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Unwanted Wedding book. Read 27 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Rosy Wyndham has a choice: find a husband in three months. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. After reading a serialized Mills & Boon book in a magazine, Penny Jordan quickly became an avid fan! Her goal, when. Unwanted Wedding Penny Jordan Epub Mobi by Ginwalco, released 07 carbon fiber composites pdf free download free facebook account freezer v1 0 how to.

Unwanted Wedding Penny Jordan Pdf

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in pdf, ppt, word, rar, txt, kindle, and also zip. There are a lot of books, literatures, user manuals, and guidebooks that are related to. Unwanted Wedding Jordan. Unwanted Wedding By Penny Jordan - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. by Penny Jordan 9 editions - first published in Download DAISY. Join Waitlist. You will be . Join Waitlist 9. Cover of: Unwanted Wedding.

Thankfully, she manages to redeem herself ever so slightly at the very end of the book by coming clean about her true feelings for Guard and responding to him in a way she should have done much earlier in the story. So, other than this one grouse, I enjoyed reading the book and wasn't bored even for a moment - mostly because of that hero yes, he was that good.

Apr 13, iamGamz rated it liked it Shelves: A sweet story but the h was waaay to naive and innocent. Almost to the point of stupidity. When her father and grandfather died unexpectedly, the h faced losing her family's mansion to her evil cousin.

To save her home she would have to marry someone quickly. Her attorney suggested the H.

The h has known him all her life. He was a business associate of her grandfather. However, she did not like him because he was always verbally unkind to her.

Marriage: To Claim His Twins Book Summary and Study Guide

He taunted her calling her a little girl, making fun A sweet story but the h was waaay to naive and innocent. He taunted her calling her a little girl, making fun of the way she dressed and her job at the homeless shelter. He made her feel insecure and unattractive. She finally worked up the courage to ask him to marry her. After the marriage and a short trip to Brussels, they return home to find the evil cousin had moved himself and his family into their home.

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He went around undermining the h's feelings for the H in an attempt to split them up. But as I continued reading, she annoyed the crap out of me.

She acted like the child the H called her. She spent so much time fighting the reality that she loved him, that she made herself miserable. All in all, I still enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone considering reading it.

For four hundred years, the estate had been home to a Wyndham. With both Rosy's father and grandfather now gone, the estate had only two possible heirs; Rosy and her father's cousin, Edward. A clause in her grandfather's will would soon determine who the inheritor would be; unless Rosy acted.

As direct in line, Rosy was the natural heir, however, the clause stipulated that the heir had to be married within three months of her grandfather's death. It's Rosy's family lawyer and friend, Peter, who suggests that Rosy should ask Guard Jamieson to marry her. Guard has always shown an interest in the estate, and surely they could come up with an arrangement.

Rosy doesn't particularly want the house, but she knows that if Edward to should inherit, he'd take tremendous pleasure in tearing it down piece by piece, something Rosy could not permit. Guard has always been a bit of a thorn to Rosy; always taunting her and teasing her about her naive outlook on life. Rosy admits that she much prefers to see the very best in people, and though she has wealth, she doesn't flaunt it, volunteering at the homeless shelter.

Guard agrees to her marriage of convenience but insists that they appear to be in love, not only to protect his business and personal reputation, but to prevent Edward from calling out fraud. In fact Edward is highly suspicious of their marriage, and under the excuse that his home is under renovation, he moves him and his wife into Queen's Meadow. Rosy is shocked that Grant allows this, and even more shocked because this means her plan of separate rooms has been thwarted.

This is a bit of a coming of age story. Rosy's nearly 22 and very innocent. While she's not gullible, she refuses to let go of her ideals.

Guard is 35, and a man of the world. He's watched Rosy since she was a teen and waits impatiently for her to grow up. Knowing that their's must be a hands off relationship, Guard verbally makes her aware of how a real woman should feel when she's with a real man. It was fun reading some of Rosy's thoughts as she starts to picture everything Guard tells her, and with her body waking up, how she realizes that she loves her husband.

This was a fun quick read. Mar 05, Cherise rated it did not like it Shelves: This one didn't work for me at all. I was annoyed and aghast by both protagonists more or less but more so by the h. I couldn't wait to be done with it. I think I have come to expect more from my h these days, and this one just is too empty for me.

