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Supernatural Guide to the Hunted - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Supernatural Guide to the wildlifeprotection.info Supernatural: Guide to the Hunted (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. From publisher blurb: Know Just Enough To Be Dangerous. Everybody knows rock. Home · Supernatural Guide to the Hunted. Supernatural Guide to the Hunted. Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description.

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At least I still remem ber that.

In all likelihood, you dont know me As I said, it comes with the territory. If youre new to the game, Ill give you the basics: you know all that stuff that you were terrified of as a rug rat?

The truly heinous stuff thatd send a chill from your ass to your elbows? Monsters, demons, the boogeyman under your bedits all real. Ive seen it, Ive hunted it, Ive killed it. Therere more people like mehunters but not as many as there used to be.

Supernatural Bobby Singers Guide to Hunting. Copyright and

Not near as many as there needs to be. Thanks to recent events, were a dying species, and Im the old breed. Ive learned everything I can about every damned critter that walks, crawls, or flies, and Im not gonna let that all be for nothing.

Back to Wisconsin. What seemed like an open- and-shut case Last thing I remember, I had Ashland in my rearview mirror, heading west for Sioux Falls, where I planned on taking a long bath and watching as much trashy television as I could before the next catastrophe found me.

Then, I woke up at home. He wasnt heard from until decades later when his familys ancestral home was demolished. Apparently, that set him off, and Dorian returned as a ghost, taking on the form of his beloved truck, a huge black Dodge Power Wagon with twin stacks belching dark smoke.

Motivation Dorian is obsessed with killing anyone who had anything to do with his death, which he extends to the families of those connected.

He wont rest until everyone he can conceivably blame is dead, and hes willing to kill anyone who attempts to get in his way.

Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

Its not enough to simply kill his victimshe has to frighten them beforehand. Thats how he gets his kicks. Limitations Because Dorian manifested as his truck rather than in a form resembling his physical body, destroying his remains has no effect.

Destroying him in his truck manifestation may be too difficult, given the difference in scale. With physical tactics ineffective, youre going to have to try something else.

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Dorian attempts to drive his victims off the road or cause them to have fatal accidents whenever possible.

He prefers it if he can cause the victim to die in a car accident, but runs into his victims directly if thats what it takes.

He tries to assault his victims on the open road, appearing at night whenever they drive in remote areas, though hes crazy enough to drive right up to someones front door, revving his engine to terrorize them.

As a ghost the size of a truck, Dorian cannot be destroyed through normal means, though he can certainly damage other vehicles and individuals. As with most vehicles, the truck is Large in scale, and it has Speed 3, meaning its incredibly fast.

Lore The following information may be gathered through investigation into Cyrus Dorian: EEMost of the recent deaths involved traffic fatalities when the victim was alone and in some remote area. Evidence points to a car chase or some sort of collision, but no trace of the other vehicle can be found.

Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

One or more of the victims reportedly made references to a big black truck. All of the victims knew each other, and were cited in a police report dating in where Dorian was given a warning to stop his campaign of harassment of an ex-girlfriend named Kathleen Atherton and her boyfriend, Donald Robinson. Robinsons best friend James Anderson was also listed in the complaint as a victim.

County records show that Atherton and Robinson were married in EEA ghost vehicle is pretty rare. You might get one if someone died inside the vehicle, or somehow felt that the vehicle was the only place they felt safe and powerful.

Staying indoors isnt enough to protect against a ghost vehicle, as it can ignore doors and may even appear inside if theres enough room to maneuver! Destroying a ghost vehicles going to be tough, as the salt-and-burn trick isnt likely to work on the corpse and getting an antique, rusting, inoperable vehicle into a big junkyard trash compactor may not do the trick.

You find yourself facing a ghost vehicle, its time to try anything: exorcisms, banishments, or trapping it somehow. The last thing you want to do is hit the open road and see whos the real King of the Road.

EEIn one form or another, the black truck has figured into local legends for decadesa fearsome presence cruising the back roads of America, looking for prey.

The souls of those killed are trapped in the cab of the truck, and if you listen carefully over the engines roar, you can hear their screams.

You know how it goes: Two teenagers are parked somewhere dark and quiet, doing what comes naturally in parked cars.

The girl in the stories draws the line and asks them to leave. Depending on the version of the story you heard, she decides shes had enough, or the couple hears a story over the radio about an escaped madman with a hook for a hand, on the loose near them. Sometimes, they roar away. They get back to her house, and the boyfriend finds the madmans bloody hook on her sides door handle, ripped off when the car drove off in a hurry.

Cue the screaming. In other versions of the story, it ends with the boyfriend going out to investigate the strange noises. The girl sits around inside the car, getting more and more scared, until she notices a thump on the roof of the car.

She works up her courage and gets out of the car, looks up and discovers her boyfriends mutilated body, hanging upside down from a tree, thumping against the top of the car.

More screaming. Though there are dozens of variations of the Hook Man tale, and all of em claim to have happened somewhere differentall of them originated with the true story of Jacob Karns, the original Hook Man. Hes got crazy eyes and ratty long brown hair.

In life, Karns lost his hand in an accident and replaced it with a leather harness holding a jagged hook cast in pure silver.Limitations The Hook Man manifests once every 30 to 40 years.

When she was alive, back in her pre-demon days, she dabbled in the black arts, under the tutelage of the demon witch Tammi. Not sure what kind of miles per gallon a ghost gets on vengeance. His only flaw was that he thought Ed was a god and worshipped him completely. The hook was melted and re-cast into crucifixes, candlesticks, and other items of worship.

Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

Not so big into summoning shadow demons. Restless Spirits 7. Of course. Once the hunters find a connection. LP 16 Traits Anger Issues d2.

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