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We want your feedback! Click here. cover image of The Prince's Virgin Wife. Read A Sample. The Prince's Virgin Wife. Royal Brides. by Lucy Monroe. ebook. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more. She knew that Principe Tomasso Scorsolini, her gorgeous Italian boss, was way out of her league. He's had enough of gold diggers--innocent Maggie will be the perfect convenient wife! Though being naked in the prince's bed is no longer a firing offense--it's a requirement!.

The Princes Virgin Wife Lucy Monroe Pdf

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"If I find you naked in my bed, I will fire you on the spot." Maggie didn’t need Tom Prince’s warning. She knew her gorgeous Italian boss was far out of. The Prince's Virgin Wife (Electronic book text, ePub First edition) / Author: Lucy Monroe ; ; Romance, Genre fiction, Fiction, Books. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Award winning author Lucy Monroe sold her first book in September of Since then she has sold more than 30 books.

She turned to face him. She refused to let that hurt her. Our association was measured in years, not days. Someone who did not know and watch him so closely would not have noticed perhaps, but it had been obvious to Angele. Nor did she answer the implied question of where her information had come from. She said the one thing that needed saying.

Bosch and our now defunct association, please remember that you and I are not officially engaged. His brows drew together and for the first time since the discussion started, she saw anger make its way to the forefront. It was about loving someone enough to let them go. And it was about knowing she deserved to be loved, fully and completely, by the man she would spend the rest of her life with. He did not look like he believed her claim and she could practically see the thoughts zinging around in his facile brain.

He was trying to figure out the right words to reassure, when in fact none existed. None that he could say anyway. Again it was time for truth. I was an adult when that agreement was made. It simply was not in his nature. He had the heart of a Bedouin, if also the responsibilities of a landed royal. His eyes narrowed, his expression turning even more grim than usual. And believed it. The idea of announcing an engagement during such a time was not appropriate, or so Zahir had claimed.

The same excuse came convenient to hand when Amir and Grace became engaged. And they never would, if it meant finding a time when Zahir wanted the nuptials to take place. Though Crown Sheikh Zahir bin Faruq al Zohra would no doubt eventually allow duty to force him into following through on a marriage he did not desire. Realizing that had meant giving up her dreams. And that had hurt, even more than seeing the photos of Zahir kissing Elsa.

But then who was Angele kidding? Certainly not herself. The numbness having long since given way to a devastation she would have happily avoided for the rest of her life. And her heart was still bleeding.

Better that, than a lifetime of pricks from the knife edge of the constant knowledge that she was not the woman her husband wanted to be with however. Sometimes, she felt like it was the only thing stopping her from falling apart.

But that, too, would fade. It had to. How much worse would it be to live the rest of her life married to a man who did not love her and never would? Who did not even like her enough to spend any time with her not dictated by their roles and responsibilities? To watch Zahir find joy in the arms of other women as her father had done over and over again? She could do no less for the man she loved with her whole heart.

And she would accept nothing less than that, either, even if it meant spending the rest of her life alone. A man of deep integrity. And he had never once lied about it. However, she was no longer rock-solid in her belief he would not take mistresses after their marriage. In fact, that certainty had died a pretty painful death. Not now. He did not even blink, his handsome features set in an emotionless mask. He knew she had feelings for him he did not return. Though she really wished it had worked like that.

Knowing he did not love her and hearing it from his lips were apparently in totally different realms of experience. She managed to nod. I will not marry a man who has no hope of loving me. She left the words unsaid as he did. She had a plan and in the end, it would be best for both of them. Part of him had always expected some kind of betrayal from Elsa Bosch, though not to the extent she had gone to. He had never been able to give her what she craved: commitment for the future.

However, he had believed Angele a woman of supreme honor and understanding of her duty. Her cheeks were flushed, but the topic of their conversation could easily account for that. Certainly not from her parents. From one of the most influential families in Jawhar, Cemal had been fostered in the royal household when his parents died. Which had actually played in favor to the agreement drawn up ten years before as Zahir and Angele had no blood common between them.

When I was thirteen I was informed that one day we would marry. He had felt compassion for her. Why now? That commodity was not for such as them. He did not think so. Nothing official has ever been announced. Like the man you call uncle. They will be humiliated. Her words implied that she actually believed she was doing him some sort of favor; that somehow he would and even should thank her for threatening to break her word.

