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Download the Light Novel "Iris on Rainy Days" by Takeshi Matsuyama in epub and pdf. NOVEL: Iris on Rainy Days. Identifier manga_Iris_on_Rainy_Days. Identifier-ark ark://t9jq7z. Ocr ABBYY FineReader (Extended. The story is centred around a cute android who initially had a happy life with her master who dearly loved her. But she was then struck by a series of misfortunes.

Iris On Rainy Days Pdf

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Download the Light Novel "Iris on Rainy Days" by Takeshi Matsuyama in epub and pdf. Iris on Rainy Days (雨の日のアイリス / Ame no Hi no Iris) is a light novel. Iris on Rainy Days - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. iris on rainy days pdf download. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am . Looking for iris on rainy days pdf download. Will be grateful for any help! Top.

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A few blue spots appeared on the body of the robot like still fireflies. Therobot lowered his head slowly to look at the spots, then a beam of lasersuddenly pierced through the air. The laser ray penetrated the heavy, metalskin of the robot, and it turned into steam flames that erupted as violently aslava when it touched the fountain.

It was the laser gun of the police. And then, the second shot came. The laser emitted a deep sound, passedthrough the air and cut off the right arm of the robot from the arm. To pickup his right arm that fell onto the ground with a clunk, the robot bent hisback, and the third shot hit him squarely.

His outstretched left hand wassurrounded by blue radiance, expanded like glassware, and emitted cruelsparks. The robot fell into a silence, and five people wearing a metal helmet like afish bowl rushed to the scene. They are the special police unit who are fullyequipped with silver armor, and are called the Waste Clearing Troops.

Theywere holding the laser guns used just now. A sharp shape, sphere shapedmagazine, about a meter long— this is the special gun used by the unitagainst robots. Then,black machine oil flowed out of the head like blood, splattering the groundwith spots. Seeing this scene, I feel very unhappy. A repulsive feeling and a sense ofwanting to puke start to rise from the depths of my throat. After the recording stopped, the face of the broadcaster appears again onthe screen.

According to the broadcaster, that was the third robot crime inOval City this month. Robot crime. This is the name for crimes by robots.

iris on rainy days pdf download

There are two main types of robot crimes. The first one is a crime that iscaused by the human using a robot, the other is a crime caused by the robotgoing on a rampage himself. The times of a robot rampage incident occurring is not even one percent ofcar accidents happening, but the news would always exaggerate it. The process of handling the matter is actually similarto other home products, but as the price of a robot is about the price of ahigh class car, it is a heavy blow to the manufacturers.

When robots want to calm themselves, they would close their eyes. Temporarily closing down the visual senses would have the effect of rest onthe stimuli processing function of the mental circuit. Unknowingly, rain is falling outside. Only the constant sound of the rainrang in the room.

The video of a wretched robot starts to surface behind my eyelids. The partsof the robot would get into the second hand parts market, or would bethoroughly melted, becoming a metal source.

After all, he suddenly went ona rampage, destroying public facilities and the peace. A question still remains in my heart. Why did he suddenly go on a rampage? Four Days BeforeSunday.

I am wearing a white dress with frills on it, confirming my attire in front ofthe mirror. I start running down the stairs in a hurry after ending my last minute check.

Professor is standing in front of the entrance, wearing her personal clothes. A silver cigarette case is gleaming in front of her chest. The 8-shaped circlet cigarettes are kept in the case.

The dress and the straw hat gently bloatedbecause of the breeze. It suits you…… It suits you…… It suits you…… It suits you……. Ahh, just hearing this sentence would make me happy the whole day. I hold her hand whilestanding beside her. After opening the door, the blue skies that would make people feel likesinging seems to be blessing us.

There are a lot of people at the cinema beside the station. I show my robot certificate at the ticket booth, then the workers start to sizeme up. It seems that the elevator is undergoing maintenance today, we passed byquite a few technicians at the entrance of the cinema. More than half ofthem seem to be labor robots, probably the HRL model from theirappearance.

The history of labor robots is actually even longer than family robots. Asmore of them are sold in the market, they are often seen on the streets. Waiters at a restaurant and a night time security guard, attendants at theentrance hall of a company and carpentry, their uses are quite diverse. Old family robots are also often sold in the second hand market, reused aslabor robots.

