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Missing In Death – Book 36Page 1 of 68Missing in Death Eve Dallas – Book 36 ( In Anthology The Lost) By J.D. Robb One. Missing In Death – Book 36 Page 1 of 68 Missing in Death Eve Dallas – Book 36 (In Anthology The Lost) By J.D. Robb One. Ritual in Death/Missing in Death by J. D. Robb, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Missing in Death (In Death Series) [J. D. Robb, Susan Ericksen] on wildlifeprotection.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Investigating a woman's disappearance. Haunted in Death [and] Eternity in Death by J. D. Robb, Novellas Omnibus , Ritual in Death [and] Missing in Death by J. D. Robb, Novellas Omnibus. their human rights obligations with respect to the dead and missing, States remain . as a consequence of the death or disappearance in situations where the wildlifeprotection.info .

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Summary Billions of cells die every day in higher organisms as part of the normal process of tissue homeostasis. Citing Literature Number of times cited according to CrossRef: Hoffmann , Aggregated neutrophil extracellular traps resolve inflammation by proteolysis of cytokines and chemokines and protection from antiproteases , The FASEB Journal , Wiley Online Library.

Volume , Issue 1 Special Issue: Related Information. Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. Her face was deathly pale with high spots of color on the cheeks, and a purpling knot on her forehead.

What is this? A little glassy, a little shocky. I know where he is. Who are you? He was supposed to wait right here. I have a headache. I was so worried about Pete. Then slapped her hands on her hips. You are in so much trouble.

Or only a little. What is it? How did I do that? Pete, Will, let your mother have some room. Sit down here, Carolee, let me take a look at you. Someone was dead. Someone had caused that death. They were both missing.

I want a complete list of DOT and ferry employees, including any independent contractors, aboard at this time. I want those security discs. Peabody, make that happen. She could give their reunion one more minute.

If any have been used, I need to know. I want to talk to the guard Mrs. Grogan talked to when she. For now, get his statement. Explosives, employees, discs, emergency evac, secured areas. Grogan, I need to speak with you. Find the kit. Organize the team. I want another search, every square inch of this ferry.

I want the sweepers in that bathroom. I want it scoured. See if you can find out if anyone else has been reported missing.

Who are you again? I know I got a little upset with the security man, but I was worried about Pete. I told him to wait, to stay right there if he got out before I did. Maybe I slipped? Or stolen. It stays between crappy and lousy.

Capital W: Plug in to Wisconsin politics

I feel like I walked into a wall or something and smacked my head. Grogan, you were missing for over an hour. We were only gone for a few minutes. Hit my head and wander off? Maybe I have a concussion. I wandered off. Grogan, the DOT officials notified the NYPSD not only because you were, apparently, missing, but because the facilities they believed you entered had a considerable amount of blood on the floor, as well as spatter on the walls and doors of the stalls.

Probably screaming if I saw blood all over the place. I lost an hour. How can that be? But this is different. Stick with her. I have to say, the natives are getting a little restless.

Somebody dumps a bunch of blood in that bathroom, hangs the sign, sits back and waits for somebody to go in. And where did Mrs. Grogan go for an hour?

Welcome to New York. The list of employees, DOT officials, is labeled. Where the hell did those fireworks come from? No ash, no mechanism. So far, none of them saw anything. And you have to admit, hauling a body around would attract some attention. The killer—if indeed a murder had taken place—had somehow gotten off the ferry. Or the killer still needed to get off.

George terminal. Fortunately a good chunk of that number was kids. Two searches, and this one with corpse detectors. He, or an accomplice, used the fireworks as a distraction. Has to be. I grew up on vortexes. If the blood currently being rushed to the lab proves to have come from a warm body—one we hope to identify through DNA matching—there has to be a way out and a way off, because he used it. There are some scientific theories that support the possibility.

A mocker. Maybe a little more. Peabody, with me. You know, decompress. I live with somebody.

A guy. An e-guy. I remembered even when Jake hit on me. Maybe the two of you want to take a break, go get a drink, get to know each other better. He did ask me out for a drink though. Plus I get double credits. First I get the satisfaction credit of being hit on by the sexy DOT inspector, and second I get loyal and true credit for turning him down because I have my personal sexy nerd. Can we move on?

