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Five Point Someone What not to do at IIT Chetan Bhagat is the author of two blockbuster novels. Famous Five 01 - Five On A Treasure Island By Enid Blyton. True, my engineering degree was in the dumps. True we probably pointlessly slaved in Prof. Veera's lab mixing one type of with another all day. True, I may get . Chetan Bhagat is the author of two blockbuster novels – Five Point Someone Chetan is married to Anusha, his classmate from IIM-A, and has twin boys – Ishaan and Shyam. access up to 5 PDF/TXT eBooks per month each month).

Five Points Someone By Chetan Bhagat Pdf

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wildlifeprotection.info wildlifeprotection.info wildlifeprotection.info http ://wildlifeprotection.info http://al Author: Chetan Bhagat. Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat FULL BOOK - Download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online. Five Poine Someone by Chetan Bhagat Five. Download Free PDF of Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat Five Point Someone is a story about three friends in IIT who are unable to cope.

Hari go there only for food and he enjoy the food. But in between the lunch Alok throw his plate on floor because his mother was crying about daily routine and the solution of this is only more money. Now Hari face big problem they have no money and at December there is Neha;s birthday and Ryan gave him a cheap idea that they will go to Nehas home and entered the Nehas home through windows and everyone agree they go there. They climb up through pipe and reach Nehas room.

Neha was surprised to see him in a room. He gave the flowers which Ryan plucks it in Nehas garden. At midnight they all of them was going from there but when they getting down Aloks feet touch the bucket and bucket fell noisily as Alok crawled through the grass loud enough to make all our whispers pointless and professor Cherian notice it and open the door with voice Who is it?

And they all ran fastly as they and when they ran away Ryan yelled Yours Father as answer of professor Cherian. In there Neha wrote a letter to his brother Samir. Who is no more? She told him about Hari and his friend. First Neha and his brother hate IIT students and also Neha but she little bit hate She tell everything to her Ryan because when she meet brother in this letter about date, birthday everything Hari he always talking about Ryan.

There is a secreate in between Neha and samir. At last movement he wrote a letter to Neha which Neha never v told anybody and broke her more. Taking exam and dating with Neha one more year left.

Now vodka is no longer a novelty. Ryan assignment was rejected by head of department. Hari was scared of vivas and Alok is also think about life. They al wasnt be happy in this time. Now professor Cherian taught them and he couldnt be miss his class and he pretended to be good student and gave good impression on Cherian because of Neha. But as usual Ryan not interested and he follow C2D plan. As well the meeting with Neha is also going on. Now they go to walk date.

Walk wit each other they reach a village Katwaria temple near the track of railway station. This is the place where Nehas brother was dead. They sat on it and kissed to each other. She began to cry. Hari want to be make a smile on Neha face. He saw some little bit naked children look them as they were watching a film. And Hari got a point he tell see in middle there is an Rveena Tondon three year old and Neha started to laugh.

And then they came back to campus and adopted separate path. By seeing almost two year go and there is most of thing happening there. Now the fourth major was come as usual Hari was afraid of viva and Ryan suggested idea to take a vodka lil bit that he would speak out frequently in front of cheriaan and take good impression for Neha.

But it happening opposite he panic again and cant speak a word in front of Cherian either Cherian smell his vodka and tell him to leave the class as per he take 0 marks. Ryan feel very ashamed of himself even he cant go there for viva.

Actually he didnt like professor Cherian and shouldnt wants to attend his class.

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat FULL BOOK

In between Alok got a phone from home that his sister gets angaged. Night in the mess they are talking about majors and Ryan told them to steal the paper from Cherian office for Hari that he got the good marks in majors and impress the Cherian. As per Ryan say they talking about the plan next day.

Alok are afraid from it but finally they agree to do it. Page 24 Five Point Someone They call the plan operation pendulum. First Ryan suggested that Cherian office is on 6th floor and we reach in insti roof and hanging up with rope and reach through wall in Cherian office and steal the paper. But Hari feel that is risky so he suggested that w4e go through the door. And he steals the keys from Nehas car.

