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Soldier's Heart: Being the Story of the Enlistment and Due Service of the Boy Charley Goddard syndrome). Although some of the events and time sequences are not completely factual, the essential elements of the book's story are true. A Soldiers Heart is a book that I would recommend to other readers not only because of the great details that Gary Paulsen put into it, but because you relive the. Soldier's Heart, by the award-winning author Gary Paulsen, focuses on Charlie Goddard's enlistment in The First Minnesota Volunteers. The young boy enlists in .

Soldiers Heart Book

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TEACHING GUIDE. ABOUT THIS BOOK The Reality of War "War is always, in all ways, appalling."–from Soldier's Heart Good fiction can convey the reality of war. In June , when the Civil War began, Charley Goddard enlisted in the First Minnesota Volunteers. He was He didn't know what a "shooting war". Soldier's Heart book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In June , when the Civil War began, Charley Goddard enlisted i.

Another major problem is how Charley is described in battle. One moment Charley is looking around the battlefield.

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Then, in the next sentence, he is suddenly filled with "savage rage". Here's a direct quote: "Charley glanced at him, surprised.

Soldier’s Heart Teacher’s Guide

Nelson had been there. Cocky Nelson. He was nowhere to be seen and Charley hadn't seen him get hit, hadn't seen him fall.

Charley ran on, Some men slowed, satisfied that they'd won the fight, but Charley couldn't stop running and soon found himself in front of the line. He would have been shocked to see himself.

His lips were drawn back showing his teeth, and his face was contorted in a savage rage. He wanted to kill them.

He wanted to catch them and run his bayonet through them and kill them. On the train ride to their new camp, Charley meets a slave, who thanks him for what he is doing for the southern slaves. In Charley's first battle, near Manassas Junction, Virginia, in , he is caught in the middle of violent suffering and death.

When the battle is over, hundreds of Charley's comrades have been killed in what came to be called the Battle of Bull Run after the name of the creek that ran nearby, or the Battle of Manassas for the junction nearby. A camp of 90, men is created near Washington, D.

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Charley becomes part of the day-to-day routine of the camp. He and the others forage for food at local farms and eventually build log houses to live in during the approaching winter. However, many men get diseases such as dysentery and die in the camp. Charlie also gets dysentery, but recovers.

During this period, Charley participates in the battle against the Confederate Army. The Union wins, but with heavy casualties, one of whom is Nelson, a man whom Charley had befriended only hours before.

Nelson, shot in the stomach, knows that the surgeons do not have the skills or time to mend his wound, so he shoots himself with his own rifle on the battlefield. Charley takes part in a winter battle near Richmond, Virginia , in which nearly one hundred Confederate Army cavalry charge the six hundred infantrymen of Charley's regiment.

Charley and the others are told to shoot the horses in order to defeat the cavalry, and they do so, killing every horse and man. He then fights a large army of Confederate soldiers.

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After the fighting is over, he is told that he has been shot in the shoulder; when he arrives at the temporary hospital, he is told that the blood on his uniform is not his and that he has not been shot.

Next, Charley participates in the Battle of Gettysburg , in July In this battle, he has the protection of rocks and logs and a large force of artillery behind him.

Most of the charging Confederate soldiers are killed as they attack, but some eventually get close. The officers send the First Minnesota Volunteers forward.

They rush at the soldiers, killing many. Charley is knocked out by enemy blows, seeing a red veil come down over his eyes and believing that he is about to die.Pre-reading Activity Form committees to research and report on several general aspects of the Civil War: I loved this book, but it is not for the faint of heart.

An Internet History of the Great War http: The generals are accurate for once, and they show how being exposed to mature ideas can and will affect you permanently in your life.

Soldier's Heart

Compare these with the real causes of the Civil War that the class researched in the pre-reading exercise. May 25, Ry Lan rated it it was amazing. But, other than that, little can be said.

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