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DOWNLOAD PDF Market Leader: Advanced Teachers Book (Market Leader) Market Leader: Upper Intermediate Business English (Course Book). New Market Leader. New-Headway-Upper-Intermediate-Students-Book English File third edition Upper-intermediate Student's Book answer key 1A. Market Leader Elementary Coursebook · Market Leader Elementary Market Leader Elementary Audio CD Market Leader Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book.

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Market Leader is an extensive business English course . Students learn new words, phrases and . Longman Dictionary of Business English New Edition. New Market Leader Intemediate Coursebook 3th edition. ENGLISH** Market Leader 3rd edition (Total size is about G) Edition: Elementary Course Book - 40 M.

You will learn important new words and phrases which you can use when you carry out the tasks in the unit. A good business dictionary, such as the Longman Business English Dictionary, will also help you to increase your business vocabulary. You will read authentic articles on a variety of topics from the Financial Times and other newspapers and books on business.

You will develop your reading skills and learn essential business vocabulary. You will also be able to discuss the ideas and issues in the articles.

You will hear authentic interviews with businesspeople and a variety of scripted recordings. You will develop listening skills such as listening for information and note-taking. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Syuzanna Amirkhanyan. Show More. No Downloads.

Views Total views. Underline the words from Exercise A which are in the brochure. It is in the Pudong area, one of the most dynamic financial and commercial centres in the world. But for the business traveller interested in culture and history, there are also many attractions, such as the Jade Buddha Temple and traditional Chinese gardens.

St Regis has luxurious rooms. Each room offers 10 voicemail, free access to high-speed broadband and wireless Internet connection, as well as in-room movies, a CD and video library and flat-screen TV. A unique feature of the hotel is that each guest can enjoy the services of a personal assistant called the St 15 Regis Butler.

The butler takes full responsibility for your comfort from check-in till check-out and can also help you with the organisation of your business meetings. There is also a sauna, a fitness centre, a tennis court, an indoor swimming pool and a spa where you can 20 relax. On the top floor, the award-winning Italian restaurant offers fantastic panoramic views of the city.

There are two other restaurants: St Regis has a round-the-clock business centre and 13 meeting rooms with multimedia equipment and space for up to people.

G Ask and answer questions about the St Regis. A Lan you watch films and videos?

B Yes, you can. There are three restaurants. There aren't any shops in the area. Are there any meeting rooms in the hotel? Yes,there are. There aren't h' any sops In t he termlna. Student A You have a new job in a city abroad.

Ask Student B about these items. Then listen to the dialogue and underline the correct answers. Making bookings and checking 1 When is Simon arriving? Student A is a receptionist at the Delta Hotel in Greece. Student B is a business traveller. Book rooms for yourself and a colleague. Study the Useful language box. Then role-play the telephone call. A Answer phone. Give name of hotel. B Give your name.

Ask for two single rooms with baths from 16 to 20 July. A Check booking is for four nights from 16 to 20 July. B Price? B Restaurant? Car park? A Restaurant: B Visa number: Capri Hotel. How can I help I'd like to book a room from Tuesday you? Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

Would you like smoking or Is there a car park? It's a Visa card. The number is Can I have your credit card details, The expiry date is What time do you expect to arrive? Could you repeat that, please? Twelve people want to book rooms for next week.

You are the Hotel Manager and the They want two double rooms. They Assistant Manager. They are just We can offer Anna rooms 1 and 7. We can't use room I, it's occupied. The son is in a 2 Now work in groups of four. Compare your ideas. A Pacific Hotel. How can I help They want a sunny room with a lovely you? Price is not important. B Hello. This is Li Wang here. Price is not A Do you want a single or a double? B Single, please. And if possible, I'd like a quiet room.

A Right. Let me check. Yes, we have a single room 'ou are a receptionist at the hotel. B Is that all you have? Include the date of arrival, date of A Well, there's a larger single on the same floor, leaving, type of room and the price. B OK, then. How much is the small single per night? B Fine.

A All right. Can I take your details, please? Choose another guest and role-play a similar telephone conversation. Case study o What kind of food do you like? Make adjectives. Then make sentences. Curry is an Indian dish. G In your country, do businesspeople usually: Use the words from the box to explain your answer. Eating out fish meat vegetable fruit 1 trout cherries codbroccoli onion lamb salmon tuna chicken eel Onionpeas -It's aaubergine cauliflower apple peach grapes kind of vegetable.

Starter Main course Dessert soup Write the dishes from the box under the headings on the menu.

New Market Leader. Upper-Intermediate. Course Book

Vocabulary file page o Discuss these questions. Dining etiquette 1 1 Do foreigners eat your national food in the same way as you do? In the West, as well as in Asia, tastes and dining etiquette are changing.

