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Read "EX A Twisted love Story a twisted love story" by Novoneel Chakraborty available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of six EX A Twisted love Story: a twisted love story by [Chakraborty, . EX A TWISTED LOVE STORY NOVONEEL CHAKRABORTY PDF by Michael Corrs you can find, buy at wildlifeprotection.info website. You will find book reviews in our.

Ex A Twisted Love Story Pdf

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Download EX a Twisted Love Story by Novoneel Chakraborty PDF. About The Book In a circumstance where a suave and sexy girl approaches you and says that she was your ex, what you will do? The only questions that'll. EX a twisted love story book. Read 69 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What will you do if one day a svelte and sexy girl comes.

They were standing on the edge facing each other. The latter asked the feeling what it was seeking.

A kiss; the feeling told the heart. Should the kiss happen, the heart will have to bare open all its secrets, in all its nudity. He then cupped her face gently with both his hands. For her, it was like a giant dream within the tiny capsule of reality. For him, it was a certain reality inside an uncertain drop of a dream. A few raindrops trickled down her forehead. The boy interrupted one raindrop with the tip of his tongue. When a promise and a prayer come together, a commitment is created.

She was the promise, he was the prayer, and the unprecedented feeling their kiss triggered within them was the commitment. Why this commitment? This commitment is an assurance, her heart answered the mind. But just like a student passing out from a school knows the basic of everything, we would be the basic of each other. The girl felt nothing for some time after which she opened her eyes to realize her deepest core had evolved.


An irreversible ritual had taken place in her heart. With this new self, now, she sucked his lips. Did his heart undergo a similar ritual too? Soon the two tongues prattled amidst the torrential rainfall.

The fear the girl had felt after climbing up the cemented barricade had now been conquered. Trust, after all, rinses a heart of almost every fear, eventually. Hope takes care of whatever residual. Their lips parted. Nothing will be able to wash his imprints off her now, she knew. As their eyes met again, she wondered whether she really existed or had she been a mere fragment of his imagination all these years?

Could it be that she was leading a life of death till now?

And when he happened to her, life happened? The boy, in an indescribable trance, sat down by the cemented barricade. The outside was chaotic, the inside calm. In that calmness she could hear her heartbeats loud and clear. The beats seemed to have graduated from mere sounds to a language through which she was translating what the boy had penned on her heart with the ink of love.

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A minute passed by. They kept exchanging furtive glances gravid with romance. As the hypnotizing moment was busy making a space within their hearts which both would visit every time a separation beckoned, the boy leaned sideways and kissed her on the cheek. She gave him a half-nervous, half-shy smile.

She leaned a little more towards him and they kissed again. Only this time the kiss made them slowly swing between life and death, love and despair, destiny and coincidence, choice and consequence, decadence and redemption, forgiveness and revenge, light and darkness, sexuality and spirituality, blame and guilt, consciousness and subconsciousness, instinct and experience, fame and oblivion, future and… The kiss broke.

They sat by the edge of the terrace for some more time; hand in hand. Finally, they both stood up. It was an ok read. Oct 08, Tanima Bag rated it really liked it.

He's done it before. And he's done it again! This writer sure knows how to weave an interesting and unique story and then add MORE peculiar twists to it. However, some things I'd like to say about this book: The writing could be a tad bit better considering he's already penned A Thing Beyond Forever where in my opinion, his writing was marvelous and eloquent. This one He's done it before. This one seemed amateur at a few bits here and there.

Also, his habit of throwing in company names left and right, gave it an impression of a movie with blatant product placement. Other than that Neel saying that he slept with Nivrita only for his book which later Neel keeps repeating to make us believe it was also not true. He slept with her out of lust. It's as simple and clear as that. Denial, I get it. As the story progresses, Nivrita is shown to be annoying Neel and he doesn't want to have to do anything to do with her.

But later on in the end he jumps for her because of some obligation? How can he love Nivrita now?? I mean he's a different person now and she's a different person now. He lusts for her,sure, and one can't blame him for it.

But he's also not in love with her like before anymore. He has only heard his story and even if he believes it, he cannot love someone just because. That didn't make much sense to me. If only Mr.

