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As mentioned on Wikipedia (wildlifeprotection.info List_of_Sword_Art_Online_light_novels#Sword_Art_Online:_Progressive) the 5th Volume is anounced. LanguageEnglish. NOVEL: Sword Art Online Progressive. Identifier manga_Sword_Art_Online_Progressive. Identifier-arkark://t06x5qz7g. Download Sword Art Online Progressive Vol-5 Light Novel After successfully untangling themselves from a dangerous Vol-5 epub/pdf.

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Anyone got any links? The ones I found are in pdf. 4Xg6Yu2Jg - Read and download Reki Kawahara's book Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. 6 (manga) in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Kwert87Bgteu - Read and download Reki Kawahara's book Sword Art Online Progressive 5 (light novel) in PDF, EPub online. Free Sword Art Online.

Volume 1: Volume 2: Volume 3: Download Volume 4: Volume 5: Sword Art Online Progressive. Post a Comment 1 Comments. Constandinos April 8, at 3: Popular Posts. Volume 1 - 15 Synopsis After dying a laughable and pathetic death on his way ba…. Ollerus Novels. Popular Light Novels. Follow by Email.

Up above was a crowded, starry tableau, looking ready to rain down light at any moment. Below was an endless sea of clouds, glowing faintly with the starlight from above. She gazed at the stunning sight, feeling a numbing thrill run through her from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

When she looked closer, she saw a flock of large birds flying slightly above them. They slowly crossed the sky from east to west until they disappeared in the curtain of stars. Asuna lost track of how long shed been standing there, but then her brain kicked back into action. She blinked and murmured, Of course Brink as in the brink of a cliff.

Thats my guess. I had to look it up in a dictionary back in the beta, Kirito replied. She glanced around again. The high walls on either side of the terrace curved gently, each side covering the base of a mammoth pillar that stretched all the way to the bottom of the floor above, three hundred feet away.

As the name suggested, they were at the very brink of Aincrad itself. Ive never been this close to the edge. And not since the beta for me Theres a jutting observation deck down in the Town of Beginnings on the first floor, but Ive hardly been back there.

Just to confirmwhat happens if you jump over this railing? He didnt respond at once. Kirito leaned his upper half over the railing to peer down. She instinctively grabbed his coat collar and pulled with all her strength. Kirito gagged and returned upright to the terrace with a strained smile. Look, Im not going to try it. Dont go thrill seeking, now! Sorry, sorry. When I fell from the outer edge in the beta, I got the You are dead notice in midair and then resurrected in Blackiron Palace.

Well, I bet its just the same now, except theres no resurrection.

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But the fence and terrace are indestructible objects, so theyre much safer than they would be in the real world. The swordsman held up a finger and added, Oh, right. In the beta, someone raced through the doors the moment they opened, hoping to order a limited-supply dish with a buff effect, but couldnt make such a hard left turn to the restaurant soon enough and plunged over the railing.

So watch out for that.

I guess thats what the warning on the sign was for She recalled a scene from about twenty days earlier. In Urbus, the main town of the second floor, there was an enormous cake with a buff effect called the Tremble Shortcake.

Stat effect aside, there was nothing better than eating a massive shortcake with spongy filling, dollops of cream, and scads of strawberries, without a single calorie to worry about. The memory of the cake activated her sense of hunger, and Asuna pulled on her partners coat gently this time. Come on, lets eat. Since were here, we might as well eat on the terrace.

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Of course. The outside tables were a huge hit during the beta, mostly for dates. You have no idea how lonely it was to wolf down food for the buff effect surrounded by those types, Kirito grumbled, sitting down at a chair on the table closest to the edge. Asuna took the seat across from him and replied, Well, you should be happy, knowing that you finally came with someone else When she saw the odd look on her temporary partners face, she realized her mistake.

Feeling her ears grow hot to the very tips, she smacked the cast-iron table hard. I-I mean, not that! This isnt a date, just so were clear! Before Kirito could react to her statement, the door to the restaurant on the western side of the terrace opened.

The game probably registered her striking the table as a signal for service. An NPC waitress wearing a black apron hurried over, bowing and welcoming them, then placed two glasses of water on the table. Have you decided on your order? Ah, just a minute Asuna picked up the menu of parchment fixed to a bronze plate.

The waitress was a virtual NPC, so there was no issue with forcing her to waitor so Asuna had thought until half a month ago, when she met the dark elf Kizmel.

The menu was written in both English and Japanese, so she let her sight and intuition work for five seconds before making her decision. Ill have the chvre leaf and ten-cheese salad, the piping hot gratin soup, and the poro-poro bird roast, with a bread roll. She was going to hand Kirito the menu next, but he held up a hand and said, Ill have the same, plus a bottle of ficklewine, and two blue-blueberry tarts and coffees after the meal.

The waitress repeated it back perfectly, then left. Asuna let out a long breath. When you come up to a new floor, you dont know what all the foods are like, so it feels like gambling when you order. You sounded pretty decisive to me. I did my best to avoid the new-sounding names, she said, glancing at the menu once more.