Young female robots usually originate from here. Recently,the people who combine second hand parts of robots to create a new robotto sell are increasing, and the hidden dangers have been treated as a socialproblem.

After entering the cinema, Professor and I chose a seat towards the back ofthe room. We place the fruit juice and popcorn on the small table of the seat. After five minutes, the movie starts to play. Theother people on the seats are just pairs of men and women. Professor burst intolaughter after she saw me. All of a sudden, a bell starts to ring and the movie is starting. The long awaited zombies walked out unsteadily from the movie screen.

Professor tells me her impression of the movie, satisfied. As for me, I became a pale-faced robot that had violent spasms periodically. Halfway through the movie, I try to hug Professor quite a few times in fear,but was pushed away by the expressionless Professor with her right hand. I try to fling away the squirting blood, flying brains and squirmingintestines burnt into my mental circuit by violently shaking my head, buteven if I do so, the data obviously remained unchanged.

We watched a movie here today, so we must take it here. After grabbing my elbow tightly, Professor hugs my shoulders in front ofthe signboard. But now, I just feel that the army of zombies from thesignboard would jump out at any moment. Especially the zombies that hadtheir lower bodies chopped off, their intestines poking out, I feel my wholebody trembling just thinking of it.

Just like that, I took a photo, my face deathly pale, squeezing out a smile,with Professor, a devilish smile surfacing on her face. After eating lunch at a nearby restaurant, we use thirty minutes to buy theingredients used for dinner, then we returned.

On the way back home, Professor and I walked home hand in hand. From just now, Professor is reading the newspaper she bought from anewsstand. CraneCloudy is one of the top researchers of robots in the world. Its walls have been brokendown, the ground is sunken, and there are also yellow tape on the outside,forbidding people from entering. This is the robot crime scene I saw fromthe news in the television. Professor deliberately lowers her voice, answering: And our group isin charge of it.

I never would have thought that the robot in the newswould have any connection to Professor. Thecircuits are the mental circuit, movement control circuit and safety circuit.

Compared with a human, the mental circuit would be the brain, themovement control circuit would be the spinal cord and nervous system. Theorders given by the mental circuit would be transmitted to the whole bodythough the movement control circuit, causing the limbs to move. The safety circuit would be like a emergency brake system that wouldprevent the two previous circuits from going into disorder.

All robots mustinstall a safety circuit, and the robot manufactures are required to do that inlaw, so this type of circuit is hidden in my body as well. Taking out a cirgarette from her cigarette case,she places it into her mouth.

The cirgarette immediately gives out purplesmoke. A sweet sour smell drifts over from the circlet cigarette. If youexplain it this way, you would be able to explain the actions of the robot ina logical way.

Can this happen? Every time she talks about topics concerning robots, Professorwould become extremely active. I like seeing Professor like this.

Even so, as our topic today is robot crimes, my feelings now are rathercomplicated. She is walking towards a robot lying on the ground. His right leg has beenbroken to the core, his body is broken down, curling up his body like akitten, lying in front of a closed down store.

Then, shestarts to do a whole body examination on the robot with a seriousexpression on her face. The conversation ends after about half aminute, then Professor starts looking at the cover of the gutters rollednearby. As Professor said, the robot seemed to have crawled out from the gutters,his body stained with moss. After imagining the silhouette of a robotcrawling through the gutters that are like a dark, narrow passage, aninexplicable feeling wells up in me. I made some arrangements for collecting this kid.

If she got toknow the identity of the robot, she would contact the registered owner. Though there were some lucky robots who were taken away by theirowners, most of them were kept in the storage room of the research centre.

If the robots are claimed by the Robot Management Department first, therobots would be turned into scrap metal after dealing with the necessaryprocedures.

From this perspective, the robots found by Professor areactually very lucky. Walking forward hand in hand, I ask. This is because Professor finished her work earlier than expected.

I havethis special talk other than a date, what a special day this day is. I move the table and chair into the research lab while beaming, arrangingthe small blackboard and duster, then I prepare some snacks and tea. Thenthe preparations are complete. A special talk. This is a private talk that Professor organizes for me time after time. Professor organizes a lecture at Oval University each week. I want to see with my own eyes,Professor standing on the stage with her white robe and holding a cane,teaching with a heroic posture and cold tone.