They could do that and they blithely cheered in unison,operation pendulum. They always think about operation pendulum and they want to get keys that are why Hari want to meet Neha. But when he calls her he found that she caught a pain in her foot and she cant be move. But she calls him at home on that day it was 11 and her parent was not there. He went there she took him in her room they talk to each other in that Neha open the secreat of her brother death.

He is died only because of father. Her father want to be he took the admission in IIT but he is fail to do that and he fell ashamed of himself so he wrote a letter to her sister and tell her to say that I m going for a jogging. And she began to cry but in that Hari and Neha make a physical relation.

After that he go for a cigarette in Nehas car and he also successful to make a duplicate keys. When he came back to home professor Cherian front of him in on bicycle. Haris body going to be freeze he have no guts to move inch step.

When professor told him that it is my car than he gave the reason that Nehas car tyre was flat and he just want a help to her. Then they go home where Neha open a door with only bed sheet on her body.

Hari speak frequently there is your car madam. I was repair the flat tyre. But when he can go professor Cherian caught him from coller. And told him to stay away from my daughter. When he came back to hostel he told his story to both of them and they laugh on him. At that time Alok got a call from home that boy rejected the angagement and his father was shocked and cant eat anything. Then they feel happy because they have a keys and they plan to get on the roof at 10 and do the operation pendulum.

Now they work on operation pendulum first they check out all security guards where they was and then they all going on sixth floor in cherrian office. When they open the door they divided shelves for save time and finally Alok got the paper and Ryan open it carefully. He calls the guards and go to professor room. Now all professors are in Cherian office. They slap them and told him to meet the conference room for the Disciplinary Committee. They called it Disco. First professor Cherian thought he calls the police to catch them in the jail but professor Veera stopped him for the college reputation.

Then they decide to meet them in the conference room. Next day the notice board has the latest news and the crowd gathering around it and everyone know three of them. They go ice cream parlor to hide him. In there they thought what the professor do with them and this time Hari is also crying. When they came back hostel professor Veera meet them at 9p. Secondly twist the story and said Neha give keys to them but Hari didnt agree with him. And third they told that Hari is boyfriend of his daughter but this will let the whole world know.

But Hari feel so guilty and hated himself for agreeing to the story. The clock struct 10 and they were going to the departmental committee room. Page 27 Five Point Someone They all are in the room.

Submitted to Prof. Manoj sharma R277

All the professors sitting around them and put the question. But finally when professor Cherian asked how they could get into his office. As per they decided the story Hari speak it out but he is panic again as per Ryan told them tat Haris friend Neha give the keys to them.

When all professor know that Neha is professor Cherian daughter they keep silent and then they put no many question and no more discussions and told them to leave the room and they will gave the decision after an hour.

Then they all are going to insti roof and Ryan do stupidity on it. It was so late but professor still argument with each other. And when they listening the voice of scooter they went down and call professor Veera and ask the question what the professor take decision against them. He told them that they got F in indem and kicked out for one semester.

And they need to stay until next year to complete the course. It was 5a. He continued to look down. He stood straight ,then one jump up and then straight down in a half second he was out of sight. Page 28 Gravity had done its job. Both of them said to him just Five Point Someone come back and let us go down but they do that with in seconds.

And he is injured badly. Someone call the ambulance and both of them took him in hospital. They never went in hospital through ambulance. They are very afraid. Hari blood covered the whole white bed sheet. The twelve fracture was on his body. They think that he will die soon but doctor told them that he is fell down through his fat bottom thats why he will safe and his four of front teeth was broke.

And he is in ICU. They saw him and took a bus back to hostel. And whole way he talk about him. And realize that he is the only person who brought them to their books.

The Philosophy of Psychology

And now as he lay there they didnt have any books to study from. The hugged each other first time Ryan voice sounded like they were fighting back tears.

As per Neha and Alok Ryan also take a place in the novel. If he not tried to save a bulk and make that phone call then nothing was happen. Everything will be all right.