He tried to think of what could have caused her to draw such a ridiculous conclusion, but despite his superior intellect he came up with nothing. No possible reason for her outlandish ideas.

She sighed, her shoulders slumping just enough that he knew she was not as calm about this as she was pretending to be. I will take full responsibility for the aborted engagement with our families and the media.

What in blue blazes was she thinking? The next heir could not be conceived under a cloud. More fool him. Even in his most youthful exuberance of untried emotion, he had not been a fool. It was time to put a stop to this conversation. The woman who rules Zohra by my side must be a suitable match.

He should not have to repeat it for her. In his life? That particular emotion had caused more pain than pleasure. Zahir had no desire to follow in their footsteps in that regard.

He had enough of his own challenges in life to face as ultimate leader and servant to his people. You truly believe that? And suddenly, he thought he understood. Things that made no sense began to fall into a picture he could comprehend. She was concerned about their compatibility in the bedroom. As well she might be. In one respect, she was spot-on. They were not a nineteenth-century couple where the bride and groom had been expected to go to the marriage bed untouched.

Or, at the very least, the bride. He had never made improper advances because, despite his claim, they were not actually engaged.

He had foolishly allowed his emotions to get involved. And he was still angry with himself for being that vulnerable. In the midst of his own self-allowed turmoil and the growing crush of his responsibilities without outlet, he had neglected to notice the impatient discontent in the woman he was slated to marry.

the italian suitable wife lucy monroe pdf free

Angele shook her head and glared at him. And that is not going to happen. Something he had done nothing to convince her of in the intervening years since the original contract was negotiated. Considering how his member stirred in his trousers at the sight of her in the sexy dress, he knew he would have no problem reassuring her now, however.

I do not think a single night of lovemaking too high a price to pay for that. He understood that, but one thing stood clear. She considered a night in his bed a gift. However this woman before him was no child and the feelings so apparent on her features had a depth that shocked him. Love was not a comfortable or safe emotion.

From this point forward, it would not hurt her to love him, but she did not know that. He would never betray her as Elsa had betrayed him. My clumsy attempt at a kiss at eighteen, or my slavish devotion and refusal to date other men despite the fact we are not formally engaged? He had already decided she had no real desire to do that, she was simply looking for reassurances. The need for which made even more sense in the light of her feelings for him.

Nor did he point out that her love was based on a distant relationship. How could she know him well enough to love him? But she believed herself in love and that was enough to cause her pain and worry in their current situation. The color drained from her face as her eyes registered a mortal wound. He had learned the art of misdirection and when it was most politic to withhold information at an early age, but he made it a practice never to tell a direct falsehood.

Even for the sake of politics. His honor would not stand for it. Bosch and I are finished. He and Angele had a future to build. His youthful feelings embarrassed him and they were over regardless.

The photos show the truth, if you look for it. It was painful enough to accept you were so much more relaxed and happy with her. You did. It was his duty to do so. And he always did his duty. Tonight is not the ideal time for us to share our bodies for the first time. He had seen very little of her because he had been busy with state business. There are no official events after the final breakfast that day. Two nights hence, he would show her she had nothing to fear from him in any way.

She still wore the figure hugging silk sheath. By an as yet undiscovered New York designer, its subtle composition made the most of her figure, hinting at bedroom seductions while having no single element that could be pointed to as anything other than proper.

Her mother had stood up for her. Looking like American royalty in a beautiful European-designed gown, Lou-Belia had told Cemal to take a chill pill. Each time, it increased her desire for the feast to be over, for her one night with Crown Sheikh Zahir bin Faruq al Zohra to begin.

The celebration was over now and she could go to Zahir as soon as she wanted. The only thing stopping her was the garment lying so innocently on her bed.

The traditional wedding dress in this part of the world, the white silk gown embroidered with gold thread looked like it belonged in an Arabian Nights fantasy. A note from Zahir lay atop the galabya. My dear Angele, You indicated a wish to have a wedding night.

Please do me the honor of wearing this gown, worn by my grandmother in her wedding to my grandfather. I look forward to seeing you in and out of it. Until now. Now, when she planned to leave the palace of Zohra tomorrow and never return to it. With a deep sigh, she turned from the darkness toward the warm light emanating from her bedroom. The galabeya shimmered under the glow, calling to and repelling her with equal fascination.