As Iwas about to give up, Professor gave me a suggestion. I take out my thick notebook from my beloved folder. The notebook wasjotted full of questions that I asked during the previous lectures.

For example. This is a personal talk, after all. Today, she is still wearing a white robe on topof her suit, her beautiful hair tied up behind her. Professor place her hands on the old wooden lectern that she brought fromthe university, saying: Here here, here! It would be nice if robots could go toschool one day. I open the textbook that Professor uses in the university. As I read it quite alot of times already, the book is quite tattered. Recently, this type of research is categorized as robot psychology.

The most important thing is theatmosphere and our attitudes. After thirty minutes. Though thearrangement is rather ugly from an academic view, but it might be able tohelp out students who are looking for a reference.

Learning robots are prevalent among family robots, the directmeaning of their existence is to serve the robot user. Lastly, after I hand in asimple report of my thoughts, the lecture would end. Robots and Meaningof Existence. The meaning of my existence is Professor. My beloved Professor. I loveyou, Professor.

Marry me, Professor. She breaks the 8-shaped circlet cigarette into half, then pops one into hermouth. I pick up the report that I wrote. The prank today might be a little bit over. To make her happier, I should send some red tea and cake there after this. Three Days BeforeThis morning is different from the other ones. A gloomy, discontinuous rain started from dawn. It is as if the sky is cryingbecause it is going to part with the sun, the lonely rain makes people feeldepressed as well.

I awaken Professor and prepare breakfast for her after that. But only today Iaccidentally charred part of the egg, I wonder why. On this unusual morning, Professor said some unusual things as well. Her expression looks very calm, but also lonely at the same time. Yeah, just after dinner. I want a marriage application withProfessor! Ah, but, marriage application huh……. Wha- what is with this!? Be a good girl before that.

The blue umbrella is just like a lightly painted water color drawing, losingits focus in the raindrops, becoming foggy.

Armaell's Library

Professor vanishes just like thatafter going around the corner. The rain starts to get heavier. I run back to the doorstep. For some reason, Isuddenly have a feeling of someone pulling my hair, so I turn around tohave a look before entering the house. Professor is a youngbeauty with an exceptional figure, but her bookshelves are full of academicbooks, without even a trace of books related to fashion.

However, it is different with robots. In addition, human expressions are very complicated. Human expressions can be categorized into about a fewhundreds, only by doing subtle changes to the mental circuit, the robots canconvey expressions that are lifelike.

Hence, the facial expression andlanguage recognition softwares are the best and the most expensive ones inthe robot market.

The price of the expression softwares would sometimesbe even higher than the price of the robot itself. I have the latest version of the expression software installed on me.

I amthankful to Professor for letting me laugh and cry, fly into a temper, throw atantrum and so on.

I close the book that I was reading. It is now five forty five in the evening. Professor would be back soon. I should prepare dinner now. Over an hour passed, and it is now seven thirteen at night. Professor would contact me every time she comes home.

I impatiently stared at the hands of the clock on the wall. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Tick-tock, Tick-tock. I finished all the housework. Not back yet, not back yet? The second hand turned in a circle, two circles, three circles—At the instant when the seventh circle arrives.

Trriiiiiing, triiiiiing…… The phone in the corridor starts to ring. I run to the corridor like a spring, jumping onto the receiver of the phone. This is the Umbrella residence! The FirstRobotics Laboratory would be where Professor works. Umbrella is not here at the moment, soplease a message if you wish to contact her.

Thanks for taking care of Umbrella all this time. Goosebumps appear on my skin at that moment. Why is this person call here specially? If he wanted to look for Professor, he could just call her own phone. Uneasiness and fear crawl on my back like bugs. The sharp weapon of truth pierces into my ears. I wonder how much time passed. The electronic voice called me again and again. That moment, I finally came to my senses. I look down, only to see the swaying receiver knocking lightly on my leg.

My fingers start to move. The lost memories surface from the depths of my consciousness. A terrible phone call. Please greet them immediately. Because of the electronic voice urging me, I start to walk. Almost like I am running away from here, I walk step by step down thestairs, opening the door. Reached the outside. Outside, it already sank into the total darkness of night time. I walk to the arch door, seeing a black door parked on the road in front ofthe door. The man is still young, but his face is a sicklywhite, and his cheeks are sunken like an old man.

