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The Jungle Book is a American animated musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions. Based on Rudyard Kipling's book of the same name. The Jungle Book () Sterling Holloway and Bruce Reitherman in The Jungle Book () The Jungle Book () Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman in The. Phil Harris in The Jungle Book () The Jungle Book () Phil Harris and Louis Prima in The Jungle Book () Louis Prima and Bruce Reitherman in The.

The Jungle Book 1967

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The Jungle Book is a American animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released on October 18, The 19th. The Jungle Book. Critics Consensus. With expressive animation, fun characters, and catchy songs, The Jungle Book endures as a crowd-pleasing Disney. Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy The Jungle Book () directed by Wolfgang Reitherman for $

The plot and pacing may be nearly as lazy as the sloth bear Baloo Phil Harris , but animators use that to their advantage, developing the characters so that even minor ones seem majorly entertaining. James Plath.

Here's yet another animated feature from Disney's mostly barren stretch between its two golden ages, a film that plays better in nostalgia-tinged memories than in the here-and-now. Matt Brunson. Disney's grandniece recently cast aspersions on the picture, but I don't share her pessimism.

Bill Chambers. Dustin Putman. Every one of the bunch is memorable, and each plays gracefully into the action of the film. Keith Phipps. Top Box Office. More Top Movies Trailers. Certified Fresh Picks. Bio View All. Season 2. Season 4. Black Mirror: Season 5. Fear the Walking Dead: The Handmaid's Tale: Season 3.

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Movie Info The final animated feature produced under the supervision of Walt Disney is a lively neo-swing musical, loosely based upon the tales of Rudyard Kipling. The story takes place in a tropical jungle where people are conspicuously absent. But one day Bagheera the Panther voice of Sebastian Cabot discovers a baby in the wreck of a boat. Feeling pity on the child, Bagheera takes him to be raised with the wolves.

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Ten years later, the child has grown into Mowgli voice of Bruce Reitherman. Mowgli discovers that his life is in danger because of the return to the area of Shere Khan the Tiger voice of George Sanders , whose hatred of humans is such that Mowgli faces certain death if discovered. Bagheera agrees to transport Mowgli to the human village, where he will be safe from Shere Khan.

Along the way to the village, night falls and Mowgli and Bagheera almost succumb to the man-eating snake Kaa voice of Sterling Holloway. Escaping Kaa's coils, they run into the lock-step military elephant band of Colonel Hathi voice of J.

Pat O'Malley. Afterwards, Mowgli, who doesn't want to be sent to the human village, runs away from Bagheera and meets up with the fun-loving Baloo the Bear voice of Phil Harrris.

With both Bagheera and Baloo to protect him, Mowgli is saved from several more life-threatening situations -- including a barber-shop quartet of vultures, the crazed King Louie of the Apes voice of Louis Prima , and Shere Khan himself -- before making it to the village of humans.

Wolfgang Reitherman. Feb 11, Bruce Reitherman as Mowgli. Louis Prima as King Louis. Sterling Holloway as Kaa. Pat O'Malley as Colonel Hati. Darleen Carr as Girl. Phil Harris as Baloo. Sebastian Cabot as Bagheera. George Sanders as Shere Khan. Director Jimmy Hayward. The man-cub cannot stay with the pack.

He must leave immediately. Rama: [shocked] Leave? Akela: I'm sorry, Rama, but there is no other way. Rama: But-- But the man-cub is-- Well, he's like my own son! Surely he's entitled to the protection of the pack? Akela: But Rama, even the strength of the pack is no match for the tiger. Rama: But the boy cannot survive alone in the jungle. Bagheera: Akela, perhaps I can be of help. Akela: You, Bagheera? Bagheera: I know of a Man Village where he'll be safe.

Mowgli and I have taken many walks into this jungle together, so I'm sure he'll go with me. Now, there's no time to lose. Shouldn't we start back home? Bagheera: Mowgli, this time, we're not going back. I'm taking you to a Man Village. Mowgli: But why? Bagheera: Because Shere Khan has returned to this part of the jungle. And he has sworn to kill you. Mowgli: Kill me? But why would he want to do that? Bagheera: He hates men.

