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From quicker access to faster learning, Chinese PDF lessons can potentially reduce study time by up to 50% compared with conventional classroom instruction. Integrated Chinese Level 1 Part 1 Free Chinese Textbook Download PDF on 1 Chinese lesson,free download Chinese textbooks, Learn Chinese via Skype,1. We provide this guide of learning Chinese language for beginners (PDF), which contains all the information(tips & suggestions) you need to know as a beginner.

Chinese Lessons Pdf

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China's written language. Wendy has directed Chinese lan- guage programs for American students in Beijing and. Shanghai and has interpreted for high-level. Candidates will not have to read the word in Chinese characters at this level. .. bag. R. R. 书 shū book. R. R. 上学 shàngxué go to school. R. R. 课 kè lesson. R. CHINESE LEARNING ADVICE FROM 10 LANGUAGE SPECIALISTS Pronunciation and Tones – Getting your Mouth Around Chinese by Chris Parker. 2.

Learning Chinese through PDF lessons can dramatically reduce your data use. Once a lesson or tool is downloaded, you can then access it offline via your computer or smartphone any time or place regardless of Internet access.

So not only will learning Chinese using PDF lessons save minutes on your data plan—it will save you some significant time as well as the lessons add up!

The great thing about PDF lessons, tools or files is that they can be quickly printed and taken anywhere after you download them. In fact, printing out Chinese lessons in PDF format can actually save you time when compared to going through the material on a smartphone with a small screen—even with the extra printing time! Studying video or audio lessons online is a great way to learn a language because students can play and rewind sections as many times as needed until the lesson is mastered.

But when you review the same Chinese lessons again in PDF format, an incredible thing happens: Thanks to Time Spaced Repetition, seeing the information again in written format helps reinforce the information in your mind and improves both retention and recall.

The benefits of learning Chinese using PDF lessons quickly add up to significant time savings for you, your data plan, and your dream of learning a new language!

Why Learning Chinese Using PDF Lessons is Practical and Efficient

In addition to the line-by-line transcript, all lessons include in-depth instructor notes with more information, sample sentences, explanations, and translations. The additional information and notes help you learn Chinese faster and with greater mastery than using the video or audio lessons alone.

And when paired with Chinese video games, video or audio lessons or other study aids, our PDF lessons help you reach your dream of learning a new language faster and easier than any traditional classroom setting. All of the additional information, tools, and samples available on our Chinese lessons in PDF format are also accessible via our Mobile App.


This way, the lessons and supplemental content can either be printed or viewed on any mobile device for ultimate convenience. Once you download Chinese lessons in PDF format to your smartphone, PC or favorite media device, they are yours to use and keep forever. Once downloaded, you can either print out or access your Chinese lessons in PDF format regardless of Internet access. When you consistently learn Chinese through English PDF lessons, the time savings and benefits quickly compound.

And even when compared to studying the same lessons in an online format, the benefits of learning Chinese in PDF format still add up to significant time savings. ChineseClass PDF lessons include instructor notes and supplemental resources that help you learn even faster and with less effort.

Your Next Lesson. Meeting - What's Your Name in Chinese?

Absolute Beginner S1. Learn how to introduce yourself and ask others for their names. You've finished everything on your pathway.

Add a new path? Study Now.

Lessons Advanced Lesson Search. We provide exactly ten words per lesson, as stock business card templates have ten cards to a page. Memorizing Chinese characters is easier when you recognize the radicals as they not only give you a hint to the meaning of the character, but they also make the composition of the character more meaningful rather than some strange bit of scribbling.

The right portion of the character is an old version of the character for 'you'. Both of these characters are associated with good — thus words containing these characters usually mean something good.

Chinese for Beginners

It's considered a blessing to have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, for everything. This would make a 'good' thing. Imagine two children, a boy and a girl, playing outside under the sun — "Life is Good" for these two children.

Memorization Hint: A walking person who stops to look back on their trip has traveled a very long distance. Since they have traveled a great distance we can draw the meaning of 'very' from this character.

Memorization Hint: Think of a mouth asking a horse a question — unless he's Mr. Ed this is a bit ridiculous, but memorable.

Its placement is similar to that of English. This character looks sort of like a wash basin where you wash your face identity to begin the day.

Why Learning Chinese Using PDF Lessons is Practical and Efficient

You do this on Monday, and also Tuesday, and also Wednesday To remember this word imagine a bird that is told to "fly and be free", and then the word "Not! Memorization Hint: There are a lot of parts to this character!

It would be easy to get it "wrong".

Memorization Hint: If you're working to collect silk from worms all day, surely you'll be tired by evening. The Chinese language uses four tones which are designated; 1st tone high and level , 2nd tone starts at a medium pitch and rises , 3rd tone starts at a medium pitch, dips down, then rises to high , and 4th tone starts high and drops sharply down.Neutral tones, sometimes referred to as the 5th tone, are words with no tone symbols above them.

Since they have traveled a great distance we can draw the meaning of 'very' from this character. This Mandarin Chinese course is the first in a 9 part course that focuses on teaching you the communicative aspects of the Chinese language speaking and listening.

Learning Chinese through PDF lessons can dramatically reduce your data use. Two review lessons are included for cumulative practice. To read the file and listen to the videos your computer or device needs to have a PDF reader and be able to view Flash.

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