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with Hot English telephone classes! • Native English teachers just a phone call away. • Access to the very best materials through our Student's Area. • Structured . Hot English Magazine - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. learning English through magz. Download Learn Hot English – January magazine for free from ebook biz. To download click on the following link.

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By Gavin Dudeney and Nicky Hockly. Learning English as a Foreign Language. FOR. DUMmIES‰. A John LEARNING SPOKEN ENGLISH. Hot English Magazine №1. |33 Pages | PDF+Audio|17,49+14 MB. Download. pdf. Audio. in Learn Hot English magazine do not necessarily represent the views of Hot English .. For Skype/Telephone classes with the Hot English Method, contact.

The lyrics to this songs aren't based on any events in history. The name Sukey is an informal version of the common name Susan. Then I let it go again. Polly put the kettle on. Sukey take it off again. It's basically an educational rhyme to teach children to count.

This month: Pat a cake. Once I caught a fish alive. The earliest published version of the song is from Which finger did it bite? This little finger on the right.

Polly put the kettle on Polly put the kettle on. It's about the tradition of decorating cakes with the name or initial of a child. CD track 5 English child This is another part in our series on nursery rhymes and their fascinating origins. Pat a cake Pat a cake.

And put it in the oven for baby and me. Polly put the kettle on The words to this nursery rhyme were first published in It is mentioned in Charles Dickens' book Barnaby Rudge Pat a cake The earliest publication of this song is She was on the ship and was rescued in a lifeboat. Turtle Torment Deep within a forest.

A few hours later. He gets separated from the rest and swims and swims into the night. He gets to shore and collapses on the wet sand. After a few hours. For more information. Most of the passengers are rescued except one man. She looks at him with a stern expression and says. After recovering. Where Meanwhile. The poor little turtle tries this again and again. Jane and Paul are talking. Check out our Poetry in English book! Learn lots of English with these fantastic poems.

Visit our website for a FREE sample: I really appreciate it. A selection of poems by George Szirtes. Thank you. Useful language for successful communication. Thanks for your trouble. Audio files to improve your listening skills. This book for intermediate. Glossaries in English so you can learn the meaning of new words.

Comprehension exercises so you can check your understanding. A wide variety of topics and themes related to English-language culture.

Learn over useful words and expressions! Perfect your pronunciation and spoken English! Thanks for everything. Saying thanks Thank you very much. How kind! No problem. Pronunciation activities to perfect your speaking skills. Activities to increase your range of vocabulary. Thanks for your help. This belt would go well with these trousers. Now listen to this dialogue. What you say Have you got these boots in size 42? Do you have any boxer shorts?

Have you got a Manchester United cap? Have you got a tie that would go well with this shirt. Good afternoon. The changing rooms are just over there. She points to a rack of clothing.

Do you sell string vests? In this conversation. She indicates the correct shelf. I need some gloves. Can I try these on? I need a coat for the cold weather. Listen and repeat these expressions. Do you have any hats like the one Indiana Jones wears? Have you got any woolly hats? Do you have any Chelsea scarves?

Mmm… what waist size are you? The Clothes Shop. Wordsearch Wordsearch Clothing following See if you can find the earch. The other half is linked to lifestyle.

But I intend to learn French and to try again as soon as I feel ready. Why is it that some people seem to be naturally happier than others? An Edinburgh University study seems to know the answer. He set off with just a few T-shirts. He said. Although happiness is subject to a wide range of external influences.

The study looked at the results of identical and non-identical pairs of twins. He was hoping that kind strangers would provide him with food and accommodation.

Language Barrier Man who planned to walk to India forced to quit because of language barrier. And not many people spoke English in the rural areas where he was. Their study of twins suggests that genes control half the personality traits that make us happy. The results suggested that these traits were influenced up to 50 percent by genetic factors. Dr Alexander Weiss who led the research said. He had no problems travelling through England where they speak English. E-mail classes learnhotenglish.