Novoneel had shown Nivrita and Neel getting closer as the story unfolds would it make sense. But whatever, I actually liked this book and am glad to have read it. I'd like to end this review with a paragraph from the book which I'd say was a gem for me and This paragraph summed up our generation so well. And it almost made up for his not-that-awesome writing. There was nothing innocent about us. It was all there right in front of us: With such information available to us 24X7, how could anyone be innocent?

It was like how certain fruit sellers force-ripen the fruits and make them ready for selling. My generation was getting forced-ripened just like that. Growth-wise, our mind was ahead of our body. Hence our inner self was naturally a breeding ground for a lot of shit because everyone, including me, was a school going adult.

At sixteen we behaved like twenty five, we said slangs with ease, we were casual and experimental with our sexuality, we searched for love because our hormones wanted us to and not because our heart felt the need to, we were selfish, we had no clue what our culture was all about, what freedom was for our previous generations, seemed like a cage for us because we wanted to leap ahead where our predecessors had stopped out of fear and shame.

We watched porn more than we prayed. We were a group of attention-seekers and emotion-haters. And the gap was so much that our elders, our education system, or our own morals no longer could teach us a better way to grow up into mature adults. And whenever they tried to change us, we had our middle fingers ready for them too.

We were a fuck-all generation. View 1 comment. Jul 13, Abhilash Ruhela rated it really liked it. Novoneel Chakraborty came out with his 4th book, "EX- a twisted love story" on 7th October, I have finally read it today and I regret that I didn't read it for all these months that the book was in my shelf.

The sole reason for postponing this book was its title "EX". I thought it's going to be that typical love story where the protagonist would get confused if he should go back to his ex-partner or move ahead in life and will eventually end up being with the EX.

But now when I am done re Novoneel Chakraborty came out with his 4th book, "EX- a twisted love story" on 7th October, But now when I am done reading this, I am shocked to find that the book belongs to psychological-romantic-revenge thriller. And the author also claims it to be inspired by a true story. If it is, I must say that the book is written very well and holds you right from the beginning to the end.

It's not easy to write about certain topics keeping Indian readers in mind but it's great that Novoneel managed to show guts by publishing this story. It has all the elements that will surprise and shock you with each page. The suspense has been kept very wonderfully throughout the book that does not make you predict what the climax will be. I had versions of my own climax while I was reading the book but the way it has ended has surprised me.

Definitely, Novoneel has hit the jackpot with this genre. His writing style has just improved immensely if you compare him with his previous books though they were masterpieces themselves. The way two stories are narrated alternatively is what makes you define Novoneel as a writer who has command on his thoughts and knows how to put in on paper that could manage his readers stay for all the pages that they will turn while reading.

The character of Neel is treated very well in spite of it being so dramatic at times.

The way he has been defined initially is what makes his character so special for the rest of the book. The description of Jaipur Lit Fest is exciting and interests you as soon as you have just begun with the story. Managing to write about the character of Titiksha would have been another challenge for the author as she has so much wicked things about her to be discussed without making the writer look ugly and dirty with his thoughts.

The only drawback that I felt at times while reading the book was its speed. Too much time has been consumed in explaining the nature of the protagonists.

Novoneel Chakraborty

It's just the suspense that does not let you put the book aside but I wish the book could have been pages thinner. I wish to give it 4 but I would cut.

So it's 3. This is the 4th time when Novoneel Chakraborty gets the same rating from me. Sep 16, Crabbysea rated it really liked it. I bought this book after only reading its back cover. The plot sounded intriguing so I took it home. I honestly wasn't expecting much of a story.

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I thought it was going to be a trashy novel with a sensational plot and not much else. I was wrong. Ex is an intense novel and it left me overwhelmed.

It's the story of a man called Neel Chatterjee who resigns from his day job to pursue dreams of becoming an author. He has a girlfriend called Titiksha who seems to care for him a lot. But he leaves her at I bought this book after only reading its back cover. But he leaves her at home and goes to Jaipur where he meets a mysterious woman called Nivrita.

It's after this meeting that uncanny things begin to happen and Neel doesn't know what to think anymore. Nivrita commissions Neel to write his first novel it's a story that takes him to unknown depths So this book has a complex, layered narrative where there's a story within a story. Overall this book has a homely intimate tone that'll keep you engrossed.

On the flip side there are some lovemaking scenes that are cringe as hell. Not too many, though. The only thing I found problematic was the ending. But I really can't discuss it without adding spoilers so I'll leave it at this. If you want to read a hot, steamy love story that doesn't shy away from portraying anger and resentment, give this book a try.

