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What is Parallel Thinking? ▫ Traditional Thinking vs. Parallel Thinking. ▫ What is Lateral Thinking? ▫ Introduction to Six Thinking Hats method. ▫ How to apply. The notion of six thinking hats comes from Edward De Bono The principle behind the 'Six Thinking Hats' is parallel thinking which ensures that all the. Used with well-defined and explicit Return On Investment success in corporations worldwide, Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process.

Six Thinking Hats Edward Bono Pdf

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I title Original: Six Thinking Hat. Translation: Marcela Pandolfo. Design of Cover: A.R.. Mica Management Inc. Resources. Editions Juan Granica S.A. Developed by Edward de Bono, Six Hats is a method that provides direction for group “hats” that each focus on thinking in one particular direction (feelings. Edward deBono's Six Thinking Hats. RED. BLUE. WHITE red hat is in use, you have the opportunity Adapted from: de Bono, E. (a). Mind power.

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Return to top. You can often reach a successful solution or outcome from a rational, positive viewpoint, but it can also pay to consider a problem from other angles. For example, you can look at it from an emotional, intuitive, creative or risk management viewpoint.

Not considering these perspectives could lead you to underestimate people's resistance to your plans, fail to make creative leaps, or ignore the need for essential contingency plans.

In this article, we explore how to use the Six Thinking Hats technique, and show an example of how it can work.

Six Thinking Hats

In meetings, it has the benefit of preventing any confrontation that may happen when people with different thinking styles discuss a problem, because every perspective is valid. Each "Thinking Hat" is a different style of thinking.

These are explained below: White Hat: with this thinking hat, you focus on the available data. Look at the information that you have, analyze past trends, and see what you can learn from it.

Look for gaps in your knowledge, and try to either fill them or take account of them. Red Hat: "wearing" the Red Hat, you look at problems using your intuition, gut reaction, and emotion. Also, think how others could react emotionally.

Try to understand the responses of people who do not fully know your reasoning. Black Hat: using Black Hat thinking, look at a decision's potentially negative outcomes. Look at it cautiously and defensively.

Try to see why it might not work. This is important because it highlights the weak points in a plan. It allows you to eliminate them, alter them, or prepare contingency plans to counter them.

Black Hat thinking helps to make your plans "tougher" and more resilient. It can also help you to spot fatal flaws and risks before you embark on a course of action. It's one of the real benefits of this model, as many successful people get so used to thinking positively that they often cannot see problems in advance. This leaves them under-prepared for difficulties. Yellow Hat: this hat helps you to think positively. The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition.

Six thinking hats frame

When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates. The Green Hat focuses on creativity; the possibilities, alternatives, and new ideas.

It's an opportunity to express new concepts and new perceptions. The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process.

All rights reserved. Listen to Edward de Bono, M. Six Thinking Hats Used with well-defined and explicit Return On Investment success in corporations worldwide, Six Thinking Hats is a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved.

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Sometimes these are effective and sometimes they are not.

Six Thinking Hats Books

Yellow Hat thinking helps you to keep going when everything looks gloomy and difficult. The theory and application are such that we put on dif Mindsets This is a strange book to review and the reason I say that is because, in theory, it sounds like a great process and methodology, but in reality, it is difficult to manage and can be a disaster.

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