The h acts worst than a 10 year old. I do not know of anyone over 20 to be so naive and timid regarding the opposite sex. She was the one that wanted this yet she never acted like she wanted to in public, in fact blew up at the H when he kept trying to This one didn't work for me at all.

She was the one that wanted this yet she never acted like she wanted to in public, in fact blew up at the H when he kept trying to act normally. I do not even get why she did an about face and suddenly was all in love I kept thinking there should have been pages in between as they are so not connected as a couple they need tons of work to get there , then was all hurt because she "thought" H should have known she loved him when she just said something so mean to him to make it sound like she cares more about appearance than anything.

She then got all childish and kept refusing to talk to the H and was bullied by the silly relative. I seriously do not know which planet she hailed from, she is so ditzy and empty as a person I also marvel why the H loves her at all.

The H is just as puzzling. I also do not get why he was always picking on her. This sure isn't the way to a woman's heart, and I seldom see him making an effort to really help her change her antagonistic attitude towards him. He did play nice when she is genuinely upset, but otherwise I do not see much of this great romance that should be in here.

The pairing here makes it all the harder for me to believe in this story. H is considerably older and a lot more worldly and mature.

While a lot of times it should not be an issue, the h does not have the worldly experience or intelligence or emotions to make such a match credible, she also does not have the otherworldly air of charming innocence and sweet wonderment that might also make it work. She is prickly and hedgehoggy all the time, also was so out of the real world it is not charming but rathering bordering on stupid.

All in all a very painful read. I just am glad I am done only cuz it is so short and I have a bad case of ocd. H was so very thoughtful and encouraging , oh loving as well. Not so intriguing , I am definitely not suggesting this one if you are truly a HP lover.

24 November 1946 - 31 December 2011

Jan 25, Booked rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've just recently rediscovered this favorite. It's starts of with her proposal of a convenient marriage to the very person who has her in mind for his every convenience. The play is on who knows what. They pretend and he steals those breathless kisses to convince everyone and the very object of his affection the true state of his intentions.

He proves to be simply irresistible to her. Apr 28, Roub rated it it was ok. Dec 28, sbf rated it it was amazing.

Unwanted Wedding

Definitely an old-fashioned HP, but sometimes Penny Jordan just sucks you in. The hero was definitely one of those brooding types that mocks and taunts the extremely naive heroine until the end when suddenly there is a complete about face. But still, good emotional tension and angst. Jun 21, JennyG rated it it was ok Shelves: TSTL heroine!

She is supposed to be twenty-two but acts and whines like a two year old. Ruined the book for me. Read at your own peril. Jun 06, Mudpie rated it liked it.

His name Guard is a bit weird but it's ok. Now the heroine SHE made me want to throw my book against the wall but unfortunately I was reading the e-book on my iPad.

Thos os a book but she's way worse than those from the 80s or 70s! Her Victorian Virginal behaviour gets on my nerves It became quite obvious early on to me that Guard liked Rosy very much but I too guessed she was too young for him Thus the taunting was perhaps to keep himself in check.

But her blatant amd irrational dislike kept them apart far longer. Now it's a weak plot device that she's guilted into keeping Queen's Meadow the large historical manor that her grandfather and father loved. Unfortunately they both died leaving her alone to keep it out if the evil hands of a nasty cousin Edward.

She acted the victim like it was Guard who stood to inherit and she'd been forced to do everything. What followed was her acting like a petulant child who did not get anything her way. TSTL is her first, middle and family name! For once I much prefer the hero to heroine even when the hero started out a bit assholery. He's one sexy guy! Those hot lines! Jun 27, Usagi Tsukino rated it did not like it Shelves: Simply eww.

Guard is yummy, I adored him as a hero. Now, Rosy, she is a child. A naive child. I hated almost every word out of her mouth. She has little personality, especially when compared to as another reviewer aptly stated "the most verbally seductive hero in all of HPLandia" And I agree with her completely. I swooned at him a few times. Sep 20, Grace Harwood rated it really liked it.