Jan 31, Pratikshya Mishra rated it really liked it. This book genuinely needs a better cover- one that accentuates the thriller, the mystery, the suspense, and the hide-n-seek guessing game in it. I hope it is republished soon with a better cover design for fresh marketing.

Neel Chakroborty is a not-so-cool yet intriguing a character. He chokes and suffocates. His decision to quit his job to pursue his passion of being a writer takes him to the Jaipur Lit Fest, for about a week, away from his live-in girlfriend Titiksha- a very courageous step on his part to travel anywhere alone.

It is one unputdownable book, recommended to all thriller lovers. I rate it a four out of five stars. Hope it would be all worth the wait. Mar 19, Shreya Choudhury rated it liked it Shelves: To begin with , the book had an amazing start.

Very gripping,kept me hooked till pages or so,I read 50 more pages,trying to satiate my inquisitiveness. What felt very exciting and captivating in the beginning became a drag. As I slowly approached towards the ending,what I most liked was the story inside the story,it was nice ,a bit filmy but still good. But once the mystery unfolded, things made sense from the story's persp To begin with , the book had an amazing start.

But once the mystery unfolded, things made sense from the story's perspective but felt weird from a reality pov I heard myself say,really! Who does that? And though a bit dissatisfied with the story ,I really liked the writing style. All in all ,a one time read ,for anyone and everyone who want a quick and light read without having to stress on the narration style and at the mean time get entertained. Dec 29, Sanjeev Kotnala rated it liked it. You definitely tend to more relate to them.

What sells now days- Love- romance-sex and the thought of it. Oct 24, Meghant Parmar rated it it was amazing. It's a perfect show stealer. There's no ifs and buts in this love story. There's only how, what and why's. It makes you go through endless emotions and make you pass through a bridge of uncertainty.

The author has not put a foot wrong in the book and the way it is narrated from the first till the last page it's mesmerizing. Plenty of surprises for the readers and a story so gripping even the guessing game would go for a toss. Get in the shoes of Neel and tag along for a journey of love of a life It's a perfect show stealer.

Get in the shoes of Neel and tag along for a journey of love of a lifetime. Oct 24, Sayan rated it it was amazing. This is probably one of the best books by a contemporary Indian author. I had bought this book a few months back but didn't read it, seeing the title. I guessed it will be a simple love story. But i was taken aback right from the first page itself. The character building was superb, and the suspense was nail biting.

Novoneel Chakraborty

You just can't make out what was going on till the very last, and it was very well compiled. Both the timelines complemented each other, and the unexpected twists and turns made it a This is probably one of the best books by a contemporary Indian author. Both the timelines complemented each other, and the unexpected twists and turns made it an unputdownable. Thumbs up for your work Novoneel.

Looking forward to read your next work. Aug 24, Tarang Jain rated it really liked it. After a long time I have come across a novel which totally surpasses the standards of Indian contemporary set these days. Its a totally fast paced gripping Love-revenge-emotional thriller with sheer emphasis on detailing. Reader is sure to remain quizzed till the last page.

Every point build up during the story has been properly reasoned for in the end. I feel there were few extra scenes physical intimacy which could have been avoided along with few grammatical mistakes. All in all Jan 20, Sandeep Sharma rated it really liked it. This one is my first from Novoneel and it took me less than a split second to fall in love with his writing. He is a master when it comes to pour one liners in the story. Story itself is pretty twisted, as the title suggests. Till the climax, you'll surely be in a state to pull out your hairs.

Characterization is perfect and dialogues are quirky. Twist and turns keeps the reader on toe. Perfect 'twisted' love story. Go for it.My friend has also recommended Stranger series which may be better being his later works, hopefully the author progresses in his work.

Get in the shoes of Neel and tag along for a journey of love of a life It's a perfect show stealer. This commitment is an assurance, her heart answered the mind. Byron Andres. Oct 24, Sayan rated it it was amazing. But whatever, I actually liked this book and am glad to have read it. Those who haven't seen that movie will find this Book Amazing: Does the sky and earth, the girl wondered, gossip about spring, summer, and winter through raindrops?

He followed it up with "That kiss in the rain" [2] [3] and then wrote the book that won him the biggest applause, "How about a sin tonight?

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