He is shocked 50 even developed a special mix chain of Asian noodle 10 restaurants in the UK. For drinking coffee with their restaurant-going crowd are example, in one of my Thai meals. In Tokyo's spoon,' says Yau, 'so we give launched the Nobu 60 chic Ginza district, for them chopsticks.

Then Thai 40 restaurants in the USA, he example, an Italo-Japanese 20 people say we are not a "real" quickly learned what restaurant called Chop Stick Thai restaurant because we serves innovative Italian food Americans like,' says Laura provide chopsticks.

Use a good dictionary to help you. Make a list of three practical ideas. What do you tell them?

Make a list of three points. Would you like some more coffee? Can 1have some tea, please? Do you have any beef? We haven't got any beef today. Correct the mistakes in the other sentences. Underline the correct words to complete it.

We could go to the Texas Steakhouse near the airport. Ivan I don't think so. How about the Marina? Mina Good idea. I'll see if they've got a table for 9 o'clock. Listen and write M for man and W for woman. Look at audio script 5. Order and recommend things that you like. It's delicious. D b No, thanks. I'm full. D c Would you like a starter? I'll get the bill.

D e I'd like the soup, please. D f Would you like a dessert? D g What do you recommend for the main course? D h Thanks very much. That was a lovely meal. I really enjoyed it. There aren't a lot of flights at the weekend. How many people are coming to the conference? Can you pay? I haven't got much money. Use a lot of, many or much. There's ice cream for dessert. Complete these questions with many or much. Then ask and answer the questions with a partner.

B About 20 eur Complete the dialogue below with words from the box. I right recommend book cntcrt;: Cary Why don't we 2 them for dinner? Lee Good idea. Which restaurant do you 3? Cary The food is always good at Pierre's. Lee That's 4, but it's usually very busy. Cary How 5 a restaurant by the river? Lee Yes.

There's a good Italian restaurant there. Shall I 6 a table for Wednesday night? Cary Yes, please. Can you. You are in a restaurant. Match what you think to what you should say a-g. You think You say 2 The fish is good. Canlike a I'd c I have the bill,please.

Use responses from the 'You say' column in Exercise B to reply. You hear: Are you ready to order? You say: Student A. Student B.

Then change roles. Useful language J Suggesting Why don't we? Shall I? How about? Giving opinions I think The food is delicious. We need to go to It's close to the office. Agreeing Disagreeing Yes, because I see what you mean, but I agree, because I don't know about that. I think That's right. That's right, but Choose role card A see below , B page or C page Each colleague knows one of the customers well. Discuss your ideas with your colleagues. Say why you prefer your restaurant.

Role card A You do not want to pay too much for the meal. Your customer, Mr Haynes The food is always high quality and good value. You sometimes have to wait for a table.

Location Downtown; close to offices and many hotels Access By public transport or car. The fish is always excellent. It isn't near downtown and is quite expensive, but it's worth a visit! Complete this chart. How often do you buy them? Use the words from the box. Choose two other products you buy. Talk about where and how often you buy them. Find expressions which mean the following: Choosing a 1 There are some good offers.

Does a buyer or a seller say them? Write B or 5 in 1 We offer great deals. D 2 I'd like to place an order. D 6 Can you pay a deposit? D 3 Do you give a guarantee? D 7 We always deliver on time. D 4 I'd like to compare prices.

D 8 Can I make monthly payments? Underline the 1 Which model does Karl want? Put these items in order of importance A success story 1 Some businesses start very small, then become global companies. What I examples can you give? He was only 17 5 years old and sold his products from his bicycle. When his business grew, he distributed them from a milk van.

Demand for his furniture increased rapidly, so he 15 decided to specialise in this line.. At the end of the down. This made it At of customers to buy IKEA also opened a new store in the end of , they. In 40 customers London. What do these three verbs have in common?

Discuss what makes success in business this list. Past simple Last year, we increased our sales by 15 per cent. Use the past simple of the verbs in brackets. On 6th December, I 4 make a presentation to Mrs Lee's sales staff on our products and 5 advise them how to display them. The following day I 6 go to Seoul, and our agent 7 introduce me to Mrs Ha, the chief buyer of a new department store in the capital. She 8 ask me to send her brochures.

I 9 give her some samples of our products. I 10 fly back to head office in Paris on the 9th. S Gold Club members have a choice of reward. G Rewrite the false statements in Exercise B to make them true, for example, 2 There is no extra cost for insurance.

He is giving some advice to salespeople. M is the person who has the ; A is the person who has the ; N is the person who has the We need to talk to the person who has all three. When training people to be good at selling, two things are very important: The special deals ended two months ago. Last week we sold units - a record! He lived in France for five years. He moved to Germany in The goods left the warehouse on 31 March.

