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The e-book contains Budget changes alongwith amended legal Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, Please find attached 8th Edition of the pdf book on Service Tax (incorporating changes upto 14th January ). The book contains. update this Service Tax Referencer e-book on a regular and timely Government of India;” omitted by Finance Act, w.e.f.

Service Tax Books 2013 Pdf

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This book is a compilation of key Service Tax Legal provisions (as applicable from 1 July .. 1/ - Amendment in Service Tax Rules, Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme CENVAT .. for the assessee's who has paid service tax in excess of INR 10 lakhs (INR 1 lakhs with effect from ) by the assessee in the books of account shall be . Revised Edition: August (as per Finance Act, ) Excise Act, Customs Act, Service Tax, Value Added Tax, Central Sales Tax) the assessee in the books of accounts shall be considered as the specified records.

Taxable supplies include goods wholly within Australia, from or to Australia or real property in Australia.

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Certain types of supplies are free of GST, examples include fresh unprocessed food, medical services, education courses, childcare, exports, pre-owned real estate and going concerns. When an enterprise purchases goods or services to be consumed or used for resupply to an end customer they may receive a refund input tax credit on the amount of GST contained in the price Div 11 , which means in effect no GST is paid on those supplies.

New residential and commercial properties are subject to GST but re-sale of existing properties is not. All real estate agent fees on either new or second-hand property are subject to GST.

Processed foods such as biscuits, soft drinks, restaurant meals and take-away foods are also subject to GST. Businesses must lodge their Statements with the ATO within twenty working days of the end of each quarter.


Political impact[ edit ] John Howard had said that the "GST would never become part of Liberal Party policy", [11] but his change of heart would become apparent in the lead-up to the campaign. It was passed by the Senate in June in a heavily amended form. The annihilation of the Democrats was completed at the following election in when they lost all their remaining seats, with the Australian Greens becoming the major third party.

Australian Labor Party leader Kim Beazley continued to oppose it during the Howard government's second term.

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During the election campaign, Labor made a 'GST rollback' a centrepiece of its election platform. Labor attempted to reprise the effects of the birthday cake interview by deriding the application of GST to cooked and uncooked chickens, but failed to ignite public response to the limited scope of the rollbacks [13] applying only to gas and electricity bills.

Labor lost the election, and though the September 11 attacks and the so-called Tampa affair dominated the campaign, the loss would effectively end all serious opposition to the GST. A Bill was introduced that gave the federal government no obligation to hand back revenue earned by that state to be divided to other non-performing states.

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Unlike the GST, [15] sales tax revenue went back to the State that generated the sales tax. The federal government counteracted with its own advertising campaign which claimed that New South Wales had breached its contractual obligations under the GST Agreement by continuing to charge unfair stamp duties and land taxes, which were supposed to have been abolished.

After weeks of intense media and public pressure, the New South Wales State Government announced in its budget that it would reduce stamp duty and land tax, but critics argued that the State Government did not go far enough with much broader tax reform in New South Wales required to help encourage investment and business that had been forced elsewhere due to an unfavourable New South Wales business environment.

However, due to the corresponding reductions in personal income taxes, state banking taxes, federal wholesale taxes and some fuel taxes that were implemented when the GST was introduced, former Treasurer Peter Costello claimed that people were effectively paying no extra tax.

Once the tax came into effect, consumer consumption and economic growth declined such that by the first fiscal quarter of , the Australian economy recorded negative economic growth for the first time in more than 10 years. The Government was criticised by small business owners over the increased administrative responsibilities of submitting Business Activity Statements BAS on a quarterly basis to the Australian Taxation Office.


During the —06 period Perth also witnessed a sharp climb in real estate prices and demand. The goods would then remain sealed until the passenger had passed through the customs area at an airport. Payment of tax in case of new services Point of taxation in case of specified services or persons Determination of point of taxation in other cases Transitional Provisions Place of provision generally Place of provision of services relating to events Place of provision of specified services Order of application of rules Short title, extent and commencement Obligation of a manufacturer or service providers Manner of distribution of credit by input service distributor Documents and accounts Information relating to principal inputs Transitional provision Special dispensation Procedure and facilities for large tax payer Confiscation and penalty General penalty Supplementary provision Form of declaration Form of acknowledgment of declaration Payment of tax dues Form of acknowledgement of discharge Not i f icat ions.

Draf t c i rcular on s taf f benef i ts Draft circular on service tax on air transport Instructions — Negative list of service tax regimeAll real estate agent fees on either new or second-hand property are subject to GST. Regards, Shubhranshu Chowdhury. Determination of point of taxation The key features of this system are as follows: Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

January 10, at 5: January 15, at Transaction in immovable property e. Payment of tax in case of new services

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