They measured their level of happiness in terms of anxiety. Was it a difficult experience? Mark Boyle. But he had to cancel his trip in France.

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A lifeboat 6. Answers on page 43 1. Write a letter next to the name of each thing in the list below. Teeth A crocodile A thermometer 2.

Brandy 3. A cruise ship 7. Feet 5.


Mercury 4. A passenger 8. A Hollywood blockbuster movie star 9. Look at the list of things 1 to But where does the word come from? Here are some strange phobias: Taphephobia is the fear of being buried alive. Phobophobia is the fear of fear itself. Unlike humans. Who ever thought the world was so unusual? In the 17th century. There were only twenty lifeboats on the doomed cruise ship the Titanic despite the fact that there were over 2.

Panophobia is the fear of absolutely everything. Just over passengers survived. Every time they lose a tooth.

Triskaidekophobia is the fear of the number They used to put a piece of toasted bread into wine as a way of wishing someone good health. How clever! Aphephobia is the fear of being touched. Are your I was just too English for them! Laurence Olivier dreams full of music and joy? For example. I love going to the circus. We always play games during class. For example: I hope that has helped you.

Thank you so much for your e-mail. Of course. Who was the last person to use the oven? These two words often cause confusion for many learners. He is always telling jokes. Fun When used as a noun. Funny adjective: I would be delighted to help you.

Please send your questions or stories to: Dr Fingers. Web School. Cheque a Hot English Publishing S. Option 3: Upper Intermediate. Hot English para Profesores. Hot English para Estudiantes. Incluye audios en formato MP3.

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Your complete self-study solution for learning English at home. Police who breathalysed him found that his alcohol level was over twice the legal driving limit. Catch me if you can!

Up the Garden Path A man in New Zealand has been charged after being caught driving a lawnmower while intoxicated. The a drive-in restaurant n restaurant in which you order food incident happened at the shop a and eat it from your car Velasquez and Sons Mufflers for dim-witted adj stupid.

Ear Thief A dim-witted thief in Chicago has been arrested after holding up a muffler shop. Dainty Drivers In the US. Unfortunately for him. He faces a possible jail sentence over the incident. This follows another incident in which a man was charged with public lewdness in Westchester County. The man allegedly went through a drive-in doughnut restaurant with no trousers on. The assailant n employees an an attacker a safe n said that a strong metal box for keeping it was important things adj frightening undaunted not afraid staff n at the employees time but.

Richard Gunn. The assailant walked into the business and demanded that the safe be opened. Police to breathalyse vb subsequently shot him in the to give someone a bag to breathe into to check the level of alcohol in their leg. An investigation is now a muffler shop n a shop that sells devices for reducing under the noise on machines such as motorbikes way. Gunn was using the lawnmower to travel around the town as he was already disqualified from driving.

The woman. Cut up the tomatoes and add them to the bread and the garlic. And thanks. This is a great way to cool down in the summer heat. Celebrating 70 years of stupid calls. How can I help you? I have no idea. I was wondering if you could tell me what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.

Would you like the number of the Samaritans? I just wondered if you had a moment to chat. Call I — The Chat Operator: Blend it in a blender until it is smooth. Drain any excess water.

I just wanted someone to talk to. For a little something extra. Add the oil. Is that the police? Is this an emergency? This is an emergency number. But do you think we should go on the picnic or change our plans? I think you should hang up. The weather? GLOSSARY a pinch of exp an amount of salt that you can take with your fingers a dash of n a little amount — what comes out when you pour the vinegar for about two seconds to soak vb to leave in water and make very wet to drain vb to remove the water from a blender n an electrical appliance for making food into a paste FREE subscription if you recommend Hot English Language Services to your company.

She told me to leave. He speaks very loudly. I spoke to John about our problem. Stop talking! Before you know it. Evan has something very important to tell you. What did he say to you? When did you say that to her? She said no to him. How do you say your first name? The directions say to use a hammer. Tell Michael to answer the phone if someone calls.

