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Persits Software, Inc. Web Site AspPDF is an ActiveX server component for dynamically creating, reading and modifying Portable Document Format (PDF) files. PDF is the de-facto world-wide standard for creating and exchanging. Request your free evaluation key and download AspPDF. AspPDF We at Persits Software take client privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Your email . Persits Software, Inc. Web Site Chapter 3, Your First AspPDF Application, Describes a simple "Hello World!" application. Also discusses document saving.

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Set Pdf = wildlifeprotection.infoObject("") Set Doc = wildlifeprotection.infoDocument. Doc .Title = "AspPDF Chapter 3 Hello World Sample" wildlifeprotection.infor = "John Smith". NET version of AspPDF with the exact same extensive feature set plus the flexibility of a % managed-code component which can just be copied to the / Bin. Only: A rare class of documents has been discovered that would cause the wildlifeprotection.infoe method to crash. This bug has now been fixed.

This important enhancement is incorporated in the service releases AspEmail 5. The upgrades are available free of charge to the registered users. Also, AspPDF now uses a newer, much more robust version of the zlib library for its Flate decompression needs.

This allows you to know where exactly a particular text string or string fragment is on the page. This feature is implemented via the PdfPreview object's new TextItems collection. Also, the HTML-to-PDF conversion module has been enhanced to add support for borders with rounded corners defined by CSS properties border-radius, border-top-left-radius, border-top-right-radius, border-bottom-left-radius and border-bottom-right-radius.

But we thought our company needed something a bit more modern-looking, so we had a new logo created, and while we were at it, had our corporate web site redesigned as well. Persits Software's corporate image may look and feel a bit different now, but our dedication to quality in the products we build and technical support we provide remains the same as ever!

Previous versions could only print invidual pages in a one-sided mode. Previous versions only allowed tables to use the RGB color space.

Microsoft Classic ASP 3.0 Web Hosting Features

NET from here and here. NET has been noticeably lacking up to now, is finally here in beta , and available for public testing. Please download the new version from www. A new AspPDF service release is also available with many important fixes and enhancements.

Please download it from www. In addition to that, many major improvements have been incorporated in this release, including the fixes for a bug responsible for the error HTML rendering error: This method does not require a font argument, which simplifies the coding of filling in a PDF form. Also, form flattening has been implemented via the PdfForm method Flatten. The existing SetFieldValue method has been greatly enhanced as well - it now supports auto-size fields and Unicode characters in field values.

Please download the fix from www. NET object models to represent color spaces and their supplementary tools, transformation functions. The SetFieldValue method of the PdfAnnot object has been improved to fix the "shifting text" problem the content of form field shifts slightly when the field is switched from the display to edit mode. For more information, and to download the latest versions, visit www.

UK Persits ASPPDF SSD Hosting

NET only. It also implements a background removal effect, known as "chroma key", via the method DrawImageChromaKey. For more information on these new features, see sections 8. AspJpeg 2. Upgrading is free for registered users.

From now on, AspEmail. The latest version of AspEmail. NET here. The new PdfDocument method CreateGraphicsFromPage creates an instance of the PdfGraphics object from another document's page which can then be drawn on this document at an arbitrary location or locations, with scaling and rotation applied if necessary.

For more information about this feature, see AspPDF's user manual section 9. NET's user manual section 9. This feature enables you to create a perspective effect when rendering the image on top of another picture. For more information about this feature, click here.

NET mailing components features support for DomainKeys Identified Mail DKIM , a method by which the sender digitally signs the email message to prove it really comes from the domain it claims it comes from.

The recipient verifies the signature by obtaining the sender's public key from the domain's DNS records.

For more information about DKIM, our mailing components' support for it, and to download the latest versions, visit www. Upgrading is free. To download the latest version, please visit www. Includes several other performance improvements and minor bug fixes. For more information, and to download the latest releases, visit www. AspEmail 5. NET service. To download the latest versions, visit www. This is a limited-time offer, so hurry!

To download the latest version, visit www. NET has now been officially released. NET is the. NET to send queued mail.