And Shere Khan is not going to allow you to grow up to become a man: just another hunter with a gun. Mowgli: Aw, we'll just explain to him that I'd never do a thing like that.

Bagheera: Nonsense.

No one explains anything to Shere Khan. Mowgli: Well, maybe so, but I'm not afraid. And besides, I-- Bagheera: Now, that's enough! We'll spend the night here. Things will look better in the morning. I can look after myself. He then approaches Mowgli. Mowgli: [angrily Pushing Kaa away. Bagheera: [sleeping] That's what I should do, but I'm not.

Now please go to sleep, Man-cub! Please go to sleep. Mowgli: [moaning] Ba-Ba-Ba-Bagheera? Bagheera is still unaware at what's happening. Now, no more talk till morning. Bagheera: [glances at Mowgli and Kaa] Huh? Oh, yes, he will-- [suddenly realizes what is happening and fully wakes up, completely horrified] KAA!!! This makes Mowgli fully conscious and released from Kaa's coils. Look me in the eye when I'm s-ss-speaking to you!

Mowgli: Look, Bagheera! Wake up, Bagheera! Kaa: [slithering away, angrily] Jus-ss-st you wait till I get you in my coils! Kaa: [mimics Mowgli, sarcastically] "Hee-hee-hee! He's got a knot on his tail. Mowgli: Yes. Bagheera: [annoyed] D'oh! Now, for the last time My feet are killing me. Bagheera: [Turns around as he hears Baloo yelling his name a mile away] Well, it's happened.

Took a little longer than I thought, but it's happened. Baloo then realizes that Bagheera is in front of him] Oh, you heard me, huh? Bagheera: Mowgli? All right, what happened? Where's Mowgli? Baloo: They ambushed me: Thousands of 'em! I jabbed with my left, then I swung with the right, and then I let--!

Bagheera: Oh, for the last time, what happened to Mowgli?

The Jungle Book (1967)

Baloo: Like I told ya: Them mangy monkeys carried him off! Bagheera: The Ancient Ruins? Oh, I hate to think about what will happen when he meets that king of theirs. King Louie: Ha-Ha! So you're the Man-cub? Mowgli: I'm not as crazy as you are.

King Louie: [picks up Mowgli by his loincloth] Cool it, boy, and unwind yourself. King Louie: Word has grabbed my royal ears Have a banana. Mowgli: [mouth full of banana] Stay in the jungle?

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I sure do! King Louie: Good. Ad ol' King Louie Have two bananas. Mowgli: [mouth full of bananas] Yes, sir. I'll do King Louie: Well, then, I'll lay it on the line for you. Now let's get out of here before anything else happens.

Bagheera: You're going back to the Man Village right now! Mowgli: I'm not going! Bagheera: [losing his patience] Oh, yes, you are! Mowgli: [grabbing hold of a tree] I'm stayin' right here! Bagheera: You're going if I have to drag you here every step of the way!

Mowgli: You let go of me! He tries to get out of the water, but accidentally hits his head on a log. I've had it with you, Man-cub! For now on, you're on your own.

Mowgli: Don't worry about me. So, that's what that scoundrel's after. Baloo: I'll tear him limb from limb! I'll beat him! Well, man, what a beat. Bagheera: Will you quit that silly beat business and listen?! This will take brains, not brawn.

Baloo: You better believe it, and I'm loaded with both! Bagheera: Will you listen?! Baloo: Oh, yeah, yeah. Got that? Baloo: I'm gone, man. Solid gone. A dusty muzzle. Elephant 2: Yes, sir! Hathi: Very good. Carry on. Hathi: Esprit de corps!

That's the way I earned my commission in the Mahajarah's 5th Pachyderm Brigade. Back in '88, it was-- Or was it? Winifred: [whispering to another elephant] Here it comes. The "Victoria Cross" bit again. Hathi: It was then I received the Victoria Cross, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Discipline was the thing!

