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COMICS. SERENITY. SSERUNTY. F OF. $ us. JOSS WHEDON. BRETT MATTHEWS. WILL CONRAD. LAURA MARTIN. Crei. Z O OS. I want to make this the official post for the Firefly / Serenity comics. All knowledge will be here, including all the different cover versions. [PDF DOWNLOAD] Firefly: Legacy Edition Book One Free Epub/MOBI/EBooks.

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Read Serenity Volume Three: The Shepherd's Tale comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to . Serenity is a line of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics from to It is a .. " Final Ballot" (PDF). Hugo Awards. Retrieved January The Joss Whedon script for Serenity, where Wash lives, is at

You can get digital copies of the stories at Dark Horse Digital. Thanks to sealg. Can we get this added to the sidebar please? Added for your convenience! Thanks jaxspider!

Serenity: Better Days #1 (of 3)

You can also check out the wikipedia article. Serenity Volume One: Those Left Behind - Approx 66 pages. Each of the three issues was released with three different covers, with each cover featuring one of the nine major characters, and each one illustrated by a different artist.

The series was collected into a single volume, with a cover by Adam Hughes. Shepherd Book , illustrated by Tim Bradstreet. Zoe Washburne , illustrated by Joe Quesada. Hoban "Wash" Washburne , illustrated by Sean Phillips. Simon Tam , illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu.

River Tam , illustrated by Joshua Middleton. Inara and Mal , illustrated by Adam Hughes. Mal, Zoe and Jayne , illustrated by Adam Hughes. Serenity Volume Two: Better Days - Approx 66 pages.

To be released in Sept 15, , as part of the Serenity: Better Days Vol. Float Out - Approx 26 pages. Alternate cover , illustrated by Frank Stockton. Serenity Volume Three: The Shepherd's Tale - Approx 56 pages.

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To be released Sept 15th, , as part of the Serenity: Serenity Vol. Kaylee, Inara, River.

Leaves on the Wind Released January, Hard Cover Released November 5, In lieu of a comprehensive list of places to buy them, I'll just leave this here: Awesome post, props for putting this up.

I agree it should hit the sidebar, as many people have been wondering about these. Actually I remembered this last night, since i'd previously made a post about it.. Updating the info above. Got an email from Amazon today that the one coming out in Sept just moved from Sept. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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The crew heads off to the luxurious resort planet of Pelorum , where they rent out a suite that costs 1, credits a night. Each crew member regales the others with their personal fantasies of how their lives would change if they each had limitless wealth.

Meanwhile, Ephraim prepares his men to take down Reynolds, who is suspected of being a member of the Dust Devils , a terrorist organization that targets the Alliance. At the same time, the demonstrator of the tactical drone tortures Reynolds' buyer for his role in trafficking the drone, pulling out all of his teeth, a practice run of what he intends to do to Reynolds.

Because the drone was designed to expel microscopic tracking beacons in the event of unexpected shutdown or failure, he has tracked Reynolds and his crew to Pelorum.

Reynolds journeys to the shuttle and is surprised to see Simon Tam emerge from it. He is then knocked unconscious from an unseen assailant.

It is revealed that the unseen assailant is Sanda, who ties Mal up and beats him, thinking him to be a Dust Devil. She informs the rest of the crew that the Dust Devil for whom Sanda is looking is her, as she was one of the soldiers who kept on fighting the Alliance , thinking of themselves as "peacemakers. Just after Sanda arrives with Malcolm and some men, Sanda's ship is blown up by the Tactical Drone, whose operator has appeared to exact revenge on Reynolds.

In their mutual interest of survival, Reynolds' and Sanda's crews fight off the Tactical Drone together. After the Tactical Drone is defeated, Sanda allows Reynolds and his crew to depart, but Reynolds later learns that Sanda's men stole the money from Serenity.

Inara, observing that Reynolds is neither surprised nor concerned about the loss of the money, suggests that, unlike the others, Reynolds is already living out his fantasy, and that it would be threatened if the rest of his crew suddenly became rich enough to go off in their own directions.

Firefly: A Traveler’s Companion to the ‘Verse

Reynolds responds that he simply accepts where he is in life and that it "ain't a place of wishes. Buy some shoes. Gives a monk a stack of money and walks away Monk: The Hero of Canton He's real!

What's so gorram funny? The crew Wash: The "Radiant Cobb"? That's my mama's name!

We haven't heard from you yet, River Well, now MINE's taken.Jo Chen Hard cover: Ultimately I just don't care. Jane Espenson. Metalepsis in Popular Culture. In January, , the series was collected as a trade paperback entitled Serenity: A chapter just for me? Mal insists that the job is more important, and Book pushes Mal to reconsider. While the rest of the crew assume that stray munitions from the Reavers killed the agent, Mal takes River aside, tells her that he "had a bad feelin'" about the passenger, and welcomes her to the crew.

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