And he like Alok he fight with him, arguing with him, but still he like them. And Alok also get fun with Ryan. Because of his young age they always take care of his father in the room and they have no fun in his life. Even Page 29 Five Point Someone Alok like him whether Ryan not like his parents and didnt accept the system, didnt have sacrifice about fun.

Ryan pushed Alok and went him so far. But I think he is angry with Hari he ask the question about his parent. Which Hari never talk about them. And finally Ryan asked to him what he in touch with what he wanted. He is surprised to know that Hari want to be like then Ryan. And want Neha. Ryan realizes that Hari may not live for others but he want to be like other. Two months are gone for their suspended semesters. And Alok come back to hostel. Now Ryan and Hari went him hospital regularly even professor Veera also go with them.

Five Point Someone: What Not to Do in IIT

And he greeted him when he come back hostel. And took out box from his bag and the box contain a Kaju Burfi which Alok all time favorite. Ryan asked to professor Veera what was the other reason for the sweets. Then he told them good news that Dean would like your lube project and re-submit our proposal based. And he also asked the dean if he would allow the guys to work in the lab. To revise the work and den agree. And also told them that if Dean like the project this time,they allowed extra credit for this work in the next semester.

Then they all decided to meet in the lab. Tomorrow At 10oclock. And he feels ashamed to call her.

When he calls her she cant listen Hari too much and hung up the phone. At that day Alok mom was come in hostel. Hari was surprised to see her because they cant tell about Aloks accident and now he is on bed how they all hide Alok legs from his mom.

First she cant realize it but when she gave him a jean and told him to wear it and she pulled the beds heet from his legs then she got to know what will happen. She began to cry and Alok ask her that it was an accident when he goes on a scooter with Ryan. But his mother cant believe it and want to meet professor Veera and she went away from there.

And he guesses that it was his parent letter. Then he began to convince them to reply it back and make a good behavior with them. Then Hari calls Neha after a month ago on 11th. He convinces her and asks he miss her and loves her a lot. When she heard that she began to cry and tell him that she also loves him so much. Then they decided to meet in ice-cream parlor after an hour. But she couldnt really remain upset for to long. Now they work on project day and night and finally they gave the brief description of the project to professor Veera to check up and sign up from Dean.

Now the final semester began just a week from now. The first day of final semester felt as special for them. They got up early in the morning. Now professor Saxena was going to taught them the subject RAC. He is also the head of department. They talk with three of them he also know about their Disco so he say to them that do work hard and also told them to talk to mr. Cherian about credit. I think he is very polite person.

Then Hari meet Neha here Neha gave him a samir letter because she didnt want that her father read it. Then she tell Hari about his project that Dean Shastri come home and her father said to him not to trust these students who knows they have cheated once. They just want their credits. Neha and Hari was froze because they listening the voice of professor Cherian in parlor.

They pray to GOD that he will not notice them but professor caught them. Professor stared Hari and abused him. And he caught a samirs letter he thought that it was a love letter but when he read the letter he became to freeze and surrendered himself to his daughter. And tears are Page 32 Five Point Someone become in his eyes.

Hari told the whole story to Ryan and Alok. And at 4a. Hari wrote a letter to Ryans parent from Ryan side. He tell them everything about GPAs, Disco, tained grade sheet professor Veera, and stuck lube project. He wrote 10 of pages to them. He also afraid that if Ryan found out he will kill him.

But no care of Ryan he sent the letter to his parents. One day in the class peon bring a message from Cherian that he wants to see the three of them in the office. They all went in his room with irrelevant thought darted back. When he enter the room there is professor Veera and Shastri also. Professor are happy with there project and gave them a extra credit and also decided to gave them a clean grade sheet.

When they all leave the room professor Cherian asked to Hari stay there for a moment. He want to give him a project for extra five credits and Hari accept it for both of them also and leave the room. At that night Alok asked them for a interview and they all fill the form.