I call him, then he leaves the body of the car that he was leaning against justnow in surprise, proclaiming that he is the assistant, Ralph Ciel. I nod silently. After that, the door of the car opens silently. I did not ask for the location of the place where we are heading to. The neon lights in the Commercial Street are flinging thin rays of lights likea fallen meteorite, leaving me gradually. Ralph did not speak. The more pressingproblem is, the only common topic between us is Professor, but when wemention Professor, we would come in contact with the terrible news nomatter what we say.

After about ten minutes, the car reaches the hospital. I walk down from thecar, staring at the white building greeting us in the night skies. Ralph brought me to the underground part of the hospital. We undergonequite a few security checks on our way, in the hall and the elevator, and ourIDs and other items were rummaged.

The room is at the end of a corridor at B4 level. Quite a lot oframpage incidents like this happened recently, and these robots arerepeatedly sent to the lab. At this time, I recall the robot that went on arampage at the Venus Fountain Plaza. After thirty minutes, the progress of dissection was quite good, and it was atthat moment that the accident occurred. The robot suddenly rebooted, stoodup and started to go on a rampage. Though his battery level is rather low, hestill rebooted, and the reason is unknown.

Before they managed to use theemergency laser gun, the robot broke down the thick walls of the dissectionanalyzation room. This is a huge power that is unimaginable to humans innormal conditions. Professor is dead. After that, the robot was overwhelmed with laser gun. And next is now. The white lid of the capsule opens like a flower blooming, then her bodyappears before me. Even so, a stain of blood can still be seen at the corner of her mouth. The red blood stuck to her chest and her belly looks very strange in starkcontrast with her white face, so I cannot help but stare for some time.

Asthough she is a red rose sealed in white ice, Professor radiates a certain senseof beauty. I extend my hand to Professor, touching her white face. So cold. Her body temperature is much lower than that ofa living person. I start to plead soundlessly. Is it painful? Why did you do such dangerous thing? Professor, who helped robots all this time, why must you be killedby a robot?


Your Iris is here. So Professor. Please open your eyes. Give me an order. Tease me. Touch myhair—Just at this moment. Professor loves this locked up box that is like anecklace. I stretch out my hand to it. My fingers are still trembling comically. The cigarette case in my palm is stained with blood, and only a circletcigarette can be seen after opening the oval lid. A tiny photo is stuck to the interior of the lid. This is the group photo that Professor and I took before this.

Two Days BeforeIt was the first day since Doctor had passed away. I spent my time idling in the mansion. Since the previous night I had beensitting like that, staring at the scenery outside the window of the livingroom. The sky was ironically blue, and the birds were chirping. Theyalmost seemed to be singing a hymn of peace. But I felt like being the onlyperson left in this world.

Rather than falling into sadness, I was more likeunable to fully embrace the truth. Not knowing what I should do, I eventually returned to my usual routinework. The chores. I gave the mansion a good clean, cut the grass, and paid the bills. When I was trying to wash Doctors clothes, I found my hands shaking. After preparing the meals, I was in a shock, realizing that no one wouldfinish my dishes.

The bed in Doctors bedroom was cold. When the thought that the bedwould never be warm again came up onto my mind, I felt like my chestbeing torn into pieces. I did not even know what I was doing. But I continued with the chores. In It was simply too scary for me toface the reality. By night time, I eventually had nothing else left to do. I sat on the corridor outside the bedroom, hugging my knees. I felt like if Iwaited long enough Doctor might return. That was why for the whole night,I was firmly grasping her cigarette case and waiting for her.

But, Doctor did not return. On my way, I fell down the stairs because I was running out of power. Myright foot twisted towards a weird direction. Dragging one of my legs, Iwalked slowly towards the laboratory. Sitting on the milk-white bed, I opened my wrist.

The linking unit forrecharging appeared.

Iris on Rainy Days

It was at that time that I had a sudden impulse to cut my wrist. If I cut my wrist, I would die. I would have an easy way out.I feel much better after that. I am still moving the waste construction materials as well. I can only become scrap metal. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Even so, my field of vision is not clear. If I cut my wrist. My vision quality is extremely low. Thou shalt hear the "Never, never," whisper'd by the phantom years, And a song from out the distance in the ringing of thine ears; And an eye shall vex thee, looking ancient kindness on thy pain.

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