He wanted her to wear a wedding dress on their single night together. It was mind-boggling, but not nearly as shocking as it should have been. Part of her wanted the fantasy. So, why balk at his request? The galabeya was easily the most beautiful one she had ever seen, the needlework making the Arabic letters look like art and perfect in each stitch. The matching slippers were beyond elegant. And looking at them, she knew they were exactly her size.

How had Zahir managed that? A tiny voice warned against the cost tomorrow to that kind of indulgence tonight. But it was her one night, the only time for her to be with the man of her dreams. Perhaps it would make the morrow harder, but she would not balk at letting it fulfill every fantasy possible.

Though she was not at all sure any longer who was seducing whom. Certainly Zahir showed none of the reticence about bedding her that he always had done before. Perhaps it was because his relationship with Elsa had ended. The one and only time their picture together had featured in the media, it had quickly been followed by a discreet announcement that any liaison there might have been between the two had ended.

Perhaps that, if not she directly, accounted for his increased ardor in her regard. Whether or not he was willing to admit it, he clearly wanted out of their pseudoengagement. Or had he always been attracted to her in some fashion, but unwilling to act on it because to do so would force the issue of their marriage? She preferred that scenario to the one where he found the prospect of freedom so appealing, it alone birthed lust in him over her body.

Refusing to analyze the confusing situation any further, she brushed out her hair and changed her makeup to a neutral palette with eyes that were rimmed in kohl. If not for the highlights in her hair and barely there underclothes, she could have been a bride of Zohra from a hundred years ago. It sounded much too close to be muffled by walls. Western brides only get one wedding night.

She did not know how Zahir had stood maintaining a hidden affair for so long. Then she stood in front of the lever that would swing an ancient wardrobe within the room open like a door, and gathered her courage.

This was it. It swung inward to a room lit by numerous candles. Clad in the traditional wedding garments of the Zohra royal family, Zahir looked at her with an expression so serious, it made her breath catch. I am only closing the access to the corridor. The lever on the other side of the wall will not move. Nothing would stop her uncle from forcing the marriage if she were caught in such a circumstance.

Thank goodness, only the royal family of Zohra knew of the passages. And her. Is there some kind of alarm? He reached out and cupped her cheek. He used the hold to gently tug her forward until their bodies were a mere breath apart.

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How did I not realize this before? And it was every bit as tender and romantic as she could ever have hoped. Letting out a little sigh of pleasure, she let her lips part slightly. Her arms moved of their own volition, her hands clasping behind his neck as she melted into him. His big body shuddered at the full-on contact and she could feel the evidence of a tightly leashed desire pressing impressively against her stomach. She moaned, moving against him, needing more than the kiss, but too involved in it to do anything about that.

He traced the embroidery along her spine, sending raptures through her body. When his hands cupped her bottom, she could not suppress a needy whimper. An approving growl came from deep in his chest as he lifted her to press the apex of her thighs against his hardness. Her legs spread of their own volition, but the skirt of the long Arabic gown constricted how far she could do so.

The contact between them, even through the layers of silk of their clothing, sent electric sparks exploding along her nerve endings. His thrusts became more urgent as she felt warm moisture develop between her legs. How could this feel so good? How could she feel so out of control already? She mashed her mouth against his, needing to be closer. He gave her what she needed, taking their kiss into something wildly carnal. And then it came, that nameless something, a super-nova of sensation that made her body go rigid as she cried out against his mouth.

A sob built in her throat as the pleasure burst, and ebbed, and burst again. She could only feel and that was too much. Too intense and yet she never wanted it to end.

But something this immense had to end, or kill her. She was sure of it. Her heart felt ready to explode from her chest. If this is what he could do to her with a kiss, she was never going to survive what was to come. The jolts of pleasure grew farther apart as her body ebbed toward relaxation more and more until she was completely limp against him.

Finally, breaking the kiss, he swung her high against his chest and smiled down at her. They were well-earned. She was a virgin after all. Making the other claim was a sop to her feelings that she could not help loving him for. Tonight would definitely not be the beginning of her learning to suppress that love like she always had her feminine sensuality. That would come later, when she was not in his arms, experiencing feelings and emotions beyond comprehension. Even so, she wanted to ask if he meant it, but knew that would be a very stupid thing to do in the circumstances.

