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ABNT NBR ISO pdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Alexandre Rossignoli Zanetti. ABNT NBR ISO - Sistemas de gestão da qualidade — wildlifeprotection.info Uploaded by. Alexandre Rossignoli Zanetti. PDF | Resumo A sustentabilidade pode ser inserida no contexto empresarial como de gestão (ISO , ISO , OHSAS e NBR ) e a sustentabilidade empresarial. . The ISO (ABNT, ) standard established.

Abnt Iso 9001 Pdf

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ABNT grants the conformity certificate of the quality management system to the company: Yokogawa América do ABNT NBR ISO First concession: . nbr iso pdf abnt nbr iso a figura 1 ilustra o modelo de um that companies that adopt the standards iso , iso , nbr. nbr iso abnt catalogo - abnt nbr iso pdf abnt nbr iso guide - iso / opbok sap sixsigma sox sqeme® project, program and risk.

The professional, in the exercise of their activity, harms anyone has a legal obligation to cover losses. The liability is divided into: 1 - Liability contract: the contract between the parties for the execution of a particular job, and set the rights and obligations of each.


Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it became customary to make the specification of these materials through the "Memorial Description", determining type, brand and other peculiarities within the required safety criteria. When the material is not in accordance with the specification or within the safety criteria, the professional must reject it, otherwise respond to any future damage.

Damage resulting from such incidents must be repaired because it is the professional to take all necessary steps to be preserved safety, health and tranquility of others.

It is worth noting that the damages are the responsibility of the professional and the owner, jointly, can trigger both the victim and the other one. This means that, to prove that it meets or not the quality indices, it is necessary to exert a technology and quality control.

Also according to the Brazilian Civil Code, the professional responsible for the robustness and safety of the works for five years, but that if there is "solidity and security issues, and through skills, professional error be found, it will be liable, regardless of the period elapsed, as existing case law. As affirmed by Fortes et al. Table 1. System responsibilities, guarantees and insurance in the construction of buildings taken from De Souza, Pathologies that arise in the re- ception of the work reserves Good Operation Guarantee: Diseases that affect the elements and equipment of the work dissociable France Ten-Year Warranty: Diseases that make the building or parts, improper for use and for the purpose intended.

Diseases which, even a defect resulting from the soil, compromise the stability of the building.

Certification of persons is the testimony of a formal qualification, through the issuance of a certificate, allowing the individual to exercise the functions and responsibilities previously es- tablished, issued by an authorized organism. The certification process considers that the candidate must be a qualified professional with appropriate educational background, experience and training time, even performed in the com- pany.

Also required is proof of visual acuity and delivery of certified copies of professional docu- ments. After analyzing the documents is the date scheduled for the exams, they being: general theo- retical, specific theoretical and practical BELTRAME et al.

It should be emphasized that the test is the great ally of the doer of the work, and it is the document that records their "quality", so that it has reliability is necessary that the laboratory is qualified, attending the requisites of standard of ISO , but also the professional who is performing the test is enabled and properly qualified, certified by ABNT NBR These two requirements are essential and complement each other and only attending these standards you can guarantee the attendance the specifications of a building.

It is important that in addition to technological control is performed; there is effective moni- toring by the supervisory board, with the adoption of corrective measures.

Projeto ABNT NBR ISO 9000 2015

The technological control must be exercised not only included in the documentation of the construction, only the compilation of results filed. Each test report for it validated their need to have their results analyzed.

However, for this to become a common practice, it is necessary to have the support of public agencies that should now require that the tests are performed by laboratories accredited by INMETRO and should also gradually encourage the qualification of labor. Front of the great constructions that delineate due to construction for the COPA and Olympics Games, the only way to ensure the success of this venture is to invest in techno- logical control and quality suitable, effective and adequate.

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Confirmada em Rio de Janeiro. ISSN Lei no. Accessed in March 5th, Responsabilidade Civil. Accessed in March 10th, Steen Rostam, May, , Copenhagen, Denmark, pp.

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De Souza, Maria Margarida F. Accessed in December 7th II, pp. Fortes, R. Assessment of the twelve years of the inter-laboratory mix asphalt program in Brazil.

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Thessaloniki, Greece, June Evaluation of the two years of the inter-laboratory asphalt program in Brazil. Qualis B1. Accessed in February 20th, Responsabilidade na.

ABNT NBR ISO 3864-1:2013-09-11

Curitiba — , 73p. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Pooja Chandgude , Civil engg student at Student. No Downloads. Views Total views.


Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Iso version 1. When was the new ISO The long awaited ISO Why revise the ISO The revision is ISOs formal review process which requires continual review to keepstandards up to date. Revision must be initiated within 3 years of publication of astandard. The primary objective of the revision is to keep up with latest developments inmanagement system practices.

What are the benefits of ISO The benefits identified for the ISO What are the changes? ISO No new requirements were introduced in this edition but, in order to benefit from theclarifications of ISO The requirements of ISO What will happen to ISO What is the impact of ISO One year after publication of ISO Is certification to ISO Certification to ISO However, certificates to ISO Must an ISO However, to benefit from the changes, certified companies should getacquainted with the new version of the standard and the clarifications introduced.

If,during the analysis of the clarifications companies find there are differences from theircurrent interpretation of ISO It is intendedthat the amendment of ISO will have minimal or no impacts on documentation.

Hubner Fernanda P. Full Name Comment goes here.

Thessaloniki, Greece, June Also required is proof of visual acuity and delivery of certified copies of professional docu- ments.

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