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Prepare cash flow and profit & loss forecasts. • Get backers to invest. Plan. 25YEARS. THE LEADING. BUSINESS PLAN. BO. Nikola Tesla: The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, June 1 The Tesla secret 2. (Body and soul) "With. The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla. Chapter One. The Secret Life Of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was beyond a doubt the greatest genius of the 20th century. Our.

Nikola Tesla Secret Pdf

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PDF | Nikola Tesla was an inventor who is best known for his contributions for the Nikola Tesla free energy: Unraveling greatest secret. Tesla Code Secrets by Alex wildlifeprotection.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. In "The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity," I share this year odyssey detailing Nikola Tesla's experimental work in the late "s, that the picture.

Again, I experienced the same desire to locate the image which caused the thought, and this search for the original visual impression soon grew to be a second nature.

My mind became automatic, as it were, and in the course of years of continued, almost unconscious performance, I acquired the ability of locating every time and, as a rule, instantly the visual impression which started the thought. It was not long before I was aware that also all my movements were prompted in the same way, and so, searching, observing, and verifying continuously, year after year, I have, by every thought and every act of mine, demonstrated, and do so daily, to my absolute satisfaction, that I am an automaton endowed with power of movement, which merely responds to external stimuli beating upon my sense organs, and thinks and acts and moves accordingly.

I remember only one or two cases in all my life in which I was unable to locate the first impression which prompted a movement or a thought, or even a dream.

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Body and soul "With these experiences it was only natural that, long ago, I conceived the idea of constructing an automaton which would mechanically represent me, and which would respond; as I do myself, but, of course, in a much more primitive manner, to external influences. Such an automaton evidently had to have motive power, organs for locomotion, directive organs, and one or more sensitive organs so adapted as to be excited by external stimuli.

This machine would, I reasoned, perform its movements in the manner of a living being, for it would have all the chief mechanical characteristics or elements of the same.

There was still the capacity for growth, propagation, and, above all, the mind which would be wanting to make the model complete.

Nikola Tesla Secret

But growth was not necessary in this case, since a machine could be manufactured full-grown, so to speak. As to the capacity for propagation, it could likewise be left out of consideration, for in the mechanical model it merely signified a process of manufacture.

Whether the automaton be of flesh and bone, or of wood and steel, it mattered little, provided it could perform all the duties required of it like an intelligent being.

To do so, it had to have an element corresponding to the mind, which would effect the control of all its movements and operations, and cause it to act, in any unforeseen case that might present itself, with knowledge, reason, judgment, and experience. But this element I could easily embody in it by conveying to it my own intelligence, my own understanding. So this invention was evolved, and so a new art came into existence; for which the name "telautomatics" has been suggested, which means the art of controlling the movements and operations of distant automatons.

In this manner his discoveries are holding true not only of his practical inventions and science but of the various fields of life too.

In part one we could read about the control of human mind with subliminal messages, and this second part is not just about remote control and robotics but the working and connection of human body and soul too! Cosmic consciousness "As in the case of my other inventions," he explained, "there was a long period of incubation during which I turned over in my mind the idea of creating a mechanical eye.

As I came to an obstruction, I would stop, put the idea away in my subconscious mind, and return to it later.

Bit by bit ways of reaching the different steps of the solution were reached. They would flash suddenly from my subconscious mind, just as all my ideas for inventions have done.

After experiencing a desire to invent a certain thing I go on for days, months, even years with the idea in the back of my head.

Whenever I feel like it, I play around with the problem without giving it any deliberate consideration. This is the incubation period. Next comes the stage of direct effort. At this point the solution is somewhere in my subconscious mind, although it may take some time before it reaches the level of consciousness. As my conceived device begins to take form, I make mental changes in the construction, improvements are figured out, and I even operate it.

All of this is preliminary work — all in my mind.

When the machine itself is finished, I slip my imaginary job over it and find they coincide to the minutest detail. But latest experiments in the field of human mind research showing the same results as done by enlightened people through our history: In reality this word means not an oppressed, subservient but an extended, a superior state of mind, wich is called omniscience or divine mind or superconsciousness wich is cosmic consciousness.

Tesla Code Secrets by Alex West.pdf

To reach this state of mind, to be connected with this Creator mind and to get Omniscience is possible only for those people who having highly developed nerve system like Nikola Tesla, who had practiced the transmission of information between his superconscious and conscious mind all through his life. Developing the nerve system "Although I must trace to my mother's influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training she gave me must have been helpful.

It comprised all sorts of exercises - as, guessing one another's thoughts, discovering the defects of some form of expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations. These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason, and especially to develop the critical sense, and were undoubtedly very beneficial. Close your eyes and imagine the taste of strawberries.

If you imagine vividly enough, your mouth will actually start watering and you'll taste strawberries. Imagination is the only thing located in our conscious mind. It's where our consciousness is found, too.

Webster's Dictionary defines consciousness as: 1.

And it is our conscious mind which is aware of itself and of feelings we are feeling, etc Dogs, while very loving, are not aware of their feelings like humans are.

That's the major difference between humans and animals,and it is why the Bible says humans were created in the image of God. We can use our conscious mind to change the world as we want, if we know how.

In the conscious mind we find the secret to accessing infinite knowledge and, almost magical, creative ability.

We know, from the double slit experiment, that our observation changes the outcome of the experiment dramatically. When the experiment isn't watched or measured while it was taking place, every possible outcome seemed to exist at the same time. However, when the experiment was measured while it was happening, the electrons acted exactly like the scientist expected them to in the first place The question is, why does this happen when scientists are watching the double slits and not happen when they aren't?

Bear with me now, because we have to take a trip deep into your brain for me to explain. You see, your brain is a network of neurons brain cells , which talk to each other via small electric impulses that move over synapses.

Each neuron can talk with up to other neurons over the synapses. This process of neurons talking to each other is how we remember things.

Here's the crazy part, each neuron is filled with small structures called Microtubules. The microtubules are made of small peanut shaped proteins and communicate with each other in a similar way that a computer would communicate with other computers on the same computer matrix. Tesla Code Secrets Home Study Course by Alex West Click Here to Download For the last 20 years, Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hammeroff have put forth a theory, which is through experiments gaining more and more proof, that these microtubules create consciousness by facilitating approximately 40 quantum wave function collapses per second.

Remember, a quantum wave function is when all possible outcomes collapses into one specific outcome.

I know this might be very confusing, but recall what we talked about at the beginning of this presentation. Confusion is simply the feeling we get when our brains are about to have a massive breakthrough in a totally new era of learning.Clear, independent self-thinking "The scientists from Franklin to Morse were clear thinkers and did not produce erroneous theories.

Next comes the stage of direct effort.

Tesla Code Secrets by Alex West.pdf

Thank You. Nieto Mario.

Cosmic consciousness "As in the case of my other inventions," he explained, "there was a long period of incubation during which I turned over in my mind the idea of creating a mechanical eye. Such an automaton evidently had to have motive power, organs for locomotion, directive organs, and one or more sensitive organs so adapted as to be excited by external stimuli.

Before I start explaining I want to tell you We are going to be talking about some high level scientific concepts, including quantum physics, and brain anatomy. In short, people imagined something they wanted, used their conscious mind to focus on that outcome, and the universe made that outcome a reality. Money Empowerment Happiness Love.

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