A question popped into her head. Did you order that limited-supply buff item? What effect does it have?

Ill leave that for you to find out, Kirito answered, grinning. Asuna fixed him with a glare, deciding shed make him test the dishes first for poison.

Just like that, the food arrived. To her relief, the salad, soup, and main dish were all largely as shed anticipated. Kirito pulled the cork out of the wine bottle with his fingers and poured the golden liquid into Asunas glass.

Shed thought the name sounded weird when he ordered it, but it looked just like an ordinary white wineexcept that when Kirito poured it into his own glass, the wine was pink and bubbling. What kind of trick is that? Its not a trick or sleight of hand at all, he said boldly, setting the bottle down with a smirk. This wine changes at random between red, white, ros, and sweet, dry, or sparkling each time you pour it.

Hence the name: ficklewine. So you wound up with a sparkling ros. I got She lifted the glass, clinked it to Kiritos, and took a sip. The sharp chill and subtle flavor was a pleasant stimulation to her sense of taste. It was a lot like the white wine shed tried in the real world, but of course, here there was no alcohol content.

Mmm, thats good. Kirito murmured, watching her closely. She arched a questioning eyebrow at him, and he looked away, clearing his throat awkwardly.

Er, I I wondered if you had experience drinking wine. Well, a bit, just for the taste And quite a sensitive topic: If she made him think she had wine regularly, that would mean she was above twenty, the drinking age. Asuna had turned only fifteen just over three months ago, and it felt weird to imagine someone seeing her as five years older than that. In truth, shed had no more wine than whatever she sipped from her fathers or brothers glass at home.

J-just a bit, really. Didnt you take sips of your fathers beer, too? Well, sure. Though it was my moms beer Kirito looked to the right, toward the night sky. Asuna followed his gaze and, after a few moments, opened her eyes wide with a start. She hadnt noticed it at first, because there were so many stars in the sky, but now that she looked, she could see a line of three stars: Orions Belt.

That meant the large red star to the left was Betelgeuse, the sparkling star far to the left of that was Procyon in Canis Minor, and two stars below, pale Sirius from Canis Majorthe Winter Triangle.

The same constellations as the real worlds Asuna shut her eyes tight and lowered her head. The stars were virtually invisible from her home in the Setagaya ward of Tokyo, but the mountain air of her mothers parents home in Miyagi was clear and crisp, providing a vivid view of the stars. One winter night, shed gone out in heavy clothes so that her grandfather could teach her the names of the stars. That childhood memory returned in brilliant clarity, shrouded in a painful nostalgia that jabbed at her heart.

She put her hand to her breastplate and sensed that Kirito was going to say something. She shook her head. Dont say anything. I dont want to think about the real world. Im Asuna, level fencer.

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If I dont keep believing that, Ill go back to the old me who couldnt fight The words coming from her throat were so faint that even she could barely hear them.

After a few moments, a calm voice replied, Yeah I get it. She shook her head again, implying that it wasnt his fault. Eventually the pain in her chest left her, and she took a deep breath before raising her head. No, Im sorry Come on. Lets eat, before it gets cold. The meal, which they consumed in a bit of a rush, was quite good overall.

The salad leaves contained a faint hint of mayo, and when they took the lid off the soup, it was indeed viciously bubbling away. The poro-poro bird crumbled into soft pieces with just the poke of a fork, but all told, it was an enjoyable meal. When she finished her third glass of winethis one a sweet rosthe waitress brought out the desserts.

It looks just like a normal blueberry tart. Is this the? The limited-supply buff dish The color of the berries seemed a little too vivid probably the source of the extra blue in the name , but with the only light coming from the four lanterns hung at each corner of the terrace, it was hard to tell. Once she had seen Kirito happily pack away the first bite without any sign of poison or curses, Asuna worked a triangular piece out and lifted it to her mouth.

Under the fresh, sweetly sour blueberries was a layer of thick custard cream, which went well with the crisp tart crust. Of course, it didnt have the size of the Tremble Shortcake, but it was hard to say which flavor was better. She finished the dessert in a blissful haze, took a sip of coffee, and sighed with satisfaction.

As she did so, an unfamiliar effect icon appeared in the upper left of her view. Inside the square icon was the image of an open eye. It was probably some kind of boost to sight, but she didnt feel like her eyesight or night vision had improved markedly.

Look at the terrace floor, Kirito said. She leaned over to look at the stone floor beneath the table. As she scanned it, she noticed something shining dully at the edge of the terrace. She stood up and walked toward the glowing objecta small coin.

The glowing effect stopped once she picked it up, but the shine of the reflected lantern light did not go away. It was an old silver coin.

But the image stamped on the side wasnt the familiar icon of Aincrad on the usual hundred-col coin. It was a new symbol of two trees standing next to each other. On the other side was just an odd crest, with no numbers whatsoever. She returned to Kirito and held up the coin.

Its just an unfamiliar coin What is this? Why was it shining? She sat down and clunked the coin onto the table.

