian people Mikhail Dubrisky and an his 2nd in command Gregori Daratrazanoff to locate and protect a women Desari whom they believe to be a human with Physic gifts. They call themselves the Dark Troubadours. Not only are they Dark Challenge is another well deserved 5 star book by Christine Feehan.

Not only are they Carpathians but 2 of them are the long long lost brother and sister to Gregori Darius and Desari. What a surprise that is in store for all the Carpathian people and for us lovers of The Dark series because they are featured in there own stories and through out the other 24 books in the series. The storyline moves quickly and the erotic romance that we have become accustomed to is off an running from the beginning. I love the protective brother Darius who is the leader of this group of lost Carpathians.

The story of what happen to them over the last yrs is fascinating adding rich detail to the romance between Julian and Desari. This is about my 5th or 6th re read of Dark Challenge and the story never gets old!! I highly recommend this book and the entire Dark Series now consisting of 24 novels and 3 novellas. I have said in other reviews they are not Ghost, but enhanced military men with all sorts of DNA!!

Nov 02, Robin rated it it was amazing. This was a great romance story and loved the relationship between Desari and Julian who are both two strong Carpathian Ancients. Desari has a very special gift with her voice and is a very strong woman. I also loved all of the characters who are in her band.

Darius is a strong Ancient through his bloodline and saved and raised 6 Carpathian children one of whom turned vampire. But they all have strong strengths in them and obey what ever Darius tells them as their official leader not knowing ther This was a great romance story and loved the relationship between Desari and Julian who are both two strong Carpathian Ancients.

But they all have strong strengths in them and obey what ever Darius tells them as their official leader not knowing there were other Carpathians out there that still existed and Darius had to learn everything by trial-and-error. I also love Syndil and Barack but it is sad that they never had a book on them.

I could tell from the beginning that they were lifemates but never knew it because they didn't know what a lifemate is. There was just a lot of struggle between them that they don't understand considering Barack was a player with the human women even though there were rules set by Darius. I also loved that finally there was a woman who is as strong with her own powers as a Carpathian male and took no crap from anyone.

I also loved seeing Julian finally finding happiness and finding a true family.But for me a little slow which is why it's a 4 star and not 5.

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The unearthly screams. Number 5 in series 'Dark' Carpathian: He glanced at the stage set up for the performers, then walked toward the back rooms. Dark Crime by Christine Feehan Blaze knows who killed her father and she has merciless plans for payback.

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