A negative answer was so not what she wanted to hear right now. Still, she could not help giving him a doubtful look. His expression turned intensely serious as he carefully laid her on the huge bed. You cannot know what satisfaction that gives me. Tell him he was arrogant beyond belief.

But most of all, she wanted to ask what he meant. Of course, Elsa would not have been untouched when Zahir began seeing her; his former mistress would have had liaisons with other men.

His teeth flashed in another sensual smile. Not a truth that resonated in her heart. She certainly could not deny it. He began to undress, pulling back the layers that named him crown sheikh of his people until he stood before her in the soft glow of a hundred candles, his perfect body completely open to her gaze.

Skin a shade darker than hers covered bulging muscles she would not have expected in a man who spent his days playing politician. That laugh was as much a gift as the pleasure he drew so unnervingly from her body. She choked on her own amusement. He was so incredibly masculine, his hardened sex standing out from his body in impressive splendor. She dismissed the thought as unnecessary and destructive. Angele was. For now. And at this moment in time, that was all that mattered.

Tonight was not for self-protection. That started tomorrow. When she flew back to the States, no longer a virgin and no longer the promised future bride to the heir to the throne of Zohra. But surprisingly the thought did not make her sad, but rather brought a smile to her face. He shook his head. She gasped. She wanted to be doing that. Then he stepped forward until he stood against the bed.

And she was going to let him. Soft, delicious and wet. He chuckled, the sound wicked and delicious. Then, he pushed her galabeya higher and suddenly stopped, letting out a deep sigh of clear approval. She jolted, arching her body toward that teasing touch.

We celebrate the delight of pleasure. Like Jawhar, Zohra was one of the few Arabic countries whose outlook and culture had always suffered less religious oppressions than their surrounding neighbors or the rest of Eastern Europe.

He took a moment to admire her in her lacy bra before removing it. He paid the kind of homage to her breasts that felt almost spiritual, but at the same time was very, very carnal. And then, instead of covering her with his body like she expected, he pressed her thighs wide apart and began to touch her with careful, knowing fingers. And then shook her head frantically.

It was a dull ache, not a stabbing sting. The small pain helped bring her to a more alert awareness as Zahir started his preparation of her body for his penetration. He gave her that smug half smile that she found more endearing than annoying. It is genetic. Supreme confidence was definitely a family trait.

A long, low moan snaked out of her throat as pleasure intensified in that one spot and then radiated outward. Lucy Monroe pulls a surprise HEA and an "I love you" out at the last minute, but it's not as believable as I would like.

View all 10 comments. Aug 14, Aayesha Khatri rated it liked it Shelves: I don't know why I thought this book was boring. Maybe because the beginning was slow, or because I wasn't in the mood to read when I started it I paused and watched Central Intelligence. Awesome movie, btw. So I got back to reading it last night, and I couldn't put it down. In fact, I liked it so much, and I was so intrigued by the brother and sister-in-law's story, that I went and looked up their books too.

Apparently I'd already read it 4 years ago or something, and I do vaguely remember re I don't know why I thought this book was boring. Apparently I'd already read it 4 years ago or something, and I do vaguely remember reading their story, but I'd only given it 2. I digress. So, anyhoo, this book was a very nice read, with perfect characters, a gentle, warm, strong and loving and soft-hearted heroine, with an arrogant, know-it-all hero that was too lovable.

They made such a great couple, and the public display of affection of their relationship made me go awww The only thing missing was an epilogue! Yes, we do see them again in the other books, but an epilogue always makes things better. All in all, a great read, and recommended for those of you who love the unrequited love theme from the h's side and me-love-you-from-afar-since-forever theme. That sort of theme always promises the best sort of angst. Also, the kids were adorable. I loved them!

Jul 14, Maura rated it it was ok Shelves: This book irked me quite a bit. Maggie's pain at the beginning was heartwrenching. She's Tomasso's part-time housekeeper and friend and she's desperately in love with him. After nearly having sex with Tomasso, but getting cold feet because she's a virgin, he hints that if she changes her mind, he wouldn't fire her for showing up in his bed naked.