Got some flesh and fibers, and a virtual shit load of prints. Whoever that is would be dead as my uncle Bob, whose demise went unlamented by all who knew him. That would be a body or a blood trail, or at this point one freaking notion how said body got the hell out of that john. Whoever walked in living got sliced and diced, stuck and gutted. Help yourself.

Maybe more than one killer. She falls toward the wall— we get the smears of blood—tries to turn around, more smears. He cuts her again, so we have the spatter on the next stall there, and lower on the wall here, so he probably stuck her, and she stumbled back this way. Slice and dice, and down she goes.

Bleeds out where she falls. But if he can get a DB out of here, I guess he could walk out covered in blood. He had to wrap it up. If we go with protective gear and a body bag or something along the line, he planned it out, came prepared, and he damn well had an exit plan. He dealt with it. Safety regs outlaw locks on public restroom doors with multiple stalls.

He makes do with a sign, even though this had to take several minutes. The kill, the cleanup, the transport. And Carolee was missing for over an hour, so wherever he went, wherever he took her, he needed time. Vents, infrastructure, storage.

And we need to find out who the vic was, and why she got sliced on the Staten Island Ferry. Just cut her throat, and get back to business. All the blood was a pretty big clue one had been committed. But the bigger question is, yeah, why bother to suppress her memory?

And why would the killer have something on him that could? Just to keep the ferry looking old-timey. Way big enough for somebody to hide a body and an unconscious woman. Two short. Jake lifted his gaze to follow the gesture. That should be fun.

There are places to hide, to conceal. He had to know the boat, the layout, at least to some extent. Unless he has the cloak of invisibility. The sooner we identify the victim, if a victim there is, the sooner we can move on the killer. You may want some of your men backing up mine on guard duty. Should your situation change. Why kill in a public restroom on a ferry in the middle of the water? No easy way off. Why not leave the body?

And go to the trouble, apparently, to secret her away for an hour? How was the victim selected? How was the method of killing selected? How was Carolee Grogan moved from the crime scene to another location? How was the body—if there was one—removed? All of it comes back to one question. Who was the victim? The rest rays out from there.

Or the killer. One of them, at least, is probably female. It makes more sense, given the location of the murder. I ran probability. Mid-eighties for female vic or killer. The ferry incident? How much has leaked? Certainly nothing that speaks of murder. A fresh perspective might give her some new angles. Besides, there was no reason not to take a few minutes for nonsense. It brings pain no blocker can cure.

He does. Which brings us to another why. Why would he need proof? Unless you add in the rest. Missing body, public arena, two people vanishing like smoke.

That strikes me as very professional. And at least she was navigating on solid ground instead of water. New York appeared to have burst open for summer, and out of its nooks and crannies poured tourists and the street thieves who depended on them. But it also brought out the sidewalk florists with their bounty of color and scent and the alfresco diners taking in the sun over glasses of wine or thimbles of espresso.

It added to the street and air traffic, jammed the glides and sidewalks, and yet, Eve thought, it all rushed and roared exactly as it was meant to.

She spotted Roarke before she parked, standing outside the drab edifice that housed the busy hive of the lab and forensics. The dark charcoal suit fit the lean length of him perfectly, and showed a subtle flare with a tie nearly as bold a blue as his eyes.

She thought he looked like some elegantly urban vid star with just a hit of edge. And her heart gave a quick, giddy jump. She had to admit Peabody was right. It was nice to have a guy. You look fetchingly windblown. A woman apparently lost on the ferry, then found. Or not, depending on the report. A possibility someone was injured or fell overboard. A few of the passengers sent various media outlets some vids or statements.

Please confirm the information below before signing up.

Or dead? Passenger count is off by two on disembarking. I need to find out who it belonged to. Behind them techs worked with scopes and holos, forensic droids, tiny vials and mysterious solutions. The air hummed in a blend of machine and human into a single voice Eve found just slightly creepy.

She would never understand how people worked, day after day, in a vast space without a single window. She found the chief lab tech, Dick Berenski, sliding his stool soundlessly along his long white counter as he commanded various comps.

Could be more than one source. Got my blood guy reconstructing the scene, pool and spatter, from the record. A Neg, human blood, healthy platelets, cholesterol, no STD. We filtered out trace portions of other body fluid and flesh. Double X chromosomes. Fluids, flesh and hair. Might get a relative.