It is also used with languages. Say Speak Just say no. What did he want to talk about? Who was he talking to on the phone? Do you want to talk about it? Spain won in both and These include many former Soviet countries along with Turkey and Israel.

Czechoslovakia has also split into two countries. Spain had boycotted their game with the communist USSR in because of protests.

By the s there were eight teams in the finals. The final. The Italy-Soviet Union semi-final was controversial as it was decided by a toss of the coin after the game ended in a draw.

Two of the major European teams. Since the s. Politics had always played a controversial role in the championships and by the face of Europe was changing forever.

Both countries were at war at the time. This is the only time a game has been decided like this and eventually the problem of drawn games was solved with the introduction of the penalty shoot-out. It was only the second time that they had been in the competition. This was introduced in the competition and resulted in a spectacular winning goal for Czechoslovakia in the final.

Greece withdrew after they were drawn against Albania. It was won by the Soviet Union. The team was disqualified and the eventual winners Denmark were admitted instead.

The Iron Curtain had collapsed and Yugoslavia was caught up in a convulsion of war and ethnic cleansing. They beat the hosts Portugal in the final.

Euro was the first time it was co-hosted by two countries Holland and Belgium. In the name of the competition changed. The history. Italy and West Germany. Greece won the finals in They made the house in three months.

You should also practise using the words or expressions as often as you can: I made a cake. I think you made quite a impression on them. Make a bed I make my bed every! You should make a list of all the things we need to.

Make vs Make We generally use make to refer to the process of producing. Make a note of any words or expressions that you like or want to learn and write these down in sentences.

They made a new version of the car. What are you doing at the weekend? Could you do it for me? Do We sometimes use do instead of a more exact verb. Do the housework I do all the housework in this. I do everything around here! Is there anything I can do to help? We can also use do to refer to jobs in general.

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For more company classes or private tuition. What did you do while you were there? What job did you have while you were there? He did a drawing of me. And we can use do for non-specific activities: Did you do anything interesting at the weekend? They did nothing all day. I did the shopping in the. What did you do last night?

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She wants to do something interesting this afternoon. When are you going to do the car? What do you do? There have been plenty of Hollywood films about weddings.


She studied journalism at Columbia. It was her first major role. Tom sets out to steal her back and stop the wedding. Before landing the part. The two films offer opposite perspectives on relationships and marriage.

Impossible III 20 minutes after viewing her audition tape. Wedding special Hollywood gets married. I n Made of Honor. Hannah goes to Scotland on a six-week business trip. Your guests can jump with you. After your first kiss. As usual.

Trained birds of prey swoop down to deliver the rings. Getting married while skydiving. As part of the package. The actual ceremony takes place on the glacier. How exciting! Here are a few examples: A safari wedding in an incredible African bush setting. She dropped out of high school at 16 to act full time. Margot begins to destroy everything and everyone around her. Tying the knot on a glacier in Juneau.

The couple celebrate it afterwards with a walk on the ice. Australian actress and singer Born 20 June. A wedding at 13th-century Auchen Castle in Scotland. Her extensive filmography includes Moulin Rouge. She is known for in-depth character studies for her roles.

Which one is the most ridiculous? Listening I You are going to listen to a conversation about another strange lawsuit. All material in this publication is strictly copyright, and all rights are reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Hi, and welcome to another issue of Hot English Magazine, the fun magazine for learning English. Anyway, you can read about him and some modern-day pirates, and even learn how to talk like a pirate. What fun! Our special focus this month is Poland.

First of all, we'd like to offer our condolences to the people of Poland for the recent tragedy. The fact that this issue is dedicated to Poland is entirely coincidential.

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How to improve your business English! Learn over 1, English words and expressions to improve your business English! English is the universal language of business. And a recent report in Forbes magazine says that English will continue to grow in importance.Learn over useful words and expressions!

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Kitao puts English words in the Japanese language into two main categories: They can do this by giving a biased version of events.

Chainsaw — a powerful.

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