Well, she does. And unfortunately, she picks the night he's brought home Liana. Awkward moment there.

She flees and he has sex with Liana. No apologies This book irked me quite a bit. No apologies, nothing. Just, "It was unfortunate timing. So later, after this girl turned out to be an awful wife and had died, Maggie is hired to take care of the kids that he's had with this woman she doesn't know this yet.

He's set it all up so that she can be the calm, respectable wife that Liana never was. Her background has been checked and he'll be home shortly to personally test her suitability for being his wife. It's all very business-like. Only by this time of course, she's bonded with the kids and isn't about to leave them Manipulative prick. Well, he comes home near drunk and she's sleeping in his bed because of some circumstance or other and he practically rapes her.

She's crying and sore and hies off back to her room. When he wakes up he remembers that they had a fantastic little bout of sex not that she enjoyed it or anything , but he never realized she was a virgin.

All that blood on the sheets and on his willy, it must be from her period. He confronts her and accuses her of all manner of promiscuous and deceitful behavior even though he started it all He accuses her of lying about not having her period because she couldn't have been a virgin at 26!

Why would someone lie about that? At this point I'm rolling my eyes because the hero who has decieved her into working for him so she'll have to marry him is determined to believe the worst of her. She says she wouldn't marry him if he were the last man on earth and he reminds her that they just had sex without protection and there's a high chance she's pregnant.

So of course, she'll be marrying him. He, by the way, never apologizes for the rapey like sex and he only apologizes for all these accusations after she forces it out of him and he doesn't take the apology seriously.

Piece of shit. So the rest of the book is spent manipulating and seducing. Then after a glorious night of passion he tells the kids they're getting married - even though she never agreed. Well that's just manipulation again because now the kids are all excited about having Maggie for a Mom.

How the hell is she supposed to say no now? She argues with him about this, reminding him that she never said yes and he claims her body said yes. Oh please! Meanwhile, she's been saying no to this marriage because he's approached it all like a business and she wants love especially given that she's inexplicably in love with him and doesn't want a marriage with one-sided love.

Despite this she actually agrees to marry him! On the last page of the book he says he's loved her all along and just didn't realize it. The End. Thank God. Aug 13, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: Cute love story! LM always writes the sweetest heroines so i wasn't surprised that Maggie was so flawless.

When in college she meets Prince Tomasso. She falls hard and fast even though she doesn't know he is a royal. But they don't last and decide to remain friends instead. Six years later Tomasso is a widower with two small kids. He hires Maggie and she is the perfect nanny but he believes she will also be the perfect wife.

He is determined to bind her to a marriage of convenience but Maggie is Cute love story! He is determined to bind her to a marriage of convenience but Maggie is passionately in love with him and she wants his heart as well.

Loved the characters. Tomasso is your typical alpha sexy Italian male and Maggie your typical lovable warm LM heroine. Great chemistry all it needed was an epilogue! Apr 20, thadine rated it did not like it.

Maggie Thomson worked as Tom Prince's housekeeper six years ago. She fell in love with him but they parted ways after he decided to marry the beautiful Liana.

Tomasso comes to regret his marriage to Liana who turns out to be shallow and selfish. After she dies, he remembers Maggie who made his home calm and comfortable.

He decides to hire her as his nanny to see if she is still as he reme Maggie Thomson worked as Tom Prince's housekeeper six years ago.

He decides to hire her as his nanny to see if she is still as he remembers her. If she is, he wants to marry her. It was horrible. Tomasso is cold-hearted, arrogant and selfish. Six years ago he almost had sex with Maggie, but she ends up changing her mind because she doesn't want a one-night stand with him.

He knows that she is a virgin, but still gets so mad at her rejection that less than a week later he brings home Liana. Maggie had decided to sleep with him after all, and goes to his bed to wait for him, when he shows up undressing and making out with Liana. She leaves his room in shame, and he goes ahead and has sex with Liana.

Then in the morning he has breakfast with Maggie and doesn't understand what she is so upset about. Six years later he still doesn't know why she was so upset. He tells Maggie that he was in love with her six years ago and treasured her friendship, but got swept away in lust by Liana.

He thought by having Liana and keeping Maggie's friendship he could "have the best of both worlds". So in other words, just having Maggie isn't enough. He repeatedly makes it clear that he doesn't think Maggie is beautiful, telling her that he had decided he is no longer interested in outer beauty. Sure, outer beauty isn't everything, but does he have to make it so obvious that Maggie can't compete physically?