Next day they get early in the morning and get ready for the interview. First Ryan went in for interview then Alok and then Hari. Mr Kammal Desai who take the interview he was very impress from Hari and he escort him out of the room. Listening this news Hari feel so bad and suspending his concern for Ryan for a while. Alok got a job in Delhi and Hari got in Mumbai. But Hari was not happy because he thinks about Neha how he could meet with her.

And Ryan go to professor Veera and told him the story. And professor Veera said to him that he will join him as a Research Assistant with per month and if we are success we got lot of money and some investor also who invest his money in our project.

And Ryan accept his offer. Now they all are officially employed. Finally they all passed It and it was the convocation day and officially their last day at IIT. Hari saw a dream of convocation day he saw that he is sit in the front row and professor Cherian thank to him for found a truth about samir and asked the student to make a friends and dont spoil our life with work and assignments.

Enjoyment is also part of our life so make friends enjoy and dont much bother about study. And it must be good to have Vodka on the top of the insti roof at night. But it was a dream he found Ryan clapping his shoulder so hard and he told him that how does it feels to miss our convocation day. And in their convocation day they are in pajamas and eating paranthas in sasis.

And Ryan work with professor Veera and Ryan father invest money in his project. Ryan found that Hari wrote a letter to him. But he say nothing to Hari. Today night Hari meet with Neha. Next day they pack our bags and that was the last time the three of them in IIT. Then Alok started job in Delhi and his company sent him US for six month and dollar stipend that in one stroke wiped out his family woes.

Ryan worked with professor Veera and with all cash from his dad.

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And I tink there is disaster waiting to happen. And Hari went off to Mumbai and cant stay away from Neha. And his half salary went in rent and half went mostly in phone call to Neha.

Neha finished her fashion design course and had an offer to work for a local designer. And she is trying to find something in Mumbai. And at last they meet in Aloks sister marriage held in Delhi. But they all miss IIT campus. What happens in this circuit is that you buy a book for a negotiable price and return it later at any date and time and get half the price back for it.

I normally buy these books and retain them with me because they are some pretty awesome buys for the price I pay for them. So, I was pretty exci 0. So, I was pretty excited to read this book - it was touted to be the author's best and about IIT and my dad's from IIT so I thought that I'd get to peek into what his life would've been like since he only talks about the fun parts and skips those about study pressure, student life, etc.

This wasn't my first Chetan Bhagat novel, so I didn't have great expectations on the language front. What just happened was this though: Five Point Someone, dismally, had no language, no story and no characterisation whatsoever. Dear Mr. Bhagat, if you think that you can sell books by banking on the IIT brand name, then this novel proves you vehemently wrong and delusional.

Not only were the characters chummy, stupid and repetitive, but they also were unbelievable to be IIT material. Go for jogs in the morning hell, these guys even did pilates! Sneak out to have ice-cream. Be overly emotional for no darn reason - even write letters that make a first-grader proud! Whining 24 x 7 x not about the syllabus or study load, but about family, love, and cheating, ugh!

If I compare these guys to my father, then I either feel like something's wrong with my dad or that the author's got the IIT mentality wrong at the roots I mean, aren't they supposed to be these demigods of intelligence?

C'mon, the supporting cast had no girlfriends, you could have spared us ONE whole character, Mr. All right, that said, I felt that Operation Pendulum's final night was cut straight out of a Bollywood movie - so many dramatic coincidences altogether NOT giving away spoilers, so breathe?

In IIT?And to talk with each other he came near the hostel. And they try it for first semester. Revolution - Love, Corruption, Ambition Gnv In IIT?

They slap them and told him to meet the conference room for the Disciplinary Committee. Hari saw a dream of convocation day he saw that he is sit in the front row and professor Cherian thank to him for found a truth about samir and asked the student to make a friends and dont spoil our life with work and assignments.

And he tell the reality of the IIT that they all have to do well response otherwise he will not get job no school no future. Uninspiring teaching and numerous assignments add to their woes, though the boys do find a sympathizer in Prof.

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