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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Exam Syllabus is divided into three categories, namely Preliminary, Mains and Interview. The Preliminary syllabus is mainly designed to assess a candidate's comprehension of current affairs and aptitude within the. It is essential for the candidates to have latest IPS Syllabus to crack the exam effectively. In IPS exam syllabus PDF for upcoming IPS. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) sets the syllabus for the prestigious IAS exam (Civil Services Exam). Download detailed and updated UPSC syllabus .

Ips Exam Syllabus Pdf

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Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination (Objective type) for the selection of candidates for the Main Examination;. ✓ Civil Services (Main) Examination ( Written. This will take you the beautiful journey of guide about the most adventurous, charming, esteemed post for country's youth today and guide about IPS Exam. If you've applied for IPS Exam and want to become an IPS officer, then you must download complete IPS Syllabus –18 in PDF format through online mode.

It is an objective type paper. Subjects included in this paper are: Recent events taking place on a national and international level, we are of great importance.

Indian History which includes ancient, medieval and modern and especially Indian National Movement. Geographical aspects of India and also the world geography.

UPSC IAS Syllabus 2019 Explained

Political existence of India and how Governance is made under the houses. Economic and Social Development of the Indian society also the social issues like Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives and how they cause an impact on the economic growth of the nation.

For an environmental study of its ecology, Bio-Diversity and Climate Changes. General science. Its duration is 2 hours. The type of questions asked in this paper are: Comprehension- passage writing. There are questions relating to social skill as well as there are some questions relating to communication skills; There are questions which require logical reasoning and analytical ability Your skill of decision making and how you handle the problem will also be checked Mental capacity Class X level of Basic numeracy, normally it is numbers and their relations, the order of magnitude and like questions.

There will also be questions to interpret the data which will be given in the form of charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency etc, There will again be comprehension of English language. Everything in the paper will be of class X level so nothing difficult. The duration of this paper is 3 hours.

This paper is the qualifying test and a descriptive test. The main purpose of this test is to know the ability of the candidate read and interpret excursive prose and comprehension.

The Candidates are supposed to express their ideas clearly. The pattern of the question will be like: Precis writing- it is to cut short big paragraphs and abstracting the main idea of the passage.

Usage and Vocabulary, To make comprehension of given passage, Para-writing. This paper is compulsory to be attempted in only English. This paper is of marks. It is a descriptive paper as it will check your innovative thoughts, vocabulary, word formation and many such qualities.

How to Prepare for Civil Service Prelims Examination

This paper contains following things: In this paper, Candidates are supposed to write two essays. The next topic will be related to security and related matters. Candidates here are expected to keep the content of their essay closely to the subject they select to write.

There should be continued in their paragraphs and some meaningful content should be present. There should be a systematic fashion. No credit will be given for fictitious thoughts, their views should be effective and practicable.

IPS Exam 2019: Application, Pattern, Syllabus, Eligibility, Physical Requirement

The duration of this paper is 3 hours and it is also a descriptive type paper. In this paper you have to attend: The first question requires the concise and succinct ideas about History and Geography of India.

The next part will include questions related to Constitution of India.

You also need to study Indian polity to answer this section of the question. The question can also be based on the constitution, legal, administrative and other issues emerging from the political-administrative system existing in India. The part of question paper will check your social awareness, the prevalent National issues and the topics of present scenario.

The topics may include 1. Issues on how to have good governance and answerability to the citizens, maintenance of human rights and integrity in public life. Strong will power and smart study can take you to the destination steadily.

This is an all India unified level post dealing with both the state as well as the central responsibilities. In this system, officers are allotted to various state cadres and your service is provided to that state. These systems though very useful, affects a career in both ways. The cadre system is allotted on a basis of lottery and the toppers of each state may get a chance to get their home states if they have opted for such a preference.

The eligibility criteria for the IPS exam is the same as for other services, but there are some physical criteria that the IPS officers have to go through. Once the candidate clears the civil services and gets an allotment to the IPS as per his rank , he has to go through the specified physical tests to make him eligible for service as a police officer. Some of the special physical requirements for IPS are listed below. They are also subject to change as per UPSC notifications.

The total amount of Myopia including the cylinder should not exceed minus 4. The presence of Squint is a may disqualify you. Spectacles although are permitted, but a very good grade of color vision and binocular vision is a prerequisite. The IPS recruitment and training period is one of the longest in all services and extends to almost 2 years in total. Usually, the first half portion of the training is done with the other services like the IAS at Mussoorie.

From Mussoorie, they go for Bharat Darshan with other services in groups. The IPS officers also have a certain amount of training in a district of their cadre in between the 2 phases of training at the IPS academy.

It begins in the academy itself where they learn the basics. Once they join their cadre, they are expected to pass 2 levels of the exam and their promotions to the next level are based on that. Although there is some relaxation for other services but not in the case of an IPS post. The civil services examination for Indian Police Officer is divided into three prestigious phases.

The Preliminary Examination will consist of two papers of objective type multiple choice questions and carry a limit of marks.

Or else they must be eligible for it through some other clause of eligibility criteria for admission to the Main Examination. Marks are here not at all an issue like our secondary and higher secondary examinations. They are men for calculating who qualifies and who cannot. The Main examination is held in October-November and the candidates who clear at this stage are then sent for personality test.

The number of candidates to be allowed to the Main Examination is approximately twelve to thirteen times the total an approximate number of vacancies to be filled in the year for various Services and Posts. They check your around knowledge and, of course, the majorly writing skills and attitude towards a thing. One who has qualified the mains exams are then permitted to sit before the officials in a personality test in the month of March-April after the results of mains exams has been announced.

The number of candidates invited for an interview is almost twice of a number of posts to be granted by the government. It carries a value of marks.

Marks hence gained in both the stages mains, as well as the interview, will actually decide about the recruitment of an individual for the post. Our initiative to educate you about this post might turn fruitful. Do comment, about how you like this article.

A candidate aspiring to apply for the IAS must have attained the age of 21 years.

The Indian Police NDA IAS Officer Salary in Want to know about the salary of IAS officer?? The salary that January 22, at 5: I have read your articles on IPS eligibility criteria , role and responsibility. I am very glad to get all information about IPS.

I really thankful all the details given above. I hope it definitely will benefit those who will read the article. Thank you for listening me carefully. Is any chance for me??All these areas require spot mental ability.

The candidate will be disqualified in case he or she appears in only one paper of the Prelims exam. Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

It is a descriptive paper as it will check your innovative thoughts, vocabulary, word formation and many such qualities.

The topics may include 1. Human Values — lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators; role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values. Jitender says:

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