It bothers her, but she still let's him bully her into marrying him. Maggie was basically a total pushover. She's fine with being chosen for what she herself terms her "Girl Scout" attributes. She's fine with being mother to Liana's children.

Tomasso gets mad at her for rejecting their friendship after he rejected her, and she accepts that. Overall, I've got to say, yuck yuck yuck. Tomasso is a selfish insensitive jerk and Maggie doesn't mind. Oct 19, Mareli rated it liked it. It lacked in passion, IMO. Even if I understand him, a man, a prince with children should be cautions choosing a wife, I understand her less. She was in love with him but I think her feelings were more those of a 18 girl the age she was when she met him the first time than those of an adult woman.

Not bad, I'm already reading 2nd one. Enjoyed it! I loved both Tomasso and Maggie. Aug 21, Booklover rated it it was ok Shelves: Dec 11, Theresa rated it did not like it.

Okay, I tried to like it. I honestly did, but everything from the characters to the plot line was horrible. The only saving grace was the writing style - and even then, it didn't do much to save this book. The H was spoiled, controlling, and completely arrogant which I know some of us readers - including myself - love in our Hs BUT as much as I love dominant men in my romance, this H fell short.

As for the h. She's everything I hate in an h. No self respecting woman Okay, I tried to like it. No self respecting woman would put up with the shit this h does. She has no backbone, no forgiving character, na-da. She's plain, boring, staid I don't know how many synonyms I can put down to stress just how awfully bland she was.

Every time the H did something the h didn't like, instead of talking about it, she let him get away with it!

The entire time spent reading this book was also spent scoffing out loud at the complete idiocy of all the characters involved View 1 comment. Apr 21, Leona rated it liked it Shelves: This is part of the Royal series by Lucy Monroe. Tomasso and Maggie knew each other in college.

She worked as his housekeeper, but they became friends and had a rather casual romantic relationship. Tomasso is pursued by gold diggers and before he hires her tells her "IF I find you in my bed naked, I will fire you".

Since this is the last thing on Maggie's mind she accepts. But somewhere along the line as friendship develops, she falls in love with him. But Tomasso is more interested in sexier, elegant women and they part ways. The story picks up later, when she becomes the nanny to his children.. I didn't like Tomasso, he felt very one dimensional The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain is from this series and a much better read! Jul 23, Sania rated it it was ok Shelves: This review explains it all.

Read this a couple of years ago and it pissed it me off and re-reading it now has pissed me off. Feb 05, Romance rated it did not like it Shelves: I finished it, barely.

Giving that this is a Harlequin Presents HP , I expect a heartless sometimes cruel rich, handsome hero who somehow against all odds falls in love with the plain Jane, poor girl who is often in some subordinate position ie. We all know such a girl would never capture a rich, gorgeous man's attention in real life much less that he would fall for her. So saying this goes too far I finished it, barely. So saying this goes too far in that direction says something about this book.

The bottom line, despite what you already expect in suspension of disbelief you need for HP, you cant simply extend it to a level to believe that Tom ever falls in love with Maggie and that is a big problem for a category romance novel. Potential Spoilers Ahead Proceed with caution. The male lead he is not a hero is a prince who moves to America to go to college under a fake name Tom Prince. He meets Maggie, a poor orphan needing a job and a place to stay, when he interviews her to be his live in housekeeper.

When he decides to hire her, he warns her that if she ever comes on to him he will fire her immediately. She agrees and ends up working for him for 2 years never knowing he is royalty or apparently where he lived before college They become friends which is odd based on their interactions in the book seeing how he keeps his real identity secret Then, for no conceivable reason, she falls madly in love with Tom.

Maybe she is just immature and definitely inexperienced she is a virgin while he has lots of girlfriends and doesn't know what love is? It seems she has rose colored glasses for Tom. He constantly brings beautiful women home which clearly shows he is only interested in Maggie as a servant and how smoothly she runs his household. Sadly, Maggie suffers from unrequited love and never tries to meet other people. One night Tom comes home without plans and ends up kissing Maggie.