They worked hard on the sales campaign from February to November. During October, we reached our sales target for the year. July - September "3: He decided to improve his business London Business - with Diploma 6nglishin English. July Six months later, he got a permanent position in a shipping company. However, a year January He now works in the sales department. Then give your notes to a partner. Write an article about your partner's career.

Before you write, look carefully at Exercise A and study how you can write an article from notes. Presenting a product Model: Listen to the conversation again. Tick the expressions you hear. What would you I'd like some information like to know? Our most popular model is Target market Who is it for? What's the target market? What about colours? It's available in four colours.

Does it have any special It's easy to use. It's very reliable. What about delivery? We offer free delivery within ten days. You are at a trade fair. Student A Store manager You are the Manager of a diving equipment store and you want to buy some divers' watches. Ask the manufacturer about: It has many high-street stores. Staff help customers choose the right phone and advise them on the various service packages.

Turn to page and choose a role. The salesperson talks to the customer and helps him or her choose a phone. Customers meet in pairs and discuss which packages they bought. Writing You work for Link-up. You are on holiday tomorrow. Write an e-mail to a colleague about which phone and service package a customer wants. Ask your colleague to order the phone because it is not in stock. The customer wants the phone by Friday. They want Can I take th is small suitcase as hand? Yes, And also a flat-screen TV.

Well, I hate it when long queues at check-in or security. What sport facilities at the Floris Hotel?

And a gym, too. Yes, , don't worry! How can we get to the airport? But an excellent bus service. The meeting room is large, but space for people. That's a pity another hotel near the airport? Yes two, in fact. Yes, And also a very good health service.

New Market Leader Workbook

Unit B Revision I Vocabulary! Ii 23rd - Mon. I want a large 2 room with an Internet connection - that's very important. If possible, I would like to be near the Please check that there is a fitness centre or a swimming 4 in the hotel.

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Monday is very busy. The first meeting is at 9. Then there is our big workshop in the afternoon. Can you arrange a large room for a 6 presentation at 3 p. I expect to finish at about 4. Finally, can you book a 8 for 20 people in the hotel restaurant for 7. Which hotel does Max book for Rob in Exercise A? Only five minutes' drive from Brussels international airport. Excellent Ital ian and Ch inese restaurants nearby. Internet cafe next door, with free access for hotel guests from Public swimming pool ten minutes' walk.

Meeting room with space for up to 15 people, and fax, video and photocopying facilities. Tea, coffee and room service available. Concorde Hotel This modern hotel is in the city centre and only 20 minutes from the airport.

All rooms offer free access Internet connections and cable TV. There is a gym and a large swimming pool. There are three meeting rooms, one large conference room with multimedia facilities. Tea, coffee, refreshments and snacks available throughout the day. Concorde Hotel has got two excellent restaurants. Hotel Just ten minutes from the airport, this hotel is ideal for the business traveller. There are five meeting rooms and two conference rooms with multimedia facilities.

Most rooms have got personal computers and Internet access. Tea and coffee available. Very good restaurant. There are Write Max's e-mail to Rob. Tell him about his hotel and confirm the dates. G Complete these sentences with some or any. Chinese ones. G Complete these sentences with much or many. How food do we need? There aren't tables. I Put the lines of this restaurant dialogue in the correct order. D b Are you ready to order? D d Mmm. That sounds nice. I'll have that, and a Greek salad, please.

D e No, thank you. D f Orange and lemon. And would you like to order a dessert now? D g Well, all our food is very fresh, but our roast lamb is particularly delicious. D h Yes, I think so. I'llfor you recommend have the the tomato main soup to start with. And then D Sales Complete the key words in these definitions. Complete the text. Use the past tense of the verbs from the box. During the summer holidays, she 2 in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company. After graduating, she 3 to improve her English, so she 4 to Canada.

She 5 Vancouver a lot and 6 looking for a part-time job. She 7 an interview with the Marketing Manager of a large company where they needed a German speaker with good qualifications. Renate got the job immediately. It 8 very interesting, and she 9 very hard. Three months ago, the Manager 10 her a full- time job. Now she doesn't know what to do: Write an article 75 to words about Vicky Karra. Use the information below and the past simple. Wilson Mizner , American playwright and entrepreneur o A Work in pairs.

Take it in turns to ask each other these questions, and write the answers in the table.Chinese ones. You are offered a variety of interesting activities in which you discuss the topic of the unit and exchange ideas about it.

That's a picture of my wife. Nearly all of Rolls-Royce's per-cent increase in Russian sales. CD Work in pairs. Use words from the box.

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