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It's finale time for Gu Family Book, and I'll tell you one thing: It ain't .. 16 episodes into 24, or the unfortunate inverse stakes for Wol-ryung (epic. Watch Gu Family Book: Episode 24 from Season 1 at wildlifeprotection.info Gu Family Book EP 24 Eng Sub - Yeo Wool is shot and falls. Kang Chi changes into a beast and tries to kill Mr. Seo, but is prevented by Yeo Wool. Sun Sin.

Gu Family Book Episode 24 Eng Sub

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Gu Family Book Episode 24 - Part1 - Total1 - Eng Sub

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Jan 2, gu family book ep 7 engsub. Aw man, is she really gonna die? I like that wish.

They laugh and joke good-naturedly, though Master Dam is just sitting stoically, trying not to look at Yeo-wool. Kang-chi outs Tae-seo for picking carrots out of his food too. Yeo-wool starts to struggle against the pain, and both Kang-chi and Dad notice blood dropping on the floor. Kang-chi gently suggests they go back to her room now, but she wants to stay just a little longer. Oof, that one thing gets to me—her wanting to stay at the dinner table just another minute.

[Gu Family Book ep 24] KangChi promise to Yeowool

Dad finally turns to her and says she should go rest now. He asks Kang-chi to take care of her, which is a bittersweet way to finally get that approval from Dad.

He carries her down the hall, and she asks for her second wish—to go on a walk with him. They have too many.

What do they need all those legs for anyway? He asks if she remembers what he said to her back then—to be his wife. Kang-chi: Will you marry me?

Yeo-wool: And my sewing is terrible? He starts to cry, and she wipes away his tears. I want to be a happy one. I want to be laughter to you, not tears. When you remember me, I want you to be happy. That is my third wish.

And in that moment, my time stopped.

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Tae-seo finds him there, still numb and not knowing what to do. Everyone is outside waiting to say goodbye, and he bows to Master Dam to thank him for everything. He bows one last time, and takes his leave. She wistfully recites a proverb that means that first love makes a person grow, while last love completes them, and then sets out towards the prison with a purposeful look in her eye.

He does in fact have a stump for a hand. And the reason we were deprived of that violence is…?

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Farewell, Stumpy. Lee Soon-shin says that if he believes in becoming human, then it must exist. Kang-chi smiles and continues on his path. We only see a man from behind as he showers and gets dressed, and then a close-up of the ring on his finger, and a familiar red shirt hanging in the closet.

This is getting too meta for my liking. What, you made your dad a butler? WTF, Kang-chi-ya? And even Ok-man is a valet downstairs. As he drives through the city, we get glimpses of modern life and a little moment where he smiles up at the statue of Lee Soon-shin, ha.Old KC and old YW walk in the wood. Song Young Kyu Supporting Cast.

Meanwhile, Master Dam and Kangchi begin a duel to the death. Gon comes but it's to late cuz KC calls the girl: I did not see that coming.

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