Compared to EmailAgent, EmailAgent. The configuration panel features a redesigned user interface. For more information on EmailAgent. NET user manual. The new version offers many features you have been asking for.

AES is also known as Rijndael. Previous versions only supported the RC4 cipher. NET , AspEmail's native. NET counterpart, is now officially released! NET and AspEmail are almost entirely identical in terms of functionality, but the.

NET version does not need to be registered on the web server: NET's basic functionality is free.

The premium features require a registration key. The evaluation copy of the component along with your free day evaluation key can be obtained at www. Previous versions only allowed and degree rotations. It also fixes several major and minor bugs. For more information, and to download AspPDF 2. A service release for AspPDF. NET fixing several bugs has also been released.

It can be downloaded from www. NET sibling, AspEmail. The new component is almost entirely identical to AspEmail in terms of functionality and object reference.

Please help us beta-test this new product. This web site now has a separate AspEmail. NET code samples. We are looking forward to your bug reports and suggestions. NET 1. QR Code 2D barcode support; An enhancement in the parsing module.

An enhancement in the digital signing process. For more information about this much-requested feature, and to download AspEmail 5. For more information, and to download XUpload 3. For more information, and to download AspEncrypt 2. For more information, and to download AspUpload 3.

The new version is now in beta. Please help us test this much-needed feature by going to www. The new manual focuses on. NET and modern operating systems such as Windows and 7.

It no longer concerns itself with obsolete features such as bit encryption and comes with tons of new codes samples both in VB Script and C. We have also added a few new features to AspEncrypt itself and released version 2. For more information, and to download AspJpeg 2. Upgrades are free for registered users. For more information, and to download the new version of XUpload, click here.

For more information, and to download the new version of AspEncrypt, click here.

NET is now officially released. We thank everybody who helped us test it.

Please download your free day evaluation copy here. NET is now officially in beta! Please help us test AspPDF. NET by downloading the free beta copy from here. While still under construction, AspPDF. NET's dedicated web site, www. A complete list of new features can be found here.

For more information, and to download AspPDF 1. Other new features include metadata editing and enhancements in drawing functionality. The bit versions are sold separately and independently from their bit counterparts. Your existing bit keys cannot be used with the bit versions.

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Also, the PrintTextEx method is enhanced to return the height of text paragraphs it renders. For more information, and to download your free upgrade, visit www. In addition to this important security improvement, AspEmail 5.

Upgrades are free.

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Download the latest service release from www. Download your free evaluation copies of the bit beta components from their respective web sites. Please send your feedback to support persits. Fonts are specified via their local file paths.

For more information and to download your free upgrade, go to AspJpeg. A special low upgrade price is available for current XUpload users. For the user manual and live demos, and to download your copy of XUpload 3.

For a new Sepia live demo, and to download your free upgrade, go to AspJpeg. It also fixes a number of bugs. Download your free upgrade here. For more information, and to download your free upgrade, visit the AspJpeg. The new version also improves form fill-in functionality and outline support, and fixes minor bugs.

Other new features include grayscale conversion, anti-aliasing support and more.

The new feature-rich AspJpeg has been given its own dedicated web site which contains a complete user manual with numerous code samples, an object reference, and a live demo section. For more information about AspJpeg 1. Close method for a finer control of file handles' lifespan. Version 1.

The new version also fixes a number of minor bugs. Download your free day evaluation version here. The web site contains a complete AspPDF user manual, object reference and live demo section.

For more information and to download AspEncrypt 2. Currently under development, AspPDF is expected to be released later this year. A preview is now available in the form of several live demo applications demonstrating a few of this product's key features. The live demos can be viewed at support. For more information, and to download AspJpeg 1. Download AspEmail 5.

ASP-PDF Persists

Upgrades are absolutely free for registered users. NET environment. Download the updated setup here. We have also added an article to our Knowledge Base site on using AspUpload under. NET, which includes several C code samples as well.

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AspUpload crashes when used from Macromedia Flash 8. Components written by yourself cannot be installed on our servers. Our customer support will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and days a year. Save, as follows: Upload. Form fields do not get printed. Community Server Hosting Blog. File downloads via SendBinary are broken in Netscape 7.

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