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MM Bookshelf is collection of myanmar books for all myanmar people around the world. - Search books by categories and authors - Supported to read offline. Latest Myanmar News Around The World. Myanmar EBook Myanmar Traditional Alphabetical Proverbs that include word "Ga and Nga" · Download. Burmese Bookshelf. 29K likes. မြန်မာစာပေအား ချစ်သူမြတ်နိုးသူများအတွက်.

As Pascal leaps ahead in his education and finds and seizes his chance for more, he and I are both joyous and sad. The rays of the late afternoon sun made the raindrops sparkle like precious stones.

Under the steady rain we wallowed in the shallows of the lake with the abandon of water-buffaloes, lapped by the mini-waves, yelling with pleasure. I seemed to shed my seminary self and to revert to being a wild tribesman, as though I had never left, never been subject to discipline and austere ideal, never been a civilized man or a potential saint.

I read to be transported, to live for a brief time in other worlds, real or imaginary. I will never make it to Burma in this life. I would not survive in the jungle for more than a half day.

I hope I never have to eat insects or kill a snake with my bare hands. But I am very, very glad that Pascal Khoo Thwe learned to love James Joyce, met a Cambridge don in Mandalay, and miraculously survived the wars to tell this tale. The remaining stories, with a couple of notable exceptions, fall neatly into a third catagory, the experimental, post-modern story, betraying the mirthless, helpless rage of the author toward the frustrations that the decade presented.

These were both dated and barely readable, but their themes were consistent with rest of the stories in the collection. The seventies, oh my God they obviously suck. Maybe the eighties will be radical.

The seventies really did suck. Americans were disillusioned, over-medicated, and terrified of cities that had turned into war zones.

This level of disgust is so palpable that it is both the surface and the subtext of nearly every story in the collection.

The characters are irreconcilably distraught by the failures of the previous decade.

It is a painful collection to read, and it is remarkable to see how bleak a picture of the decade is painted. At the same time, the pain produces beautiful emotional prose.

Pan The Khine. Back to the Loyalty Author: Soe Maung Maung. Need Author: A Dangerous Line Author: Moe Kyaw Thu.

Mg Hnin Swe. King of Shaolin Soccer 2 Author: King of Shaolin Soccer 1 Author: Ye Man Aung. Shaolin Soccer with Love 2 Author: Nanda Kyaw Thu. The Terror of Rome Author: Shaolin Soccer with Love 1 Author: Golden Dream Author:New White Gloss.

First, in my opinion the O. Wanna Aung Martial-Art Novels: Burmese Classic Movies. I invariably am able to walk away with a gem or two.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals were brought into Florida A primary objective is to develop a database of behavior and habitat uses to better understand invasive Burmese python activities in southwest Florida.

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