I very much enjoyed reading this Jordan novel and there were some really interesting things going on in it, but I did feel that it took quite a long time to get to the point the point being the part where childlike Rosy and vastly older and experienced Guard get it together, of course! After all, this is a Mills and Boon, not a psychoanalytical study.

However, for quite a large part of it, I felt that Jordan was straying into unfamiliar territory. Rosy is so childlike, that for once the male I very much enjoyed reading this Jordan novel and there were some really interesting things going on in it, but I did feel that it took quite a long time to get to the point the point being the part where childlike Rosy and vastly older and experienced Guard get it together, of course!

Rosy is so childlike, that for once the male hero's accusations of her childishness are not at all out of place. She even admits it herself: In fact, when it comes to the actual love scenes, which are quite late on in this book, they are almost redolent of child abuse.


But the 29 year old Guard caught her and made her go back home and so Rosy missed her chance, cause the groundsman wouldn't take her out again after that. Then Guard started making snarky comments about Rosy's lack of romance skills. It is even more embarrassing cause all of Rosy's friends and all the local ladies positively swoon and drool over Guard whenever they come within three feet of him. Rosy admits Guard is good looking, but she hasn't forgotten the missed badger expedition or the lecture she got for poaching salmon, so she isn't giving Guard any good marks for being a lady magnet.

Rosy is very eclectic too, in a very English Landed Gentry kind of way. That means that Rosy can go around to various thrift shops and buy varying velvet and silks in complimentary shades of gray and wear them out to dinner parties, after they have been cleaned and mended. Rosy is quite proud of her vintage finds and Guard always makes snarky comments about them. And about her leggings and her dad's old bulky navy sweater that she permanently borrowed. Rosy always snaps back that just because Guard thinks women should paint their scanty dresses on and pair them with unbearably high heels and bright red lipstick and call that sophistication doesn't mean that the whole world thinks like that.

But now Rosy has to propose to Guard. Or she has to take an ad out in the local paper and she can't quite come up with the Debrett's approved wording to list for a husband for house saving duty in the local classifieds. It looks like awkward proposal to Guard it will be, Rosy doesn't even consider the petty tyrant shelter guy, and so she calls Guard and he shows up and Rosy makes her awkward marriage of convenience bid.

Guard is going on a business trip, but he tells her he will think about it.

A few days go by and then Snot Sipper Edward shows up. He is taking some strange guy around the house and Rosy is very frightened. Rosy is thinking up ways to run Edward off, but then Guard appears and Edward is firmly routed when Guard kisses Rosy and announces their engagement. A nice, quiet little wedding is arranged in the local church and Rosy wears her mum's French wedding dress and her grandmother's Venetian lace veil. Then we are off to Brussels for Guard's business trip. Rosy and Guard also have a teaching Rosy how to roofie kiss moment and Rosy also got a sapphire engagement ring that matches her eyes, the kissing part gave her tummy funny feelings and Rosy was back to being cross again.

When we get to Brussels, Rosy gets even crosser, the French Madame with the scarlet painted lips who owns the place they are staying at is fawning all over Guard and quite ignoring Rosy, even when Guard introduces her as his wife.

Rosy and Guard have another argument about pajama's. Namely that Rosy wears a very cute cartoon night shirt, I decided she wore a Winnie the Pooh one to match mine, and Guard doesn't wear anything, pajamas don't fit his self-image. Rosy is quite shocked by that. She worked from home, in her kitchen, surrounded by her pets, and welcomed interruptions from her friends and family. She passed away on 31 December New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website!

Learn More. Last edited by Clean Up Bot. March 31, History. Location England, UK. Penny Jordan Close. Martin , Texas , Tuscany Italian region , York.

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Time s , , Contemporary. Add to List.But now Rosy has to propose to Guard. I seriously do not know which planet she hailed from, she is so ditzy and empty as a person I also marvel why the H loves her at all. At the age of eight, she was creating serialized bedtime stories, featuring make-believe adventures, for her younger sister who was always the heroine. Park of the reason he was so rude was because his grandfather was pushing him to get married and bend to his will.

The nurse says that Sander knew that she would not forgive him if he agreed to allow the pregnancy to be terminated. Guard got smart real fast in Brussels tho, after he saw Rosy in her little black dress.

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