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by Peter G Mahaffy; John C Kotz; John McMurry; R B Bucat; Roy Tasker; Paul Treichel; Gabriela C Weaver. Print book. English. Second Canadian edition. Chemistry: human activity, chemical reactivity / Peter G. Mahaffy, King's University College, [and six others] Mahaffy, 7 editions of this work 2nd edition. Find all the study resources for Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity by Peter Mahaffy; Roy Tasker.

Chemistry Human Activity Chemical Reactivity 2nd Edition Pdf

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Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity (International Edition). Ⓒ ISBN Edition 2 0 Pages. Published: by Nelson Education. Results 1 - 30 of Study Guide for Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity by Paul M. Treichel ISBN / ISBN Chemistry: Human Activity, Chemical Reactivity | 2nd Edition. Peter Mahaffy/Roy Tasker/Bob Bucat/John C. Kotz/Gabriela C. Weaver/Paul M. Treichel.

Her work in instructional technology development and on active learning has led to numerous publications in addition to her publications on surface physical chemistry.

John C.

He also has published research on inorganic chemistry and electrochemistry. He was a Fulbright Lecturer and Research Scholar in Portugal in and a visiting professor there in , as well as a visiting professor at the Institute for Chemical Education University of Wisconsin, and at Auckland University in New Zealand He also was an invited speaker at a meeting of the South African Chemical Society and at the biennial conference for secondary school chemistry teachers in New Zealand.

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In addition, a recent tenure as a mentor of the U. John E. McMurry received his B.

Sloan Research Foundation Fellow. Paul M. Treichel, received his B. After a year of postdoctoral study in London, he assumed a faculty position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He served as department chair from through and was awarded a Helfaer Professorship in He has held visiting faculty positions in South Africa and in Japan Retiring after 44 years as a faculty member in , he is currently Emeritus Professor of Chemistry.

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During his faculty career he taught courses in general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, and scientific ethics. Professor Treichel's research in organometallic and metal cluster chemistry and in mass spectrometry, aided by 75 graduate and undergraduate students, has led to more than papers in scientific journals. Real-life context is embedded within the text, often in a way that encourages students to think about how we know what we know, and that demonstrates the scientific method effectively.

Big issues are tackled here: climate change, alternative energy sources, feeding the world. It is right and proper that chemistry be presented in these important contexts—especially, I suspect, for many general chemistry students for whom this will be their last encounter with formal education in the subject.

Chemistry Human Activity Chemical Reactivity 2nd Edition by Peter Mahaffy

The authors have been very careful about explaining to students the multiple ways in which chemical information can be presented at the symbolic, observational, and molecular levels.

All too often tutors move between these levels without properly explaining to students what the ground rules are, why there are different conventions, and why they matter.

This problem has been faced head-on in this book and should result in students having increased confidence in using the book and tackling chemistry. A major failing of many general chemistry books is a dire lack of organic chemistry. Organic chemistry is introduced here in chapter 4, and is then comprehensively dealt with in seven further chapters. Organic compounds are treated in the same way as inorganic compounds throughout the text, so that students will be just as familiar with carbon chemistry as they are with the rest of the periodic table.

So, for example, discussion of Lewis acidity or shapes of molecules is just as likely to use organic species as inorganic ones.

Compared with the comprehensive treatment of carbon compounds, the rest of the periodic table is dealt with in just two dedicated chapters, one on main group chemistry and one on transition metal chemistry.

This might seem a little stingy but probably reflects the current importance of organic chemistry.

And inorganic chemistry looms large in the chapters on, for example, structure and bonding, equilibrium, solubility, and energy. The chapter on main group chemistry focuses on charge density and polarization as underlying concepts that are used to describe trends in the properties.

The chemistry is described in terms of underlying trends before presenting essential and distinguishing features of each group. The chapter on transition metal chemistry takes a structure-and-bonding approach rather than a descriptive one and deals very effectively with complexes, crystal field theory, and magnetism as well as metallic chemistry. So the book is very nicely rounded off with chapters on materials, biomolecules, and nuclear chemistry. There are worked examples and in-chapter questions throughout the book, and extensive end-of-chapter exercises.

I particularly liked the end-of-chapter summary and conceptual questions. These move away from closed questioning to more open-ended questions that test synoptic and conceptual understanding. As might be expected from these authors, the book is beautifully illustrated with photographs, molecular structures, and stills from animated molecular simulations. This is a book for which the e-resources are marketed as strongly as the text itself, and it will be interesting to see how this new approach to publishing might progress.

The online resources are available when you have registered and received a password. The e-book is searchable, which will be a great advantage for users. It is also possible to highlight the text and bookmark pages, which makes it easy to return to for key sections. These are a useful additional resource, but unfortunately not all of the simulations ran on my PC. The chapters also have links to interactive exercises that give students practice in calculations and answering questions.

Chemistry Human Activity Chemical Reactivity by Bob Bucat Gabriela Weaver John

Some of these use videos of chemical reactions, animations, and multiple-choice questions. There are also links to molecular simulations that utilize the Odyssey software.

The book also provides access to the Odyssey software itself, which presents tutorials and demonstrations for each chapter. The molecular modeling kit enables students to build their own interactive models. The Odyssey resources are potentially the biggest draw of all the e-resources, and I imagine that students will find them enlightening, entertaining, and useful.

The embedding of these additional online resources in an e-book certainly greatly enhances the textbook.Treichel, Dr.

The chapter on transition metal chemistry takes a structure-and-bonding approach rather than a descriptive one and deals very effectively with complexes, crystal field theory, and magnetism as well as metallic chemistry. These include a solutions manual for all of the exercises and problems in the book. As well, answers may be filled in. Ships Fast!

Used items may not include supplementary materials such as CDs or access codes. This problem has been faced head-on in this book and should result in students having increased confidence in using the book and tackling chemistry. Better World Books: I am not a fan of PowerPoint in teaching, but these are as good as it gets—not too many and full of visual images.

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