Kirito snatched it up, gave it a quick glance, and nodded, spinning it in his fingers. These ruins are made up of remainsthe buildings and roads that constitute Karluinand one other very important element.

Do you know what that is? She grumbled, feeling like she was being questioned by a history teacher. With her studying mind in gear for the first time in ages, she tried to come up with a reasonable answer. Kirito flipped the coin with his right thumb and nimbly caught it in his left hand. Well, youre basically right, but the answer is relics.

Remains and relics combine to make ruins By which I mean, Karluin isnt just these ancient roads and wallsits littered with little relics like this. The story hasnt picked up yet, but within a day or two, there will be hundreds of players from below coming up here to scrabble for relics all over the city.

She couldnt help but look back down at the floor. There was a fresh glow at the base of the south-facing railing, so she rushed over to scoop it up. This ones copper. The double-tree symbol was the same, but the brown coin was a bit smaller when she placed it on the table next to the first.

Now she could feel her body itching to look for more of them. Kirito smirked at her. Just be careful of getting hooked on relic hunting.

In other games, youd have a little minimap with the item locations listed, and theyd glow on the screen, but in SAO, theyre just lying on the ground It was even hard to find that huge Fossilwood Branch, so you can imagine how difficult it will be to find these tiny coins around.

But it was glowing for me So this eye icon means Thats a bonus to relic finding, and it only works inside and below Karluin, but it will help you quite a bit by making the coins and jewels glow Jewels? Asuna asked, cutting him off. The gold coins and jewels are super rare, so even with the buff, its pretty difficult to find them.

Even rarer are the magic rings and necklaces Asuna glanced away from the awkward-looking Kirito and down at the silver and copper coins on the table. After five seconds of internal struggle, she admitted, I want to hunt for relics, too. It probably wasnt the most ladylike of actions, but when she was in kindergarten, she remembered attending a building completion ceremony, where she trotted around picking up all the ritual mochi dumplings they scattered to bless the finished construction.

That had earned her a vicious scolding from her mother, so picking up items in a virtual world was nothing at this point. Besides, theyd paid money for the tarts effect, so there was no point in letting it go to waste.

She stared back at her partner, who was looking more skeptical by the second, and asked, Is there a problem? In fact, why do you look so unmotivated to do this? Knowing you, I would have thought youd recommend snatching them all up before the town got crowded.

H-how rude I love doing stuff like this, too, but I have some tragic memories from the beta Then again, as long as we stick to the town, it should be fine He came to some kind of internal consensus and got to his feet, pointing at the table.

By the way, these Karl Coins can be converted into col at an NPC exchange merchant in town, he added, scooping up the coins. When the NPC waitress came to clean up their dishes, they gave her an automatic thanks for the meal and headed back through the big door.

There were still no players in sight, but once the buff tart was included in Argos strategy guides, that queue from the beta would return. How long does this buff last? Asuna asked as they departed. Kirito put on a face like an adult reassuring a small child. Theres no need to panic. We have an entire hour. You mean only an hour! Unfortunately, the buff only works if you eat it in the restaurant.

Just one per customer, thirty made a day. So you couldnt buy them all up and resell them for a huge profit, Asuna muttered. Kirito pulled away in mock horror. Wow, even I wouldnt stoop that low!

I didnt say I would do it! Im just saying, its a good thing thats impossible! Even as she poked the shoulder of his coat, she was careful not to take her eyes off the ground. For now, she didnt see any glowing objects. There were two on that terrace earlier, but Im not finding any out here There arent many relics on the pathways.

And basically zero in NPC stores and buildings.

The places to go are the open plazas here and there, the temples, and the really ruined spots that the residents dont use. And when you pick up a relic, thats it? In the beta, they would come back whenever they took the server down for maintenance You know, youre right When they take online games like this down for maintenance, what exactly are they doing?

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This might be a question more on the real-world side, but she figured it was safe to ask. Kirito pressed his fingers to his temples and strained to remember.

I feel like I read about this once They check the software and hardware for damage, then fix or replace it if they find something, update the program with bug fixes, then restart the server I think?

So theres lots of stuff they do.

How is SAO fine running for two months without maintenance? Sadly, I do not know, the swordsman answered, smiling wryly as he looked up toward the floor above. If they cluster the servers, they can perform rolling maintenance where they switch them out individually without stopping service But in SAOs case, Kayaba clearly designed it knowing he would turn it into a deadly trap, so obviously he had a plan for it all along I just cant guess how it works from here. She was starting to lose sight of his train of thought, so Asuna quickly took advantage of his break in speech to say, Th-thanks.

Anyway, at the moment, that means its possible that any relic that gets picked up will never reappear on the ground. In that case, its even more important we dont waste our time! Plazas and temples, you said?

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Lets go! Yeah, yeah.But the trick in question wasnt his own idea. He didnt respond at once. Asuna shut her eyes tight and lowered her head. Once she had seen Kirito happily pack away the first bite without any sign of poison or curses, Asuna worked a triangular piece out and lifted it to her mouth. It was a new symbol of two trees standing next to each other.

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