I programmed for full match and blood relations. When Dickhead got his weird little teeth into something, he was thorough. I am so freaking good. Dana Buckley, age forty-one, born in Sioux City, why are you dead? Blue-eyed blonde, she thought, pale skin, pretty in a corn-fed sort of way.

Five-six, a hundred thirty-eight, parents deceased, no sibs, no offspring, no marriage or cohab on record. What does this personal data tell us smart investigators, Detective? Which makes a smart investigator go hmmm. She lists a home and office address here in New York. Park Avenue. Peabody, run this down. She thought, Crap, but said nothing. Not yet. Quick work, Berenski. This new data rates a second hmmm.

You can start on the security discs. Send copies to my home unit. Of her, certainly. That is, I have no connection to her. We were working on a prototype for some—at the time— new holo technology. As it was, she got through several before the red flag. She thought I might be interested in her services, and arranged to meet me.

But I warned her off not only for that, but because she was known—and my own research confirmed—not only as a spy but an assassin. A large percentage of her work, if rumor holds, has been for various governments.

And ends up not just dead, but missing. A competitor? Another kill for hire? It struck me as a pro job, even—maybe because— it was so damn messy and complicated. Who would want that? Was the body dumped off the ferry?

And nobody saw anything. Maybe he popped into a vortex. Let me think about it. They have a couple of maintenance hampers on board. So, it may be hard to hold to one logical line when the others are badly frayed. The Grogans crowded into a tiny little room with Carolee sitting up in bed, a bouquet of cheerful flowers in her lap.

She looked tired, Eve thought, and showed both strain and resignation when she saw Eve come in. All over a bump on the head.

I feel fine now. I wish I could help, I really do. It scares me. Why does it scare me? Dad let me take some. I looked through them when they had Mom away for tests. With a briefcase in her lap. I need to keep this for a while, okay? I know. It upsets you to see her photo. White flash. Blind, for a minute. It sounds crazy. Away from this. He nodded, and moved to the foot of the bed as Steve went out with Eve. Grogan, where would you be staying here in New York?

And may be yet. She spied the fat cat, Galahad, perched on the newel post like a furry gargoyle. He blinked his bicolored eyes twice, then leaped down with a thud to saunter over and rub against her legs. The pinching and poking between his wife and his surrogate father were not likely to end anytime soon.

Set up your runs, on Buckley, the Grogans, the possible causes of this optic smudge. Then come up and meet me. That work would definitely include certain areas of the U. She sent an e-m ail to Dr. It made her feel foolish, but she wanted a solid opinion from a source she respected. Which was too bad, she mused.

Also in the too-bad department was the report that the pipes and vents within the crime scene were just too damn small to have served as an escape route.

And that meant, however improbably, both killer and victim had exited through the door. She just had to figure out how. He sat behind the U-shaped console with the jewel-toned buttons and controls winking over the slick black surface. The privacy screens shielded the windows and let the evening sunlight filter into the room in a pale gold wash. A small table stood by those windows, set with silver domed plates, an open bottle of wine, the sparkle of crystal.

His idea of a working dinner, she mused. She peeked under the silver cover and was instantly cheered.

There now. Taking up his glass, he tapped it to hers, then smiled. The whole thing is. Not in an admirable way. Not like you, for instance. She fought for nothing, stood for nothing, save her own gain. Information on her is, naturally, sketchy, but I believe she was born in Albania, the result of a liaison between her American mother and an unknown father.

Her mother served in the U. Diplomatic Corps. She traveled with her mother extensively, saw and learned quite a bit of the world. It seems she was recruited, at a young age, by a covert group, World Intelligence Network. To win data, funds, territories, political positions—however it was most expedient.

They only lasted a decade. But in that decade, they trained her, and as she apparently showed considerable ability and no particular conscience, used her in their Black Moon sector. She tends to take high-dollar jobs, private or government.

As I said, I had a brush with her several years ago. I believe, two years after that, she killed three of my people in an attempt to acquire the data and research to new fusion fuel we had under development. Have you been a target? Nothing to steal if you cut off the head.

Missing in Death

Now, depending on the source, your victim is given credit, so to speak, for anywhere from fifty to two hundred and fifty deaths. Some were in the game, some were just in the way. She went under, considerably under. I thought she might be dead, having failed to secure what she was hired for. But someone like this, experienced, how does she get caught off guard and taken out?

Someone she knew?

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Immortal in Death by J.

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