Things get a bit heated and he attempts to persuade her to have sex. She denies him fearing he will fire her. He assures her he wont. Ironically, what stops her in the heat of passion is Tom calls her bella but she thinks he is calling her by some other girl's name, not realizing he is complimenting her. She is supposed to be smart and well read. Surely she would know that word. In response to what Tom views as a rebuff, he starts dating the woman he eventually marries while Maggie sits home wondering if she should give him her virginity.

Without giving spoilers there is an embarrassing incident for poor Maggie. I cringed when I read the scene and even the scene between Tom and Maggie later is incredibly uncomfortable. In a typical romance or even in real life, the girl in Maggie's shoes would move out to stay with family or a friend until she can find a place, but poor Maggie doesn't have another place to go.

So she stays there, her heart breaking, as Tom woos his beautiful girlfriend. Soon, Tom graduates and moves back to his country but not before Maggie learns of his impending marriage to the beautiful girl. He wants a wife but not a marriage of love and commitment. Instead, he wants a marriage based in practicality. He remembers Maggie and how she made his life smoother when she was his housekeeper. He decides that he will hire her as a nanny and then decide if he wants to offer her a more permanent position as his convenient wife.

He obviously doesn't care about Maggie's needs, wants or dreams. Hell, I don't even think he likes or respects her as a person at this point. Maggie goes to the interview and meets Tomasso's sister in law obvious reason that she may not accept the job otherwise not to mention he would have to explain his 2 year lie as Tom Prince. Maggie accepts the job. This I found unbelievable. Would any 26 year old college educated single woman agree to move to another country to become a live in nanny before meeting her employer father of the children and head of the household.

She never even looks him up?? She knows nothing about him. She just moves no questions asked? She never tries to find out additional information about the man or the position she is interviewing for? Even a minor search on the internet would reveal who he is. That part seemed unfathomable, especially if she is signing a contract to live in the residence with this unknown man for 2 years in another country where she knows no one.

Once she arrives other equally fantastical events ensue. Even when shown from his perspective, Tomasso never pines for Maggie.

For Duty's Sake

She is a convenience-- a babysitter with benefits. She seems to love him no matter what and when he insists she marry him at least he doesn't lie by explaining it as a marriage of convenience but hey she will finally have a home and family her biggest concern is that she doesn't look or have the bearing of royalty. Umm, what? How about having someone love and respect you and maybe care about your needs and wishes? It is not until the very last few pages of the book, Tomasso tells her he loves her and the scene Nope, Tom decides when she goes with her sister in law shopping, knowing she was coming back, that he missed her so he must love her.

I miss friends but that doesn't mean I am in love with them. Nothing about how this is written will even hint that Tomasso even cares for Maggie as a friend much less loves her. He used her plenty though. I felt pity for her. And he was manipulative, especially seeing how he knew her past and how desperately she wanted a family to love.

Ironically, he talks of being unhappy with his dead wife because he felt she saw their kids as bargaining chips but then he forces Maggie to his will by using emotional blackmail with her and his kids. How is he any different?

At least his dead wife didn't set people up like Tomasso did Maggie with having her let go by her former employer and getting her stranded in another country and emotionally tied to his kids. In my book, he is worse than his dead wife ever was. Not to mention that throughout the book he loved his dead wife for most of his marriage but his ardor seemed to cool because she wasn't affectionate toward him enough and didn't put the children first. Basically, she didn't fawn over him like Maggie did.

She didn't give up identity to mold to him and their children entirely. Maggie did. She gave up her dream of owning a daycare to do Tomasso's bidding. Tomasso never, not even in the end, showed interest in what Maggie wanted or needed. Not once. She accepts what she can get from him and he gets exactly what he wants and just pays a little lip service to her.

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That was my take on it. This is as far from romance as you can get. It was downright depressing! Feb 03, Kay rated it really liked it Shelves: She'd grown up in the foster system and knows personally the pain of losing all those that she has come to care for. Maggie's got a huge heart.Carrying His Scandalous Heir.

He understood that, but one thing stood clear. He made all these determinations in the space of seconds. And then shook her head frantically. Claiming the Royal Innocent. It was a beautiful day to be alive. Michelle Smart. The term was coined in by Raphael Or had he always been attracted to her in some fashion, but unwilling to act on it because to do so would force the issue of their marriage?

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