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the table given below -. Free Download List of Synonyms and Antonyms PDF . Cheap, Competitive, Inexpensive, Dear, unreasonable. Synonyms and Antonyms are very commonly asked in any competitive not Reference List of Synonyms PDF Free Download Download This PDF (Important) . We Are Providing You Free Pdf For Download Synonyms & Antonyms pdf. The file Size Is 1mb You Quant Power Questions Bank PDF, Download Now.

List Of Synonyms And Antonyms Pdf For Competitive

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This Arihant Synonyms And Antonyms Book PDF Can Prove Very Useful For Preparing The English Section Of The Various Competitive Exams. List of Synonyms | Download Available From wildlifeprotection.info synonyms/. Page 1 of 5. List of Synonyms. A list of synonyms & antonyms for the. Synonyms and Antonyms are very commonly asked question in any competitive exam. We are not just talking about Indian competitive exams.

It requires time and practice. We have compiled some of the best links where you can get ebooks, PDF files which have vast amount of antonyms and synonyms. Download them and start reading words daily then only you will be able to learn and understand over a period of time.

Below is one of the best static GK app that you can download for any government exam. If you will practice daily then you can learn almost all the questions very easily. You can even check your marks after each quiz. Try it out guys. All are in PDF format and you can download them easily within minutes as the file size is not very large. Jan 20, I am sharing you a complete List of Antonyms and Synonyms which competitive not only in govt exam but in placement papers also and. Dec 8, Download the PDF from below-given button and score high marks in ssc.

Aug 15, Are looking for English synonyms and antonyms? Want to make your writing more interesting and beautiful. Synonyms, antonyms, and word. May 23, The number of correct an- producing a 2 X 3 design. This analysis was per- ticipations in eight trials was the same order as in formed four times, and each can be considered an Exp. I except for two instances: In the Unmixed- independent test, differing only on the three items List group A-C had more correct anticipations used for the scores.

This analysis produced a than did C-D. In the Mixed-List group antonyms significant interaction in three of four instances had more correct anticipations than C-D.

Synonyms And Antonyms List Pdf For Competitive Exams Free Download

The means for these anticipation scores can be These two experiments used an found in line 3 and the percentage in line 4. Both experiments were the present experiment, obtained positive combined. This gave 80 Ss who were given un- transfer effects for the synonym and anto- mixed lists, 20 for each condition.

Then from the nym response relationships. When, in the 40 Ss learning the mixed lists, 10 Ss were chosen present experiment, the same pairs were having the same three items under each paradigm.

100,000+ Synonyms And Antonyms Book PDF Download

The same sets of three items were obtained for incorporated into the mixed-list design, the 20 Ss in each condition for the unmixed lists. Acquisition for the first eight trials of the mixed list.

Acquisition for the first eight trials of the unmixed list. Figures 1 and 2 show both the consistency Figure 1 shows the mean number correct and immediacy of the results over the first for each of the first eight trials of the un- eight trials of the second list.

The ordering mixed list. Figure 2 shows this effect for the effects were immediate and quite con- mixed list.

Frequently Asked Synonyms and Antonyms in Competitive Exams Pdf Download

These figures represent a com- sistent except for the A-C condition, whose bination of the results of Exps. I and II, negative results were produced later due The differential effect of the two types of to the fact that list completion was usually designs becomes even more dramatic when dependent on final attainment of one or it is recalled that the antonym relationship two A-C units.

While this is not apparent produces greater positive transfer effect in Figs.

The positive design. If, as Osgood assumes, response generalization ber of trials to learn an item all para- occurs during the learning of a number-adjective digms c o m b i n e d in a mixed an-1 u n m i x e d pair, the response which is learned to the number list.

List of Synonyms and Antonyms for Competitive Exams

When at a later time the same is not d e p e n d e n t simply on degree of dif- stimulus is presented with a different but similar ficulty of learning a mixed or u n m i x e d list response being required, then the new learning per se. Factors within the designs them- will be facilitated. If the previous analysis of the.

T h a t this is not strictly a prefer- tion interpretation is the single most plausible ence factor can be seen in as m u c h as para- means of accounting for positive transfer effects digms in the mixed list are being learned in the mixed-list design-either response generali- simultaneously and not successively.

If it zation or mediation would produce these find- ings in the unmixed-list design2 were m e r e preference of set, one p a r a d i g m The Mastery of the Antonyms in the Unmixed- w o u l d be c o m p l e t e d before another began. List Design.

In the unmixed-list design, antonyms This did not occur even on individual proved to be easier to master in both experiments, data sheets. Ease of completion of a par- and it had been this particular type of finding tieular p a r a d i g m m u s t be explained in which is embarrassing to the Osgood surface. If, terms of facilitating or inhibiting effects however, it is assumed that S in the unmixed- list design employs a mediating strategy, then the occurring from the learning of first re- positive transfer for antonyms can be predicted.

Tim S merely needs to recall the first-list response - T h e contrast b e t w e e n the ordering of and then give its antonym. Such an explanation the groups in the two types of design sug- accounts for positive transfer effects, but addi- gests that the psychological processes tional concepts are required to account for the consistent superiority of the antonyms over syn- w h i c h operate in the attainment of the onyms in the unmixed-list design.

The simplest criterion in the two types of lists are not possibility is that opposites are more easily given identical. Specifically, it is suggested that associates than are synonyms.

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Support for this for b o t h s y n o n y m s a n d antonyms, the un- point of view can be found in a semantic gen- mixed-list design allows S to discover and eralization experiment by Reiss which ob- tained greater generalization to opposites than e m p l o y a single transformation rule that to synonyms, and from the Korwoski and Schachter permits each of the second-list responses study which obtained shorter control word to be attained b y mediation t h r o u g h the first-list response.

This was done, but there was no related response, and finally, give an un- uniformity and no consistency in their explanations.

Since, A few Ss implied that they used a mediated in addition, S m u s t learn to recognize the process, other Ss were aware of the synonymity appropriate stimulus to w h i c h each rule relationship but did not suggest the use of the mediating approach, other Ss did not report being applies, there is little reason to e m p l o y the aware of a consistent relationship between the rules, and the appropriate strategy b e c o m e s two lists. On the basis of these data one does not one of learning each item independently.

These studies suggest that The interpretation of the antonym learn- In reviewing the literature on antonym re- ing depends upon the confidence with which the sponses in association tests, Wynne, Geriuoy, and autonym and A-C groups may be located on the Scheffman concluded that "antonym responses are transfer dimension.

Evaluation of the statistical ones S finds obvious.Please note that this list is not exhaustive.. Retract Recant, withdraw Confirm, assert Irksome Exhilarating, lively Languid Sluggish, apathetic Energetic, spirited These figures represent a com- sistent except for the A-C condition, whose bination of the results of Exps.

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