Uh, where was I? Oh, yes. This is the army. The next recruit is focused on a fly buzzing around his face which lands on his trunk] Ahem. Lieutenant, that haircut is not regulation. That's better. Looks down] Oh, there you are. Junior: OK, Pop-- sir! Hathi: Yes, that's better. Mowgli: Hey! Stop that! Hathi: [gasps, sputters] A Man-cub! Bagheera: Hold it. Hold it! I can explain, Hathi. Hathi: Colonel Hathi, if you please, sir. Bagheera: Oh, yes, yes.

Colonel Hathi. The Man-cub is with me. I'm taking him back to the Man Village. Hathi: To stay? Bagheera: You have the word of Bagheera. Hathi: Good. And remember, an elephant never forgets. I don't know what the army's coming to these days. These young whippersnappers, who do they think they are? Hathi and the Jungle Patrol are marching] Bagheera: Stop!

Wait a minute! Hathi: Who said "Halt! I give the commands around here! Now, speak up! Who was it?! Bagheera: Oh, it was me, Colonel. Hathi: What do you mean, sir, taking over my command?

Highly irregular, you know! Hathi: Oh, impossible! We're on a cross-country march! Bagheera: This is an emergency, Colonel! The man-cub must be found! Hathi: Man-cub? What man-cub? Shere Khan: How interesting. Bagheera: The one I was taking to the Man Village!

Hathi: Good, that's where he belongs. Now sir, if you don't mind, we'd like to get on with the march. Bagheera: No, no, you don't understand, Hathi! He's lost. He ran away. Shere Khan: How delightful.

Hathi: Well, it serves the whippersnapper right. Bagheera: But Shere Khan the Tiger! He's sure to pick up the man-cub's trail. Hathi: [laughs] Shere Khan?! Nonsense, old boy! Shere Khan isn't within miles from here! Fortunes of war and all that sort of thing, you know. Winifred: [storms towards Hathi, with Junior following her] This has gone far enough! Far enough! Hathi: Winifred!

What are you doing out of ranks? Winifred: Never mind! Hathi: Our son But Winifred, old girl, this is an entirely different matter!

Winifred: Hmph! Hathi: Different, entirely. Winifred: That little boy is no different than our own son. Now you help find him, or I'm taking over command! Hathi: WHAT?! A female leading my herd?! That's utterly preposterous! Junior: Pop, the man-cub and I are friends.

He'll get hurt if we don't find him.

Please, pop? Hathi: [softening up] Now, don't you worry, son. Your father had a plan in mind all the time. Winifred: [smiling sarcastically] Sure you did. Kaa: Oh, now what? I'll be right down. Who is it? Shere Khan: It's me. Shere Khan. I'd like a word with you if you don't mind. Kaa: Shere Khan.

What a surprise. Shere Khan: Yes, isn't it? I just dropped by. Now, forgive me if I've interrupted anything. Kaa: Oh,no. Nothing at all. Shere Khan: I thought perhaps you were entertaining someone up there in your coils.

Kaa: Coils? Oh, no. I was just curling up for my siesta. Shere Khan: But you were singing to someone. Kaa: [choking like mad] No I was just Shere Khan: Indeed?

Kaa: Yes. You see, I have Shere Khan: What a pity. It's simply terrible. I can't eat. I can't sleep. So, I sing myself to sleep.

You know, self-hypnosis? I have no time for that sort of nonsense.

Kaa: Some other time, perhaps? Shere Khan: Perhaps. But at the moment, I'm searching for a Man-cub. Kaa: Man-cub? What Man-cub? Shere Khan: The one who's lost. Now, where do you suppose he could be? Kaa: Search me. Now, I'm sure you wouldn't mind showing me your coils would you, Kaa? Kaa: Certainly not.

Nothing in there. Alarmed, he starts snorting and coughs. Shere Khan: Hmm. And now, how about the middle?

Kaa: The middle? Oh, the middle.The Jungle Book film. Theatrical release poster. Official Sites. During production, first Rocky was cut, then Disney decided the 60's style rock would cause the song to be considered dated later, leading "We're Your Friends" to be changed to the barbershop quartet that appears in the final film. Disney took an active role in the story meetings, acting out each role and helping to explore the emotions of the characters, help create gags and develop emotional sequences.

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